National Association of Broadcasters

Licensed to Serve Archives


February: Broadcasters Provide Lifeline Blizzard Coverage

January: TeletónUSA Raises $15.7 Million for Children with Disabilities


DECEMBER: Broadcasters Provide Millions of Meals, Help Homeless Families

NOVEMBER (Part 2): Amber Alert on Radio Leads to Safe Return of Kidnapped Toddler

NOVEMBER: Radio and Television Stations Provide Lifeline

OCTOBER: Broadcasters Raise Millions for Childhood Health

SEPTEMBER: Roanoke Tragedy Impacts Broadcast Community

AUGUST: Radio and Television Stations Raise Millions for Cancer Research, School Supplies

JULY: Broadcasters Play Vital Role in Local Communities

JUNE: Broadcasters Provide Critical Information to Local Communities

MAY: Broadcasters Expand Coverage in Wake of Baltimore Situation

MARCH: Members of Congress Support Local Broadcasters

FEBRUARY: Broadcasters: First Informers During Winter Storm Juno

JANUARY: Arizona Broadcasters Unite to Air Report on Heroin Epidemic


DECEMBER: Buffalo Broadcasters: A Lifeline During Record Snow Fall

NOVEMBER: Special Edition: Election Coverage

OCTOBER: Local Radio and TV Stations Support Youth, Families and Communities

SEPTEMBER: Peabody Spotlights Broadcasters' Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Broadcasters Invest in Local News and Investigative Reporting

JULY: TV and Radio Broadcasters Raise Millions for Local Kids in Need

JUNE: Elected Officials Rely on Broadcasters to Spread Key Messages to the General Public

MAY: Broadcasters Recognized for Their 'First Informer' Role, Saving Lives During Recent Tornadoes

APRIL: Broadcasters Support Mudslide Recovery and Relief Efforts in Washington State

MARCH: Broadcasters Raise Millions of Dollars for Charities

FEBRUARY: Stations Keep Listeners Informed in Times of Emergency

JANUARY: Stations Aid Local Children and Families This Holiday Season


DECEMBER: Stations Collect Food, Money and Other Items for Local Families in Need

SPECIAL EDITION: Stations Across the Country Host Debates Before Local Elections

NOVEMBER: Broadcasters Recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

OCTOBER: Broadcasters Raise More Than $1 Million to Aid Colorado Flood Victims

SEPTEMBER: Broadcasters Raise Large Sums in On-Air Fundraisers

AUGUST: Radio and TV Stations Help Those in Need

JULY: Television Stations Air Special Electon Debates

SPECIAL EDITION: Oklahoma Tornado Relief

MAY: Nation Tunes In to Local Coverage of Boston Marathon Tragedy

MARCH: Broadcasters Raise Millions for Health Initiatives

FEBRUARY: Broadcasters Raise Millions for National Nonprofits

JANUARY: Broadcasters Embrace Holiday Spirit to Support Local Initiatives


SPECIAL EDITION: Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

SPECIAL EDITION: Election 2012

SPECIAL EDITION: Hurricane Sandy

OCTOBER: Broadcasters Support Health Initiatives

SEPTEMBER: Broadcasters Respond to Hurricane Isaac

AUGUST: Blood Drives and Back to School Events

SPECIAL EDITION: Political Coverage

JUNE: Community Service Across the Country

MAY: Community Service Across the Country

SPECIAL EDITION: Tornado Coverage and Relief Efforts

MARCH: Community Service Across the Country

JANUARY: Thousands of Children Receive Holiday Toys Thanks to Broadcasters' Efforts


OCTOBER: Broadcasters Serve as Lifelines for Communities Hit by Hurricane Irene

JUNE: Broadcasters Respond After Storms Devastate Alabama

APRIL: St. Louis Stations Serve Viewers With Round-the-Clock Storm Coverage

MARCH: Licensed to Serve Circulated on Capitol Hill During State Leadership Conference

JANUARY: Food for Those in Need: Broadcasters Deliver