NAB HD Radio Multicast Award Nomination Form

Entry Deadline: July 31, 2011

This award recognizes a station's unique, innovative or groundbreaking programming on a multicast channel. The station to receive this award is considered at the forefront of HD programming and utilizes this technology to further enhance Radio's overall value to the listening audience.

To be eligible, stations must be NAB members and located within the United States. The winner will be announced in advance, and will be presented with their award at this year's Radio Show, September 14-16 in Chicago.

Entry Form  
Main Station Call Letters:
General Manager:
General Manager's Email Address:
Main Station Format:
Multicast Station Frequency (e.g.107.1-2):
Multicast Station Name (if applicable):
Multicast Station Format:
Provide a 150-word-or-less summary of the multicast station's programming and how it differs from the main channel. All information should pertain to programming since January 1, 2010. Include the following points:
  •  On-air personalities: describe their programs (length, day part, etc.)
  •  Side-channel's creative/branding elements
  •  Side-channel's promotion
  •  Website
  •  Social media marketing
  •  Events in which the multicast station has been involved
  •  Any other ways the station has established a separate identity from the main channel station
Total Number of Words:

Summary must be 150 words or less for entry to be successfully submitted.

Questions should be directed to Melek Demir at 202-775-3511.
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