NAB conforms with The Associated Press Stylebook. The AP Stylebook is accessible online at If you have any questions, please contact the Marketing department.


  • Spell out numerals that start a sentence: If the result is awkward, recast the sentence. Example: Twenty-seven detainees were released yesterday. Yesterday, 993 freshmen entered the college.
  • The one exception to this rule is in a sentence that begins with a calendar year. Example: 1938 was a turbulent year for Leon.
  • Use Roman numerals for wars, monarchs and popes: Example: World War II, King George VI, Pope John XXIII.
  • For large numbers, use a hyphen to connect a word ending in y to another word: Example: twenty-one, one hundred forty-three, seventy-six thousand five hundred eighty-seven.
  • Do not use commas between other separate words that are part of one number. Example: one thousand one hundred fifty-five.
  • Spell out casual expressions: Example: A thousand times no!
  • For proper names, use words or numerals according to an organization’s practice: Examples: 3M, Twentieth Century Fund, Big Ten.