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Broadcasters, DoD Agree on Spectrum Sharing Arrangement for Select Military Bases 11/21/2022

NAB Statement on FCC Broadcast Spectrum Repack 7/13/2020

NAB Statement on FCC Order on Unlicensed Use of 6GHz Band 4/23/2020

NAB Statement on Proposed Rules for Use of 6 GHz Band for Unlicensed Use 4/1/2020

NAB Statement on FCC Easing Deadline for TV Stations in Phase 9 of Auction Repack 3/17/2020

NAB Statement on FCC C-band Proposal 2/6/2020

NAB Statement on FCC Approval of Repack Reimbursement Order 3/15/2019

Reps. Cárdenas and Kinzinger Urge Protections for Incumbents in Expanded Usage of C-band Spectrum 1/18/2019

Testimony of Curtis LeGeyt at House Communications Subcommittee Hearing on RAY BAUM'S Act 12/11/2018

NAB Statement on FCC NPRM on Broadcast Station Repack Reimbursement 8/2/2018

NAB Statement on FCC Approval of C-band NPRM 7/12/2018

NAB Statement on FCC Second Allocation of Auction Repack Reimbursement Funds 4/16/2018

NAB Launches Viewer Education Tools for Stations 4/2/2018

NAB Statement on Inclusion of Repack Relocation Funding in Omnibus Appropriations Bill 3/21/2018

NAB Statement on Additional Allocation of TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund 3/8/2018

NAB Statement on House Passage of RAY BAUM'S Act 3/6/2018

NAB Statement on House Energy & Commerce Committee Markup of Repack Funding Legislation 2/13/2018

Next Gen TV Station in Cleveland to Support ATSC 3.0 Implementation 11/7/2017

NAB Statement on Next Gen TV Order on FCC November Agenda 10/27/2017

NAB Statement on Letter Regarding Incentive Auction Repack Timeline 10/16/2017

NAB Launches Consumer Education Website on Incentive Auction Repack 9/13/2017

Testimony of Lyn Plantinga at House Subcommittee Hearing on Broadcast Incentive Auction 9/7/2017

Testimony of Rick Kaplan at House Subcommittee Hearing on Broadcast Incentive Auction 9/7/2017

NAB Statement on Introduction of Radio Consumer Protection Act 9/7/2017

NAB Statement on Senate Introduction of Viewer and Listener Protection Act 7/26/2017

NAB Statement on Introduction of Viewer Protection Act 7/20/2017

NAB Statement on Proposed Use of TV White Spaces By Microsoft for Rural Broadband 7/11/2017

NAB Statement on T-Mobile Paying for Relocation of Displaced Public TV Low-Power Facilities 6/29/2017

NAB Statement on FCC Creation of Special Displacement Window for LPTVs, Translators 6/14/2017

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Results 4/13/2017

NAB Statement on Close of Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auction 3/30/2017

NAB Statement on FCC Approval of Channel Sharing Order 3/23/2017

Testimony of Pat LaPlatney at Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on Spectrum 3/2/2017

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Closing After Stage 4 2/10/2017

NAB Statement on FCC Waiver of Incentive Auction Quiet Period Rule 2/6/2017

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Ending After Stage 4 1/18/2017

NAB Statement on Senate Viewer Protection Act Draft 12/9/2016

NAB Statement on Close of Stage Three of Incentive Auction 12/5/2016

NAB Statement on Close of Stage Two of Forward Auction 10/19/2016

NAB Statement on Forward Auction Stage One of Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auction 8/31/2016

NAB Statement on GfK Report Showing Increase in Broadcast-Only Homes 7/13/2016

NAB Statement on Close of Reverse Auction Portion of Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auction 6/29/2016

NAB Statement on FCC Announcement of Incentive Auction Clearing Target 4/29/2016

Coalition Files FCC Petition for Voluntary Use of New Broadcast TV Transmission Standard 4/13/2016

Remarks by Gordon Smith at APTS Public Media Summit 2/22/2016

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Application Deadline 1/12/2016

NAB Statement on Pallone Broadcast Incentive Auction Draft Bill 1/5/2016

NAB Statement on WRC-15 Decision on Use of UHF Spectrum for Broadcast TV Services 11/30/2015

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Repacking Study 11/9/2015

NAB Seeks FCC Reconsideration of Incentive Auction Order 9/11/2015

NAB Statement on FCC's Passage of Incentive Auction Procedures 8/6/2015

NAB Statement on FCC Delaying Vote on Incentive Auction Proposals 7/15/2015

NAB Statement on FCC Adoption of White Spaces NPRM 6/16/2015

NAB Statement on U.S. Court of Appeals Ruling on NAB Incentive Auction Petition 6/12/2015

NAB Statement on Revised FCC Proposal Consolidating Field Offices 6/9/2015

NAB Files Petition to Correct Television White Space Database Design Flaws 3/19/2015

NAB Releases New Resource for Broadcasters Assessing Spectrum Auction Participation 2/18/2015

Statement from NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith in Response to Completion of FCC's AWS-3 Spectrum Auction 1/29/2015

Statement from NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith in Response to FCC Incentive Auction Action 12/11/2014

NAB Statement in Response to FCC Incentive Auction Blog Post 10/24/2014

NAB Statement on Release of Incentive Auction Info Packages 10/1/2014

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Information Packages 9/30/2014

NAB Files Petition Challenging FCC's Incentive Auction Order 8/18/2014

Robert Weller Joins NAB as Vice President of Spectrum Policy 7/9/2014

NAB Statement on Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auction Order 6/5/2014

NAB Statement on FCC Publication of Incentive Auction Order 6/2/2014

NAB Statement on FCC Vote on Incentive Auction Report and Order 5/15/2014

NAB Statement on Channel Sharing Report 3/28/2014

NAB Statement on FCC Open Commission Meeting 1/30/2014

NAB Statement on Channel Sharing Pilot Project 1/28/2014

Navigant Study Refutes Claims TV Broadcasters Received Free Spectrum 1/21/2014

NAB Statement on Wheeler Blog Post on Incentive Auction Timeline 12/6/2013

NAB Statement on NTIA Support for ENG Spectrum Sharing Agreement 11/25/2013

Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Protection for Rural Communities in Incentive Auction 11/13/2013

Testimony of NAB EVP Rick Kaplan on Incentive Auction Implementation 7/23/2013

NAB Statement on Lawmakers’ Letter to FCC on Rural Broadcasting 7/19/2013

Over-the-Air TV Renaissance Continues as Pay TV Cord-Cutting Rises 6/21/2013

NAB EVP Rick Kaplan Address at Media Institute Luncheon 3/18/2013

NAB Statement on CTIA Filing Regarding Broadcast Auxiliary Service Spectrum 3/13/2013

NAB Statement on FCC Approval of T-Mobile/MetroPCS Deal 3/12/2013

NAB Statement on Formation of a Broadcaster Coalition to Consider Participation in Spectrum Auctions 11/13/2012

NAB Statement on Incentive Auction Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 9/7/2012

Testimony of Hearst Television President and CEO David Barrett on "The Future of Video" 6/27/2012

NAB to Spectrum Working Group: Complete comprehensive spectrum inventory 5/9/2012

NAB Statement on Verizon's Proposed Spectrum Sale 4/18/2012

NAB Statement on Spectrum Provisions in Payroll Tax Cut Extension Compromise 2/16/2012

NAB Statement on Passage of Jumpstarting Opportunity with Broadband Spectrum Act of 2011 12/1/2011

NAB Statement on Chairman Walden's Spectrum Bill 11/29/2011

The Future of TV Coalition Launches to Support Preservation of Free and Local Television 11/1/2011

NAB Statement on Wireless Network Outages Following 5.8 Earthquake on East Coast 8/23/2011

NAB Statement on FCC's Refusal to Make Public Its Analysis on Impact of National Broadband Plan 8/16/2011

NAB Statement Regarding Compromise Debt Ceiling Legislation 8/1/2011

NAB Statement Regarding Senate Majority Leader Reid's Debt Ceiling Legislation 7/26/2011

FCC Broadband Plan Threatens Millions of TV Viewers 7/25/2011

Testimony of NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith on Spectrum Policy 7/15/2011

NAB Response to Draft of Waxman/Eshoo Spectrum Legislation 7/14/2011

Statement of NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith on Discussion Draft House Spectrum Legislation 7/13/2011

NAB Statement on Passage of S. 911 by the Senate Commerce Committee 6/8/2011

Testimony of Todd Schurz Before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology 6/1/2011

Gordon Smith Keynote Address at ATSC Annual Meeting 5/10/2011

NAB Response to the PLAN Public Safety Proposal 5/10/2011

NAB Statement Regarding CEA's Launch of 'Spectrum Crunch Clock' Website 5/5/2011

Study Discredits Claim of Spectrum Crisis for Mobile Broadband 4/26/2011

Gordon Smith Keynote Address at 2011 NAB Show 4/12/2011

Testimony of Robert Good Before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology 4/12/2011

NAB Statement on CEA Poll Regarding Broadcast Spectum 4/11/2011

NAB Statement Responding to White House 'Spectrum Summit' Featuring Economist 4/6/2011

NAB Response to Chairman Walden's Call For Spectrum Hearings 3/17/2011

NAB Response to FCC Chairman Genachowski's Remarks on Broadband 3/16/2011

NAB Response to FCC Claim that it has Completed A Spectrum Inventory 3/16/2011

Dish Network, the Latest Spectrum Hoarder? 2/28/2011

NAB Statement Responding to CTIA/CEA White Paper to the FCC on Broadcast Incentive Auctions 2/15/2011

Statement From NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith Responding to Today's White House Budget 2/14/2011

NAB Response to White House Wireless Access Expansion Plan 2/10/2011

NAB Ad Promotes Free Local TV 2/8/2011

Letter from Gordon Smith to the chairmen and ranking members of the Senate and House Commerce Committees 2/3/2011

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith Responds to State of the Union Address 1/26/2011

NAB Statement on Spectrum Bill Introduced By Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Rockefeller 1/25/2011

NAB's 'Future of TV' Campaign Goes On-Air, Online 1/4/2011

NAB Unveils On-Air Campaign Touting Future of Broadcast TV 12/13/2010

NAB Statement on Today's FCC Action Regarding Broadcast TV Spectrum Reallocation 11/30/2010

NAB Statement Regarding Recent Spectrum Proposals 10/21/2010

NAB Statement on Today's 'White Spaces' Vote 9/23/2010

NAB Statement on Spectrum Bill Introduced by Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Rockefeller 8/6/2010

NAB Statement on Spectrum Bill Introduced by Reps. Boucher and Stearns 7/29/2010

NAB's Smith Outlines Principles on Spectrum Policy 7/20/2010

NAB Statement on Spectrum Proposals 6/28/2010

Engineers Make Their Case to FCC 6/28/2010

NAB Statement Regarding FCC Spectrum Analysis 6/15/2010

NAB's Smith Testifies at Small Business Spectrum Hearing 4/27/2010

NAB Statement on FCC Chairman Genachowski's Remarks at the 2010 NAB Show 4/13/2010

NAB Statement on the FCC's National Broadband Plan 3/15/2010

NAB Response to FCC Chairman Genachowski's Speech Today Before the New America Foundation 2/24/2010

Broadcasters Vow 'Constructive Participation' in National Broadband Plan 1/28/2010

New TV Spot Reminds Viewers of Value of Free TV 1/7/2010

Television Broadcasters Deliver Innovation, Consumer Savings and Business Opportunity through Over-the-Air Broadcast Spectrum 1/4/2010

Broadcasters Respond to FCC's Spectrum Inquiry 12/22/2009

Testimony of NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith Before House Communications Subcommittee 12/15/2009

NAB Statement on FCC's Spectrum Inquiry 12/2/2009

NAB Files Reply Comments on Spectrum Management 11/13/2009

NAB Counters CEA-Funded Spectrum Study 10/27/2009

NAB Files Comments on Spectrum Management 10/26/2009

NAB Statement on Today's FCC 'White Spaces' Vote 11/4/2008

Rehr Reinforces Support for Geolocation; Urges FCC to Seek Public Comment on Report 10/28/2008

Rehr Stresses Transparency, Due Process in 'White Space' Letter to FCC 10/27/2008

Network Chiefs Reinforce Concern Over Spectrum-Sensing, Power Limits 10/23/2008

Broadcasters Alert FCC to White Space Proponents' End Game 10/22/2008

Broadcast Groups, Networks Join in Call for Comment Period on FCC 'White Space' Report 10/17/2008

FCC 'White Space' Report Reveals Curious Discrepancies 10/16/2008

New Video Highlights Broadcasters' Concern Over Potential 'White Space' Interference 10/9/2008

Google Petition Ignores TV Interference Issues 9/24/2008

NAB Statement on FCC's Initiation of Field Testing for 'White Space' Devices 7/10/2008

Rehr Reinforces Record of Unlicensed Device Failures 5/27/2008

Broadcasters to Unlicensed Device Proponents: Three Strikes and You're Out 4/8/2008

Strike Three for White Space Device 3/28/2008

NAB Statement Regarding Google's Proposal on Interference-Causing Unlicensed Devices 3/24/2008

New Microsoft Unlicensed Device Fails 2/11/2008

NAB President David K. Rehr Responds to Wireless Innovation Alliance 1/22/2008

NAB Statement in Response to FCC Plans for a Second Round of Unlicensed Device Testing 1/18/2008

NAB Response to Wireless Innovation Alliance 1/10/2008

NAB Statement on Interference-Causing Unlicensed Personal-Portable Devices 12/12/2007

NAB Airs Radio Ad in Opposition to Interference-Causing 'White Space' Devices 9/26/2007

NAB Statement on Microsoft's New Assertions Related to Interference-Causing Devices 9/21/2007

Letter to TIA Regarding Interference Zones 9/19/2007

Broadcasters, Sports Leagues, TV Set Makers Unite in Opposition to 'White Space' Interference Zones 9/10/2007

NAB and MSTV File Comments at FCC Regarding OET Report 8/16/2007

NAB Responds to Microsoft Request for Unlicensed Devices Do-Over 8/15/2007

NAB Response to Microsoft's FCC Filing 8/13/2007

FCC Testing Reveals 'White Space' Interference 8/1/2007

Rehr and Donovan Outline White Space Issue in Letter to FCC 7/26/2007

Broadcast Groups Urge Protection of Television Spectrum 7/26/2007

Unlicensed Devices Could Jeopardize Successful Digital TV Transition 6/20/2007

NAB, MSTV File Comments on TV Band Devices 5/16/2007

NAB Statement Regarding FCC Public Notice on Unlicensed Devices 9/12/2006

NAB To FCC - Recall Non-Compliant Devices 7/31/2006

NAB Study Shows Wireless FM Modulators Exceed FCC Limits 6/22/2006

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