National Association of Broadcasters

Airing Debates

Debates are crucial in educating voters about the candidates and the issues.

Sponsor or host a debate. Debates inform voters on where local candidates stand on the issues. Stream all debates and let your audience submit questions through social media. For information, visit the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Edit debates for newscasts and online video clips. Provide a post-debate analysis.

Touch base with your state broadcast association. They may be able to partner with your station on debates in statewide races, such as Senate and gubernatorial seats.

Make sharing easy. Develop creative, unique hashtags and include links so viewers can share information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Social Media

Make sharing easy. Add sharing links to election coverage for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Develop creative, unique hashtags to use throughout your election coverage

Keep it real-time. Update social media frequently. Go live on your social media platforms from debates, candidate interviews and polling places on Election Day.

Get creative. Post photos, videos and infographics.

Join the conversation. Post questions and encourage discussion on your station’s social media accounts, including Facebook Live and Snapchat Stories. Retweet or share candidates’ posts.

Make it interactive. During debates and candidate interviews, allow listeners and viewers to share their questions and reactions through social media. Invite local candidates to take part in a special Twitter chat or virtual town hall.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are a great way to share messages about voter turnout. On-air talent can read the scripts below or tailor them for your market.

Never been easier: 10
It’s never been easier to vote. So, get registered, get educated and get to the polls. No more excuses. To find your polling place visit (STATION ELECTION URL or vote411.org.) This is a public service announcement from (STATION).

Your voice, your vote: 10
Your vote is your voice. And it has the power to make our democracy stronger. Vote on Tuesday, November 6 and let your voice be heard. This is a public service announcement from (STATION).

For the people: 15
Our democracy is a government of the people, for the people. Let’s keep it that way. Vote on November 6. Get registered. Learn the issues. Cast your vote. It’s that simple. This is a public service announcement from (STATION).

Every vote counts: 20
Need a reason to vote? How about lots of reasons: health care, education, jobs, the environment or national security. When it comes to the issues that affect Americans, every vote counts. Cast your vote on November 6. It’s your chance to make a difference.
Learn more at (STATION ELECTION URL). This is a public service announcement from (STATION).

It’s personal: 20
Elections aren’t about the candidates. They’re about you. Want to have a say in what happens to your country? Your state? Your community? Your family? Your future? You have a personal stake in the upcoming elections. Register to vote. Learn the issues. Cast your ballot on November 6. This is a public service announcement from (STATION).