1993 Marconi Radio Award Winners

Legendary Station
WHO-AM Des Moines, Iowa

Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year
Charles Osgood, CBS Radio Networks

Stations of the Year by Market Size
Major: WGN-AM Chicago, Ill.
Large: WCKY-AM Cincinnati, Ohio
Medium: WHO-AM Des Moines, Iowa
Small: KWOX-FM Woodward, Okla.

Personalities of the Year by Market Size
Major: Dick Purtan, WKQI-FM Detroit, Mich.
Large: Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold, WFBQ-FM Indianapolis, Ind.
Medium: Jim Zabel, WHO-AM Des Moines, Iowa
Small: Max McCartney, WBIZ-FM Eau Claire, Wis. and Tony "Wradio" Wright, KWOX-FM Woodward, Okla.

Stations of the Year by Format
AC/EZ: WHAS-AM Louisville, Ky.
AOR/Classic Rock: WXRT-FM Chicago, Ill.
Big Band/Nostalgia: WOKY-AM Milwaukee, Wis.
Black/Urban: WHRK-FM Memphis, Tenn. and WRKS-FM, New York, N.Y.
CHR/Top 40: KIIS-AM/FM Los Angeles, Calif.
Classical: KLEF-FM Anchorage, Alaska
Country: WWWW-AM/FM Detroit, Mich.
Jazz/New Age KINK-AM/FM Portland, Ore., KSDS-FM San Diego, Calif. and WQCD-FM New York, N.Y.
MOR: WMT-AM Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Oldies: WCBS-FM New York, N.Y.
News/Talk: WGN-AM Chicago, Ill.
Religious/Gospel: WAVA-FM Arlington, Va.
Spanish Language: KGBT-AM Harlingen, Texas