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Closed Captioning and Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT)
Advertising Sports Betting
Audio Description
ENT Coordinator Toolkit - English
ENT Coordinator Toolkit - Spanish

General Resources

NAB Legal Calendar

Accessibility Issues

Accessible Emergency Information (TV Crawls)
Audio Description
Closed Captioning and Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT)
Closed Captioning of Online Video Clips
Closed Captioning of Video Programming
ENT Coordinator Toolkit - English
ENT Coordinator Toolkit - Spanish
IP Closed Captioning


A Broadcast Station Payola Plugola Policy
Advertising Sports Betting
Casino Gambling Advertising: Review of Greater New Orleans Broadcasting Associat...
Modernized Contest Rules
Native Advertising Guidelines
Political Advertising Update
Tobacco Advertising

Children's Programming

Children's Television Programming Rules

Copyright Issues

Copyright: Materials on Station Websites & Social Media
Music Licensing for Radio Stations
REMINDER: Filing Cable Copyright Royalty Claims - July 31, 2020 Deadline
Reminder: Filing Cable Royalty Claims Information
Using Music in Commercials

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

8 Steps to EEO Compliance
Eight Steps to Prepare for an FCC EEO Audit
The FCC EEO Rules

FCC Regulations

Environmental Compliance
Must Carry and Retransmission Consent

Online Public File

Your Public File - What to Keep, What to Toss and Where to Keep It

Station Management

A Guide to Filing Comments at the FCC
California Consumer Privacy Act: Operational Issues for Broadcasters
Construction Permit Extension
Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT) for Live Programming
High Visibility Vest Requirement for Those Working on Federal Aid Highway Rights...
The Telephone Broadcast Rule
Unattended Broadcast Operations

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