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Trusted Resources

NAB has been monitoring a range of trusted resources that can help broadcasters keep up with the latest information regarding COVID-19.
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Trusted Social Media Accounts

Since social media plays a big role in audience awareness of COVID-19, pointing to reputable sources is important.
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Identifying Trusted Sources

Broadcasters should identify trusted sources of information from local, national and global resources so they can fully and accurately describe the evolving COVID-19 situation in their communities.
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Broadcasters have invested in providing accessible information across all platforms for their audiences, an effort that takes on added importance in a crisis.
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Community Service – Being a Caring Station

Broadcasters are community service leaders, using the power of our platforms and trusted connections with our audiences to keep them safe and informed.
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Creating and Presenting Trusted Content for Your Audiences

Broadcasters can help their communities by continuing to create and organize trusted content for their communities on air, online and on social media.
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