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WLWT5 Reports on Vaccines for Kids

Date Posted: 7/14/2022

Cincinnati, Ohio’s WLWT5, owned by Hearst Television, reported on a vaccine clinic at a local hospital and included an interview with Children’s Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Patty Manning-Courtney about COVID vaccine hesitation. "We appreciate how seriously families take the decision to vaccinate their children and how much concern there has been around safety on both sides of this equation," Manning-Courtney said. "I can’t think of a pediatrician who hasn’t vaccinated their child in every age group. We are the first to line up and do this. And if you have a good trusting relationship with your pediatrician, then I think and you asked that question, ’What would you do with your child?’ We all say we would vaccinate."

KNWA Addresses Parents’ Vaccine Concerns

Date Posted: 7/14/2022

Nexstar Media-owned KNWA/FOX 24 in Rogers, Ark., addressed parents’ concerns directly in an interview with local pediatrician Gary Berner as well as parents with differing views on vaccination. “I would highly recommend, if you have any concerns or questions about it, you know, don’t sit idle. Be proactive making that decision,” said Berner.

WPTV Reports on Florida’s Vaccine Rollout

Date Posted: 7/14/2022

A local perspective on national stories can be a lifeline for viewers. This in-depth report from Scripps Local Media-owned WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fl., examines the unique situation in Florida for the vaccine rollout. The station shares communications from the state health department and interviews local pediatricians and parents.

Michigan’s Chief Medical Officer Discusses Omicron, COVID-19 Tests and More on WDIV-TV Detroit

Date Posted: 1/16/2022

This week on WDIV-TV Local 4’s Sunday morning news program, Anchor David Scillian discussed the COVID-19 pandemic in Michigan with state chief medical officer Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian.

Bagdasarian said the surge of COVID-19 omicron variant is underway in Michigan, but the worst of it could be yet to come. She also warned of future variants, discussed COVID-19 testing and shared information on vaccination rates in Michigan.

Nebraska Doctors Answer Questions About Omicron on Omaha’s WOWT-TV

Date Posted: 1/10/2022

Dedicated to keeping viewers informed about the COVID-19 pandemic, WOWT-TV in Omaha hosted a Facebook Live question and answer session with two local doctors in January. Viewers tuned in, submitting questions for Dr. Mark Rupp and Dr. Armando de Alba. As the omicron variant surges through the community and beyond, Drs. Rupp and de Alba answered questions, urged preventive measures and vaccinations, discussed testing challenges and more. See the whole Facebook Live session here.

Top Local Doctor Talks COVID-19 on WTVA in Northern Mississippi

Date Posted: 12/29/2021

WTVA sat down with Dr. Jeremy Blanchard, chief medical officer for North Mississippi Health Services, in December to discuss the latest COVID-19 information important to viewers. In the interview, Dr. Blanchard discussed COVID-19 spread, the approach to care, the latest treatments, the importance of wearing the most effective masks, and more. The interview is part of WTVA’s ongoing commitment to keeping viewers informed and supported throughout the pandemic.

Dr. Murphy Answers Viewer COVID-19 Questions on WGN-TV in Chicago

Date Posted: 12/10/2021

WGN-TV continues its commitment to keeping viewers informed during the pandemic with a regular segment with Dr. Robert Murphy, professor of infectious disease at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and executive director for The Institute for Global Health. Each week, Dr. Murphy answers viewer questions about COVID-19, helping arm viewers with the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Chris Morley Answers Questions About COVID-19 on WSYR-TV in Syracuse

Date Posted: 12/6/2021

WSYR-TV’s Jeff Kulikowsky and Christie Casciano question Upstate Medical University’s Chair of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Dr. Chris Morley about COVID-19 in Central New York. The interview provided guidance and important information for viewers as the country continues to face the latest COVID-19 surge.

WHIO-TV Keeps Ohio Viewers Updated on Important Health Topics with Ongoing Series

Date Posted: 12/1/2021

WHIO-TV in Dayton is committed to keeping viewers informed on topics important to their health and livelihood. In this ongoing series, the station has assembled a team of local experts to break down the newest information to give viewers a clear picture of what’s going on in their community and answer viewer questions. The experts include Dr. Thomas Huth, Barry James, Paul Leonard, and several other local experts.

NBCUniversal Helps Viewers “Plan Your Vaccine”

Date Posted: 4/11/2021

NBCUniversal launched on February 11 the “Plan Your Vaccine” initiative, a nationwide awareness campaign, website and interactive tool that provides the latest news and information about the COVID-19 vaccine. allows users to navigate the vaccine rollout by state, help determine if they are currently eligible to receive the vaccine and find the closest vaccination location. NBC News and Noticias Telemundo are the main partners of “Plan Your Vaccine” and the site is available in English, Spanish and Mandarin. In addition, Comcast NBCUniversal rolled out an advertising and PSA campaign across all its platforms using company talent and resources to support the effort.

WMOT Discusses Vaccine Concerns from Immunocompromised

Date Posted: 4/10/2021

Middle Tennessee State University’s WMOT-FM Murfreesboro, Tenn., reported on the concerns from immunocompromised people regarding the vaccine and whether it’s safe to take it due to their health conditions.

Senior Science and Health Editor/Correspondent Maria Godoy spoke with several doctors about the safety of the vaccine for people with weakened immune systems, such as patients with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, organ transplant recipients and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The report also stressed the importance of these patients getting vaccinated and discussing when would be the best time to get the vaccine with their doctor. Dr. Sharon Dowell, a rheumatologist at Howard University Hospital, said the bottom line for immunocompromised patients is the same as for everyone else, and “really, truly, everyone should get vaccinated.”

Univision Uses Social Media to Educate Viewers

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Date Posted: 4/10/2021

On March 25, Univision’s “Despierta América” (“Wake Up America”) posted a social media video featuring their in-house doctor, Dr. Juan J. Rivera, to explain the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine to viewers and combat misinformation. In the video, Dr. Rivera explained that the vaccine contains fragments of the virus’ genetic material, known as messenger RNA, does not actually contain the virus itself and dispelled the myth that the vaccine will modify a person’s DNA.

KELO Sioux Falls Highlights Rosebud Sioux Tribe Vaccine Clinics

Date Posted: 4/9/2021

Nexstar Media Group’s CBS/MyNetworkTV affiliate KELO-TV Sioux Falls, S.D., aired a report on January 22 about a vaccination clinic held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day by the Rosebud Indian Health Service (IHS) to get members of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe vaccinated.

The goal was to get 500 people vaccinated with their first dose, and at the end of the day 572 individuals were vaccinated. Rodney Bordeaux, president of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, said, “The cooperation between the tribe and IHS has been great.” He emphasized the tribe’s efforts to educate people about the vaccine through social media, television and radio. Based on the positive feedback, IHS will hold mass vaccination clinics every Thursday moving forward, in addition to scheduled appointments available Monday through Wednesday.

KOAT Albuquerque Answers Vaccine Questions

Date Posted: 4/8/2021

Hearst Television’s ABC affiliate KOAT-TV Albuquerque, N.M., aired on April 8 a 30-minute special, “COVID-19 Impact: Your Questions Answered,” dedicated to answering viewer questions about the vaccine distribution and different vaccine options. Anchor Royale Da spoke with Dr. Tracie Collins, New Mexico Department of Health secretary, and Dr. David Scrase, New Mexico Human Services secretary, and presented viewer questions on topics such as second doses, when children under 15 will be able to get vaccinated and vaccine site locations.

KMMO-FM Missouri Highlights Initiative to Vaccinate Seniors

Date Posted: 4/6/2021

Missouri Valley Broadcasting’s KMMO Marshall, Mo. highlighted on its website an initiative designed to assist older Missourians with accessing the COVID-19 vaccine.

The collaboration between the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and Missouri’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) launched on February 16 and will assist seniors with online vaccination registrations, coordinate round- trip transportation to and from their vaccination appointment and conduct reminder calls for seniors’ second doses.

“Navigating the web and registering online can be a challenge for seniors, so we’re working closely with the AAAs to provide hands-on assistance with the process and make sure that folks have safe transportation to their appointments,” said Jessica Bax, director of the Division of Senior and Disability Services. “This partnership with the AAAs will ensure all Missouri seniors are able to access their vaccine.”

WJXT Jacksonville Anchor Encourages Vaccine Participation

Date Posted: 4/5/2021

Longtime anchor Tom Wills from Graham Media Group’s WJXT Jacksonville, Fla., received the first dose of his vaccine on January 22 and then went on Facebook to urge others to do the same.

“I know the appointments are hard to get. But it’s worth the effort,” Wills said. “We go back a long ways together and we want to stay together. So go get this shot.”

Later that night on the 6 p.m. newscast, Wills said the process “could not have been easier” and said he experienced no pain and no side effects. He encouraged viewers to get the vaccine to protect not only themselves but their loved ones.

“The feeling of having some protection against this virus is indescribable,” Wills said.

WXIA-TV Turns to Skeptical Viewer for Vaccine Reporting

Date Posted: 4/4/2021

On February 15, TEGNA’s NBC affiliate WXIA-TV Atlanta, Ga., aired the segment “Drawing Conclusions,” following a local mother on a fact-finding journey to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines.

WXIA turned the questioning over to Joy Howard, a mom of two girls and medical caregiver for her live-in elderly mother who was skeptical about getting vaccinated. She interviewed four medical experts and asked her own questions regarding the safety of the vaccines, how that safety was determined, the impact on children and the overwhelming amount of vaccine disinformation online.

At the end of her journey, Howard decided she would take the vaccine and invited WXIA along when she and her mother received their first doses of the vaccine.

KCPQ Interviews the Experts on Vaccines

Date Posted: 4/2/2021

Fox-owned KCPQ Tacoma, Wash., is putting experts on the air to provide factual information to their viewers about the vaccines and the next steps once more people are vaccinated.

On April 2, anchor Liz Dueweke interviewed Dr. John Dunn of Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute about the new trials for an investigational vaccine by Moderna to combat the South African COVID variant. KCPQ also interviewed Dr. Scott Lindquist, Washington State Department of Health’s epidemiologist for communicable diseases, on March 24 about travel restrictions as vaccinations continue.

iHeartMedia and ABC News Launch Covid Vaccine Podcast

Date Posted: 4/1/2021

iHeartMedia launched a new original limited podcast series, "COVID-19 Immunity in Our Community," on March 31 aimed at sharing timely and accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines from a journalistic perspective. Produced in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the show is hosted by ABC News television broadcaster Robin Roberts and new episodes will be released every two weeks.

The podcast will bring leaders and experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and other highly respected voices in the medical and scientific communities to have conversations separating fact from fiction and to arm listeners with the tools they need to make educated decisions about COVID-19 vaccines.

The new podcast will also draw perspectives from Americans across different communities including health care workers, journalists, and skeptics, who each share their unique and personal experience with vaccination.

WGCL Atlanta Educates Viewers on COVID-19 Vaccination

Date Posted: 3/31/2021

Meredith Corporation’s CBS affiliate WGCL-TV Atlanta, Ga., has established a landing page on their website devoted to “The Vaccine Team,” a place for their viewers to learn about COVID-19 vaccine distribution, ask questions, get answers and review data related to vaccine administration and hospital bed capacity in the state.

KOAT Special Covers Statewide Coronavirus Recovery

Date Posted: 3/10/2021

Hearst’s ABC affiliate KOAT Albuquerque, N.M. featured a special hour-long program examining how the coronavirus pandemic has affected New Mexico on several fronts including the health, economic and personal impacts the pandemic imposed on the state.

The KOAT Action 7 News Team tracks where the pandemic started, the move to distribute vaccinations and examines how New Mexico is recovering and rebuilding its economy quickly and efficiently.

“We’ve endured unprecedented loss and a fear heightened by the enemy we cannot see.”, said Jess O’Neill, KOAT’s news director.

“Our one-hour special examines how New Mexico has battled the coronavirus and it looks ahead at the future of our state and as we continue to fight and survive.”

WGCL Atlanta Educates Viewers on COVID-19 Vaccination

Date Posted: 3/1/2021

Meredith Corporation’s CBS affiliate WGCL-TV Atlanta, Ga., has established a page on their website devoted to “The Vaccine Team,” a place for their viewers to learn about COVID-19 vaccine distribution, ask questions, get answers and review data related to vaccine administration and hospital bed capacity in the state.

WLWT Cincinnati Highlights Effort to Vaccinate Teachers

Date Posted: 2/17/2021

Hearst Television’s NBC affiliate WLWT Cincinnati, Ohio, highlighted on February 17 the effort to vaccinate all teachers in the state so students can return to the classrooms. In Warren County, staff signed up online and picked a time slot to get vaccinated. More than 82% of teachers in Lebanon City Schools signed up to receive the vaccine, and around 140 shots of Pfizer vaccine were administered each hour in collaboration with Premier Health. "I’m excited to go ahead and get it and be a little safer around my students and for all those around me," said Caroline Kindell, a kindergarten teacher. There is also a waitlist for employees who failed to sign up by the deadline but will be eligible to receive one once more vaccines are available.

KCBS Radio San Francisco Discusses Vaccine Efficacy

Date Posted: 2/16/2021

Entercom Communications Corporation’s KCBS Radio San Francisco, Calif., discussed the issue of vaccine efficacy during its “Ask an Expert” segment on February 16. Dr. Cody Meissner, professor of pediatrics at Tufts Medical Center and member of the FDA advisory panel on vaccines, answered submitted questions from listeners and discussed the different reported efficacy rate of the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine compared to the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Currently under the FDA approval process, Johnson & Johnson reported its one-dose vaccine is 66% protective against moderate to severe cases of COVID-19, compared to Pfizer’s 95% and Moderna’s 94% reported efficacy. "We’re seeing differences reported in the efficacy of different vaccines. But I think the very important point to remember is what we care most about is preventing severe illness, severe complications that result in intensive care admission or death, and I think all of the vaccines that are available are remarkably effective, they’re close to 100 percent in reducing death,” said Dr. Meissner. “All of these vaccines that have been evaluated so far show equal efficacy in preventing very severe disease.”

KMMO Missouri Highlights Initiative to Vaccinate Seniors

Date Posted: 2/16/2021

Missouri Valley Broadcasting’s KMMO Marshall, Mo., highlighted on its website an initiative designed to assist older Missourians with accessing the COVID-19 vaccine. The collaboration between the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and Missouri’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) launched on February 16 and will assist seniors with online vaccination registrations, coordinate round trip transportation to and from their vaccination appointment and conduct reminder calls for seniors’ second doses. “Navigating the web and registering online can be a challenge for seniors, so we’re working closely with the AAAs to provide hands-on assistance with the process and make sure that folks have safe transportation to their appointments,” said Jessica Bax, director of the Division of Senior and Disability Services. “This partnership with the AAAs will ensure all Missouri seniors are able to access their vaccine.”

WIS-TV Columbia Answers Viewer Questions on Vaccine

Date Posted: 2/15/2021

Gray Television’s NBC/CW affiliate WIS-TV Columbia, S.C., is encouraging viewers to send in their questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine to their website, and Digital Reporter Madeline Cuddihy answered several of these questions on air on February 15. Questions included information regarding taking painkillers, allergic reactions and scheduling the second dose of the vaccine.

WIS-TV Columbia Answers Viewer Questions on Vaccine

Date Posted: 2/15/2021

Gray Television’s NBC/CW affiliate WIS-TV Columbia, S.C., is encouraging viewers to send in their questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine to their website, and Digital Reporter Madeline Cuddihy answered several of these questions on air on February 15. Questions included information regarding taking painkillers, allergic reactions and scheduling the second dose of the vaccine.

WTLV-WJXX Jacksonville Forms Vaccine Team

Date Posted: 2/9/2021

TEGNA’s NBC affiliate WTLV and ABC affiliate WJXX Jacksonville, Fla., known as “First Coast News,” formed a Vaccine Team to help answer viewer questions regarding vaccination, consisting of reporters and producers who take calls, emails and texts from viewers and share that information on all their platforms. “The mission of the First Coast News Vaccine Team is to uncover new information on production, distribution and availability of the vaccine and then give our community easy access to that information. We are committed to be an advocate by taking questions to medical experts,” said Joe Inderhees, the stations’ news director. A dedicated email address and hotline have been set up for viewers to contact the First Coast News Vaccine Team with questions.

KOMU Investigates Disparity in COVID Vaccine Distribution

Date Posted: 2/1/2021

The University of Missouri’s NBC/CW affiliate KOMU-TV Columbia, Mo. reported on disparities in the distribution of the COVID-19. Using data and information from the state and research from the National Association of Broadcasters and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, the station found that nearly nearly double the number of women have received the vaccine as compared to men. KOMU’s report is available here.

KTRK-TV Houston Hosts Townhalls Aimed at Hispanic and Black Communities

Date Posted: 1/28/2021

ABC-owned KTRK-TV Houston, Texas, hosted a two-night townhall on the COVID-19 vaccine and infection rate focused on addressing concerns in the Hispanic and Black communities. The CDC says Black and Latinx Americans are nearly three times more likely to die from COVID-19 complications than whites. The first night was hosted by Anchor Mayra Moreno on January 27, and discussed how hesitation about vaccination, resistance to mask wearing or social distancing and fear of seeking medical attention in underserved communities can lead to higher infection rates and deaths. "We come from a culture where, typically, we don’t like to ask for help," said Dr. Laura Murillo, president of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "I cannot begin to tell you how many conversations I have had personally trying to convince people to pay attention to the facts, the science."

The second night was hosted by Anchor Chauncy Glover and local leaders warned that infections and hospitalizations in the Black community are likely to rise unless hesitation about the vaccine is addressed soon. "The legacy of mistrust goes back many, many years, and it’s not just in medicine but in other areas," said Dr. Jacquelyn Johnson Minter, health and human services director of Fort Bend County. "But I think the really important thing to consider is that we don’t want that legacy to then create a new legacy of more illness." Minter also addressed how the name “Operation Warp Speed” can lead to questions about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine and discussed how the vaccine had been researched and in development since 2002. "We did not want to be in the position of pushing out a vaccine that we didn’t have confidence in, and I can tell you, we all have confidence in this one," Minter said. "All of us have rolled up our sleeves. We did our homework, and by about July, we were ready, we felt like things were good, and we felt like not only could we take it, but we could promote it."

Nexstar’s Colorado Stations Air Coronavirus Vaccine Town Hall

Date Posted: 1/3/2021

KDVR and KWGN, Nexstar’s Fox and CW affiliates in Denver, Colo., hosted "Coronavirus Vaccine: Gateway to Immunity" on December 21 to educate and inform community members about vaccines and how to get vaccinated for covid-19.

The town hall included the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, along with key members of the Colorado health community. Polis addressed viewer questions, and interviews with several recently immunized Coloradans were presented.

The meeting was simulcast on three other Nexstar stations: KXRM Colorado Springs, KFQX Grand Junction and KREZ Durango, ensuring that the special will be available to viewers in every Colorado county across the state.

Graham Media Group’s Outstanding Public Service

Date Posted: 10/20/2020

Graham Media Group stations, including KPRC Houston, KSAT San Antonio, WJXT Jacksonville, WDIV Detroit, WSLS Roanoke and WKMG Orlando, have recently supported their local communities in a variety of ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, KPRC raised $2 milling for a local food bank through its “Feeding Houston” food drive. WJXT Jacksonville, WDIV Detroit and WSLS Roanoke all provided meals for frontline workers. Read more here.

WWIS Lanches ‘People Helping People’ Campaign

Date Posted: 10/15/2020

WWIS Radio in Black River Falls is promoting small town pride with its “People Helping People” campaign.

Through the rest of the year, the stations are promoting reminders to local communities of what small business do for the area. In partnering with local businesses, WWIS Radio is helping promote small town America with giveaways, a drive thru trick-or-treat event, coloring contests, a scavenger hunt, holiday meal giveaways, and more.

“The primary reason for this campaign is because this year has been defeating for so many people and businesses,” wrote General Manager Mary Gerdes. “Our hope is that by running this campaign people have something to look forward to that is fun and exciting for the community and businesses.”

Station Addresses Pandemic-Related Hunger

Date Posted: 10/12/2020

Midwest Communication’s WIXX-FM Green Bay is working Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and Associated Bank to provide 101,000 meals for Wisconsin families in need.

According to statistics provided by Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, the number of food-insecure people in Wisconsin is up by 36 percent, affecting an additional 200,000 people, including 77,110 children. Forty percent of people accessing food pantries supplied by Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin are first-time visitors.

“We realize what a significant impact the pandemic has had on the hunger situation in Wisconsin and we felt compelled to help,” said Corey Carter, WIXX Brand Manager.

WIXX will air a significant on-air and digital campaign encouraging people to donate online via a secure either on behalf of a local partnering business or in general on behalf of WIXX.

WQCR-FM Brings Spanish-Language Covid News Nationwide

Date Posted: 9/16/2020

Rivera Communications’ WQCR-FM Birmingham, Ala., has been delivering coronavirus updates and information to Spanish-speaking listeners and communities across the state. The station has amassed over 200,000 listeners across the country, in part due to their reliable Spanish-language and community-focused updates on the virus. Locally, the station serves as a lifeline resource for Spanish-speaking communities.
"We were working with local businesses to announce whether they were going to be open or just going to be for delivery, or if they already had their doors open to the public, the schedule, etc. We’ve been working with the community and the community has been working with us," said Cinthia Saenz, assistant manager at Rivera Communications.

Wisconsin PBS Stations Offer At-home Learning for Fall Semester

Date Posted: 9/8/2020

PBS Wisconsin and Milwaukee PBS are partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to support at-home learning for students of all ages during the pandemic by broadcasting weekday television schedules of programming with digital resources that connect to Wisconsin’s state academic standards.

Beginning September 1, PBS Wisconsin is dedicating the 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. daytime weekday schedule on Wisconsin PBS. Milwaukee PBS is dedicating the same daytime weekday schedule on WMVT 36.2 to air educational programming that includes English language arts, social studies, science and math. On PBS Wisconsin, additional at-home Learning content is also available in the PBS KIDS broadcast blocks weekdays on PBS Wisconsin-1, and every day on the PBS Wisconsin 24/7 KIDS channel, or PBS Wisconsin-4. On Milwaukee PBS, that content is available on WMVS 10.1 and 10.3.

The special broadcast schedule is also be available to stream online along with corresponding free, curriculum-aligned digital content for any learning environment and support for educators navigating a variety of learning landscapes.

Radio Reaches Hispanic/Latino Community With COVID Info

Date Posted: 8/26/2020

The Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs is crediting local radio stations for helping outreach efforts to the Hispanic and Latino communities, which have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, “not only with the number of cases but also with receiving information they need.” The organization faced challenges, but used radio to reach as many families as possible. A significant problem throughout the pandemic has been a language barrier. A majority of Hispanic and Latino families rely on Spanish radio stations to receive information.

“There are radio stations throughout the state that are bilingual to reach these communities. When this pandemic hit, one of the first things we did is put health experts on the radio to start answering questions and provide information to our Spanish families,” said Margie Gonzalez, Executive Director of ICHA.

WDSU Provides 3,000 Backpacks for Local Students

Date Posted: 8/8/2020

Hearst’s WDSU New Orleans donated 3,000 backpacks filled with school supplies during its “Student Connection School Supply Drive” on August 8. Drivers lined up to receive the school supplies beginning at 3:00 a.m., even though the start time was 9:00 a.m. The supply drive was part of WDSU’s overall Reopening Schools day of coverage, which provided the latest information regarding the 2020-2021 school year. WDSU also aired a half-hour special presentation, “Reopening Schools: The Real Test.”

“It’s not only our responsibility but our privilege to help our neighbors as we all continue to navigate through these very difficult times,” said General Manager Joel Vilmenay.

Georgia Broadcasters and Rep. Scott Host COVID Testing Event

Date Posted: 8/8/2020

The Georgia Association of Broadcasters (GAB) partnered with Congressman David Scott for his upcoming Drive-Thru FREE COVID testing event on August 8. He’s been doing several TV and radio interviews this week with GAB President Bob Houghton. Watch interviews on the Congressman’s YouTube channel.

WDIV Awards More Than $100,000 in Local Advertising Grants

Date Posted: 8/5/2020

Graham Media Group’s NBC affiliate WDIV-TV Detroit awarded more than $100,000 in advertising grants to assist local businesses during the pandemic. As Michigan began lifting COVID restrictions, the station felt it was imperative that local businesses were able to reach patrons and advertise effectively. WDIV adapted the annual “Vote 4 The Best” local survey into a “Celebration Edition,” with the winners in each main category receiving advertising grants.

KDVR Launches ’CHANGING COURSE: Back to School During the Pandemic’

Date Posted: 8/1/2020

Beginning August 3, Nexstar’s KDVR Denver is focusing coverage on the changing landscape of the 2020-21 school year. They are examining the differences between the districts; what classrooms could look like during the pandemic; best systems for online learning; and how districts are preparing to help children without access to technology. Topics they are investigating include what the state is doing to help school districts move forward; how after-school activities and sports are pivoting; what protocols will be in place for in-class learning; test scores and testing; how schools are dealing with and without school resource officers; busing issues; college challenges; and teacher shortages related to COVID-19.

In addition to the three weeks of important stories, KDVR is holding a “Changing Course: Back to School During the COVID-19 Pandemic Townhall” on August 4. The townhall featured a host of local educators, teachers, and doctors who will come together to answer parents’ questions about how learning will be different this school year and what is being done to keep children safe from COVID-19. This live telecast will be hosted by Erica Gonzalez, Deb Takahara and Keagan Harsha.

KTRK Hosts ’COVID-19 and Our School’

Date Posted: 7/29/2020

ABC’s KTRK Houston hosted a two-night town hall, “COVID-19 and Our School,” on July 29 and 30 to discuss and how school districts are preparing for the new school year during the COVID-19 pandemic. As COVID-19 infections surge in the region, concerns are mounting about how the pandemic could affect classes, sports, activities, and college admissions. KTRK’s investigative team surveyed 125 school districts that have about 2.5 million students to understand the complexities of the issue.

Scripps Businesses Donate Over $2 Million to Combat Food Insecurity Across the Country

Date Posted: 7/21/2020

The E.W. Scripps Company has raised over $2 million for food banks in 40 markets to help communities during the pandemic. Funds are being distributed to food pantries in the markets where Scripps operates TV stations and its national brands Newsy, the Katz networks and the Scripps Washington Bureau.

“The outpouring of generosity we’ve seen from Scripps audiences across the country is an incredible testament to the connection between our brands and their communities. In addition, this effort underscores the role both local TV and our national brands continue to play in creating a sense of togetherness, particularly in times of need,” said Scripps President and CEO Adam Symson. “We are incredibly thankful to the Scripps Family Impact Fund for investing in our communities and to our audiences for answering the call.”

Read more about local efforts here.

WMTV Raises $3.3 Million in 100 Days

Date Posted: 7/17/2020

A Madison TV station’s effort to help fight hungry during the pandemic raised $3.354 million during the campaign’s first 100 days.

NBC15 (WMTV-TV) and Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin launched the “Care Box Challenge” in a matter of days in response to increased food insecurity due to school and business closures caused by COVID-19. A donation of $10 or more fills a Care Box with healthy, fresh food and other non-perishable staples for families facing food insecurity.

“I should never underestimate the generosity of our viewers,” said Don Vesely, vice president and general manager of WMTV NBC15. “Our goal of $1 million seemed to be a stretch for a first-time fundraising effort. To finish more than three times our goal truly made an impact on our community.”

The campaign kicked off March 19 with a challenge: The first $25,000 raised was matched by the Alliant Energy Foundation. By Monday evening, March 23, the effort had raised $248,000 and the giving continued. National Guardian Life; The Evjue Foundation, which is the charitable arm of The Capital Times; and an anonymous donor, also provided matches during the campaign’s first 100 days, marked on June 26.

“The response that we’ve gotten from the public has been tremendous,” said Michelle Orge, President & CEO of Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. “We are so grateful to NBC15 for playing such a critical role in helping the public understand that the need as a result of the pandemic was, and continues to be, great. Their dedication to helping our community during this challenging time is one that all of us should aspire to achieve.”

At launch time, Second Harvest staff anticipated that it would need to distribute 100,000 boxes of food over a 6-8 week period to those in need. The need exceeded that original estimate and 246,787 Care Boxes were distributed through June 26.

To help those in need, visit NBC15

KDVR and KWGN Raises $520,000 for COVID-19 Relief

Date Posted: 7/17/2020

Nexstar’s KDVR and KWGN Denver raised more than $520,000 during a virtual food and supply drive to support Salvation Army efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stations held four virtual phone banks, produced multiple stories and focused newscasts around the cause.

The campaign launched on March 23 and continued through June. Thanks to the event The Salvation Army of Denver Metro has provided:

  • More than 245,000 prepared meals
  • More than 12,200 food boxes
  • More than 109,000 nights of
  • shelter/lodging

“Navigating this unprecedented event has been challenging for every person in Colorado, and even more so for people who lost their jobs, businesses or savings as a result of COVID-19,” said Byron Grandy, Vice President and General Manager of KDVR/KWGN. “To have our viewers come together and generously donate more than a half-million dollars directly toward the relief efforts makes me very proud to be part of our community. We thank you for your amazing support.”

WITZ Supports Local Businesses

Date Posted: 7/15/2020

Cumulus Media’s WITZ-FM Jasper, Ind. has been promoting local shopping through a gift card drive and giveaway. The giveaway is helping to drive traffic and customers to the business and provides additional on-air advertisement.

WISH and WNDY Broadcast Academic Lessons

Date Posted: 7/15/2020

In partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools, Circle City Broadcasting’s CW affiliate WISH-TV and MyNetwork affiliate WNDY-TV Indianapolis produced and broadcast academic lessons to IPS students in Grades K–8 five days a week. The lessons provided needed educational content to students removed from the classroom and learning from home, often without the support and resources provided in a traditional classroom setting.

WRTV Helps Hire Hoosiers

Date Posted: 7/15/2020

Scripps-owned ABC affiliate WRTV-TV Indianapolis is extending its reputable “Hiring Hoosiers” initiative with the launch of “The Rebound: Indiana” in late April. The project provides a one-stop shop to help businesses navigate through the financial impact COVID-19 has had on the community.

WSLM Develops COVID Taskforce

Date Posted: 7/15/2020

Rebecca White’s WSLM-FM Salem, Ind., established the Kentuckiana Covid Taskforce to deliver food to the elderly, collect materials for masks and to distribute the masks to doctors, nurses and others in need.

WQLK-FM Distributes Masks

Date Posted: 7/15/2020

Brewer Broadcasting Group’s WQLK-FM Radio Richmond, Ind. coordinated with local health department for a mask distribution event on May 28. The event help support the local reopening of businesses by ensuring they have the proper equipment needed to open. The station has also provided :15 second air spots so local businesses can communicate changes to the public, such as special hours or carry-out only.

KXLY Covers Pandemic ‘Path 4 Ward’

Date Posted: 7/14/2020

Morgan Murphy Media’s KXLY Spokane has provided viewers with critical news during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Broadcasts and digital content covered safety measures and detailed the struggles many local businesses are facing. Read more here.

WMTV Hosts Record Adopt-A-Dairy-Cow Campaign

Date Posted: 7/13/2020

Gray’s WMTV-TV Madison station’s Adopt-A-Dairy-Cow campaign raised $183,876 for the month of June, setting a record in campaign history.

The additional promotion of this event by NBC15, the generosity of local sponsors, and the outpouring of donations from our community helped beat last year’s campaign total by 366-percent.

The campaign runs each year during June Dairy Month, and is a partnership between NBC15, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, and Sassy Cow Creamery. The goal is to increase milk inventory at the foodbank to give to families in need.

“The need for food, especially milk, on the table of area homes is critical. With COVID-19 adding to the stress on food insecurity, I am thrilled that our community once again stepped up to help,” said Don Vesely, VP/General Manager of NBC15.

Each week during the coronavirus pandemic, Second Harvest has distributed about 6,000 gallons of milk. About 80-percent of the milk distributed is purchased.

“The response from the public has been remarkable,” said Michelle Orge, president & CEO of Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. “Thanks to NBC15, our sponsors, and of course everyone who has supported the campaign, we will be able to provide a healthy product to those we serve, and help the local dairy producing community at the same time. The pandemic has hit our community hard, but because of the generosity of so many people and organizations we will be able to meet more need than ever before.”

To donate, individuals were asked to go to and select a dairy cow to “adopt.”

WCSX Big Jim’s House To Raise $50,000 for Gleaners Food Bank

Date Posted: 7/13/2020

Beasley’s WCSX-FM Boston Morning Show Host Big Jim from Big Jim’s House will drive 27 hours on a road trip from Detroit to Minnesota to raise $50,000 to benefit Gleaners Food Bank with help from Legendary Rock Recording Artist Bob Seger. Big Jim will leave for Minnesota on July 23rd and upon his return to the Motor City, Bob Seger and Chevrolet will make a $50,000 donation to Gleaners Food Bank of Detroit.

"I’ve always wondered where Bob stopped for a beer in the song, ‘Roll Me Away’, now we know,” said Big Jim. “So, taking a road trip in a Chevy truck to the North Star Bar in Rochester, Minnesota feels more like a pilgrimage! And the fact that Bob Seger and Chevrolet are backing up this effort with a 50k donation to Gleaners Food Bank makes it even more important to “get it right!”

The $50,000 donation will be used to provide 150,000 meals for families in Southeastern Michigan.

Radiothon Raises $25,000 for Music Venues

Date Posted: 7/11/2020

A Milwaukee radio station and TV station used a radiothon to raise $25,000 for local music venues struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic.

FM102/1 (Milwaukee Radio Alliance’s WLUM-FM) teamed up with Fox 6 (WITI-TV) and the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) to #saveourstages with a 24-hour radiothon on July 10-11. The money raised supports local independent music venues and NIVA members: The Rave/Eagles Club, The Pabst Theater Group, Shank Hall, Cactus Club, and The Cooperage.

Independent concert venues were among the first businesses to close during the pandemic and will be among the last to reopen. The radiothon was broadcast live from the empty stages of The Rave/Eagles Ballroom, The Pabst Theater, Shank Hall, Cactus Club, and The Cooperage. An online silent auction ran concurrently with the broadcast and included music memorabilia donated by the venues and musicians to help raise funds.

The radiothon featured special Milwaukee memories from some of the biggest alternative music artists, local celebrities talking about their favorite shows, and virtual tours of these historic venues.

There is a second chance auction being he

WAAY Provides COVID-19 News in Spanish

Date Posted: 7/10/2020

Allen Media Broadcasting’s WAAY Huntsville, Ala., is now producing a daily video newscast in Spanish, available here. "With COVID-19 information changing daily, we thought it was important to provide up-to-date information to an underserved audience in Alabama," said VP and General Manager Paul Dughi.

Beasley Boston Awards $200,000 in Marketing Grants

Date Posted: 7/8/2020

Beasley Media Group Boston has teamed up with RCN Business to award a total of $200,000 in marketing support to assist the Small Business Association Grant Program in Boston.

As the country starts to reopen in phases, small businesses are struggling to find the means to announce that they are open and welcome customers back into their locations. RCN Business and Beasley Media Group has created a customized program designed to help them get back up and running, without having to worry about marketing budgets.

The Small Business Association Grant Program, presented by RCN Business, will offer designated small businesses the opportunity to be considered for a $10,000 media schedule to use on one of five Beasley Media Boston radio stations beginning July 13th. A total of 20 small businesses will be selected to receive a grant to help advertise their local business through a combination of on air and digital media over the course of eight weeks on WBZ-FM/98.5 The Sports Hub, WBOS-FM/ROCK 92.9, WBQT-FM/HOT 96.9, WKLB-FM/Country 102.5, and WROR-FM/105.7 WROR.

“The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on small businesses, so it is more important than ever that we do what we can to help these businesses by letting patrons know they are open for business and following the proper guidelines,” said Jeff Carlson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of RCN Boston. “We hope that by providing these advertising grants, small businesses in the communities in which we live and work are able to get back on their feet.”

“RCN is a wonderful partner and we are so grateful for their commitment to helping small businesses in our community,” said Beasley Media Group Vice President and Market Manager Mary Menna.

WGEM-FM Provides Community Support

Date Posted: 7/8/2020

Quincy Media’s WGEM-FM Quincy, Ill., provided important news coverage and community support in recent months. The broadcasts included stories of how community members are making masks for essential workers and donating food surplus to help neighbors. WGEM also provided important weather updates and recognized graduating seniors. Read more here.

iHeart Seattle Supports Local Businesses

Date Posted: 7/7/2020

iHeartRadio Seattle is supporting businesses and the local economy here in Seattle:

  • iHeartMedia Seattle Local Business Support website
    After many business were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 virus, iHeartMedia Seattle stepped in to help make sure listeners were aware of restaurants and other local businesses that were running under the new guidelines. Through using an online redirect connected to all stations, business owners could add their information through a form that was then populated to a full list sorted by city where listeners could track what businesses we’re open for delivery and takeout, had gift cards available for purchase, or offered online ordering. All five cluster FM stations – 106.1 KISS FM, KUBE 93.3, 102.5 KZOK, 96.5 JACK FM and 95.7 The Jet, along with Sports Radio 950 KJR-AM – promoted the site through on-air promotional announcements and social media posts. Since launching, the site has had almost 2,000 unique views.
  • Local Business Impact Spotlight ads
    Using our relationships with clients and partners in the local area, iHeartMedia Seattle offered no charge marketing for local business through an Impact Ad program. Station personalities did short interviews live on the air with business owners and stake holders about the impact of COVID-19 on their business and employees. Our production team then edited these interviews into :90 commercials and ran them across all stations and on our streams to support the business. The program has highlighted 50 different businesses around the Seattle market.
  • Sports Radio 950 KJR Lunchtime Restaurant Guest/Shoutouts
    With sports talk radio going through a shift in the midst of a lack of sporting events, Sports Radio 905 KJR has used the extra time on the air to highlight local restaurants every afternoon. The feature includes daily visits with a local restaurant owner to chat with them about what going through the COVID-19 pandemic has been like for them, what they are doing in the community, and how people can continue to support them through ordering online, in store, over the phone, etc. Other dayparts, such as PM Drive, have supported through business shout outs as well, and interacting with local businesses over social media to connect with the community.
  • KAPP Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 7/6/2020

    Morgan Murphy Media’s KAPP-TV and KVEW-TV Yakima, Wash., are working to encourage and support local businesses impacted by COVID-19 with a daily 30-minute show, “Yes, We’re Open” and listing open businesses on their website. Businesses are able to promote and highlight any updates or altered hours during the pandemic. The stations also hosted a “Bounty of the Valley” telethon to support a local University, and helped raise more than $800,000 to support student scholarships.

    WLAX-FM and WJAM-AM Launch ’Local Business Protection Program’

    Date Posted: 7/2/2020

    Scott Communications’ WALX-FM/HD2/HD3/WJAM-AM has implemented the “Local Business Protection Program” in which we are offering area businesses and the local economy a boost by donating the unsold inventory on our stations to any local business that would like to participate. We have received very positive feedback from this program which has provided area businesses a free resource who may be in much distress from the negative economic impact of the pandemic. We have been supported by our local communities we serve for nearly a half of a century and we feel like it is our moral obligation to help when it is needed the most.

    KSTP-FM Cares Food Fund

    Date Posted: 7/1/2020

    In the wake of recent neighborhood demonstrations, protests, and unrest in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, the KSTP-FM “Cares Food Fund” raised funds in response to the devastating property damage and loss that has stripped access to food resources for so many in the community. Funds will be distributed among food shelves serving the affected area by Hunger Solutions Minnesota. Hunger Solutions works to end hunger in Minnesota.

    Maine Public Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 7/1/2020

    Maine Public supported local businesses in several ways during the COVID-19 crisis.

    We have a much loved and high visibility call-in news program called Maine Calling. It is aired at 1:00 p.m. each day on Maine Public Radio, repeated that evening, and available online. Since the crisis began, the program’s producers have focused on keeping Mainers educated about what is taking place in the state relative to the virus. They have purposely chosen topics that affect all Mainers and have served as a guide to their access to businesses and services in the new normal. These shows include expert guests and really give our audience clear insights into how they can interact with businesses in Maine while keeping themselves safe. A whole host of topics have been covered including how to support local farmers who have lost some of their own institutional clients, what events are still taking place and how one can support local venues and artists by attending virtual events, what it looks like buying and servicing vehicles today, and how telemedicine works and is important for both patients and the medical industry in Maine.

    The impact that COVID-19 is having on businesses and organizations throughout our Maine community is significant and it benefits all of us to get our economies moving in the right direction as soon as it is safely possible. Maine Public’s underwriting team developed a comprehensive series of underwriting packages designed to affordably help businesses get back on their feet immediately once they receive the go-ahead from state officials that they can re-open. Called Springboard, this underwriting option has appealed to businesses across Maine who want to reach our highly-valued audience in a cost-effective and timely manner. Springboard’s stated goal is to “Let us help you set your business up for success today, so you are steps ahead tomorrow."

    Hot Radio Maine Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 7/1/2020

    Mainstream Media’s WHTP-FM Portland, ME, launched on June 1 the “Rebuilds” program. The program supports small businesses in Maine by creating a bank of 2,500 commercials for these businesses at no cost. After one week, 152 small businesses signed up and made their information available on the air. The 2,500 commercials equate to nearly $100,000 in value and is open to all small businesses in Maine, statewide. The commercials will span the state and run on all three of Hot Radio Maine frequencies including 104.7 FM in Portland and southern Maine, 100.3 FM in Lewiston/Auburn, Brunswick and Oxford County and 102.9 FM in the Bangor/Brewer, Old Town and Orono area.

    “We’re a small business in Maine and can directly relate,” said Program Director Ryan Deelon. “We’ll continue to try to do our part in the fight to pull through to the other side. We’ll add more commercials to the bank to make sure all businesses who want to participate are well represented on the station.”

    WJLA Promotes Businesses Reopening

    Date Posted: 6/30/2020

    ABC’s owned-and-operated WJLA-TV Washington, D.C., released an "Open for Business" directory on April 21st to help promote small businesses reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. The directory has been continuously updated and provides a valuable resource to small businesses and the local community as the city reopens.

    WSFA Supports Montgomery Small Businesses

    Date Posted: 6/30/2020

    Gray Television’s NBC affiliate WSFA-TV Montgomery, Ala., has been airing a new public service announcement campaign featuring 11 mayors from the local area, encouraging viewers to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The station also partnered with the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce to financially support and promote the local “Small Business Relief Fund,” which provides funding to small businesses impacted by the crisis.

    KRKO-AM/FM Promotes Local Businesses

    Listen to Audio
    Date Posted: 6/29/2020

    From the initial “Stay at Home” decision, KRKO-AM/FM Everett. started an on-going campaign to explain the importance of supporting local businesses in the community we serve. All local Chambers were contacted and encouraged to help spread the message. Check out the spots here.

    WRDN-AM Hosts Drive-Up Co-Op Meeting

    Date Posted: 6/29/2020

    WRDN-AM in Durand helped the members of the Dunn Energy Co-Op conduct business during a time of social distancing by broadcasting the co-op’s annual meeting in Menomonie. The meeting on June 26 was held at the co-op headquarters and those in attendance stayed in their cars and listened to the meeting through their radios. Voting was done by people honking their horns.

    WBRC-TV Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 6/29/2020

    Gray’s Fox affiliate WBRC-TV Birmingham supported the local economy during COVID-19:

    • The station created a directory website linked here where local businesses could create free profiles that let consumers know if they were open and what services they currently provided (curb-side, drive-thru, delivery, etc.).
    • They created an on-air campaign called "Messages of Encouragement" that allowed local businesses to send a special message (with no sales pitch) to their audience free of charge.

    WZDX Supports Community

    Date Posted: 6/26/2020

    TEGNA’s WZDX-TV Huntsville is supporting the community in several ways during the pandemic:

    • COVID TESTING-Partnering with Thrive Alabama for FREE COVID Testing
    • Providing quality Local News about the state/Huntsville economy
    • Town Hall-Race Relations
    • News Stories- People out of Work-Next Steps to receive unemployment
    • Informing viewers on Businesses that are Open/Closings -We keep the public informed on what is TRUE and Not True regarding rumors on social media
    • Supporting the Census

    KWZP-FM Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 6/17/2020

    Christa Ministry’s KWZP-FM supported businesses re-opening after COVID-19 in a number of ways:

    • Providing free marketing to help local businesses get back on their feet after shutting down. Up to $9,000 per client.
    • Covid response tools and links to local business available on our website.
    • Highlight local restaurants now open again.
    • Influx of new listeners seeking hope and encouragement provide valuable peace of mind in stressful times.

    KCYE-FM Hosts ‘Coyote Kids Book Club’

    Date Posted: 6/16/2020

    Beasley’s KCYE-FM (102.7 Coyote Country) began a campaign to give the parents of small children a little nightly relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. The on-air personalities of the station volunteered to take turns going live on Facebook each night at 7:00 p.m. for the "Coyote Kids Book Club." Every night a different children’s book was featured and read for the kids with thousands of views and shares. The nightly feature became even more popular with the addition of several country music artists who each read a book and performed a few songs during the Facebook broadcasts.

    Neuhoff Media Lafayette Feeds the Frontline

    Date Posted: 6/10/2020

    Neuhoff Media Lafayette’s WASK-FM, WKHY-FM, WKOA-FM, WXXB-FM and WASK-AM held a 12-hour radiothon on April 15 called “Feeding the Frontline” and raised over $11,000 to purchase gift cards from local restaurants for local frontline workers. The stations also ran an on-air campaign called “Stock the Pantry” to benefit Food Finders Food Bank.

    Nexstar Supports Food Banks

    Date Posted: 6/10/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s Fox affiliate WXIN-TV and CBS affiliate WTTV-TV Indianapolis raised $219,000 on April 10 for the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana and Midwest Food Bank Indiana Division. The “Pack the Pantries Virtual Food Drive” encouraged viewers to donate online during the drive.

    Cox Media Group Tulsa Adds $2 Million to Community Fundraising Efforts in 2020

    Date Posted: 6/9/2020

    Cox Media Group (CMG) Tulsa, Okla., including Fox affiliate KOKI-TV, myNetworkTV affiliate KMYT, KRAV-FM, KWEN-FM and KRMG-AM helped its community partners raise more than $2 million in the first half of 2020.

    This figure does not include non-monetary fundraising efforts CMG has pushed through its channels. CMG Tulsa partnered with the Community Food Bank to collect more than 774 pounds of food for its annual Spread the Love campaign, collected 220 pints of blood through a drive with the Oklahoma Blood Institute, and diverted more than 93 tons of recyclable items from the dump through the inaugural Big Spring Clean.

    “During times of great uncertainty, like now, people rely more than ever on the support of community partners to help them get through,” said CMG-Tulsa Market Vice President Cathy Gunther. “This is why we have not only upheld our commitments to our current partners, but have gone a step further and added a number of new events to try and help our partners jump-start donations to serve more people who are now reliant upon them.”

    WPTZ, WNNE and Vermont Foodbank Exceed $50,000 Goal for Local Food Drive

    Date Posted: 6/9/2020

    Hearst TV stations WPTZ and WNNE raised $56,585 for the Vermont Foodbank to provide meals for Vermonters in need of assistance. The response from the community was unprecedented throughout each day of the drive. Individual donation amounts ranged from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, and numerous donors exceeded the $1,000 donation amount. The drive was also promoted on the stations’ digital platforms. 

    KBBI-AM Revives Local Library’s Story Hour Over-The-Air

    Date Posted: 6/8/2020

    Kachemak Bay Broadcasting’s KBBI-AM Homer, Ak., has partnered with the local public library to broadcast story hour to children stuck at home due to the pandemic shutdown. KBBI and a local librarian are reading children’s stories on Thursday mornings on the air, serving the community’s residents and those living in the surrounding villages. In addition to providing entertainment and comfort during isolation, the story hour is an educational resource for children who may be at home without reliable internet. The program also dedicates time to allow children and parents to call-in and say hello to their friends and neighbors.

    “Radio, particularly in a small community like that ... can really focus in on children and do excellent work,” said broadcaster Al Bramstedt Jr.

    South Bend Stations Provide PPE to Local Community

    Date Posted: 6/5/2020

    LeSEA Broadcasting’s WHPZ-FM, WHPD-FM and WHME-FM South Bend are giving away masks and helping families facing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stations are providing free masks to listeners and local community members. They are also encouraging listeners to snap their best PPE selfies for a chance to win $100.

    WOGO-AM Hosts On-Air ’Drive-In’ Graduation

    Date Posted: 6/4/2020

    A Chippewa Falls radio station helped its local high school celebrate its graduates while social distancing.

    Steward of Sound’s WOGO-AM worked with the high school to produce the “Drive-In Graduation.” More than 300 seniors and their families lined up in decorated vehicles at the local fairgrounds. As “Pomp & Circumstance” played over the air, they drove out in a police-escorted procession through town where the community came out to yards and sidewalks to cheer on the class of 2020 as they listened to the commencement broadcast on WOGO.

    WOGO aired pre-recorded addresses from the principal and class leaders during the journey to the high school to receive diplomas.

    The broadcast ceremony also included a highlight reel of senior sports moments, honors for this year’s faculty retirees with a montage of thanks, and student voicemails celebrating their senior year memories. Music played during the ceremony featured numbers from the school’s music department.

    As the graduates rolled through the bus loop in front of the school to receive diplomas from their gloved-and-face-shielded principal, the WOGO graduation play-by-play crew provided live commentary for every senior including awards and commendations, future plans, their advice to next year’s class, and teacher comments.

    WOGO also provided audio to the school’s live video stream so grandparents, friends, and relatives could both watch and listen. Coverage also included video from a live drone.

    VCY America Honors High School Graduates

    Date Posted: 6/1/2020

    VCY America hosted a 2020 graduation special honoring high school seniors.

    The special aired Sunday and included a call-in portion allowing high school seniors to give a one-minute challenge to their class. There was also a segment for parents and grandparents to call in with a one-minute challenge to the graduates.

    The unique broadcast also included a commencement address delivered to seniors by Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis.

    In addition to the radio broadcast, the network aired a special modified TV release on Tuesday on WVCY Channel 30 and streamed at

    iHeart Madison Stations Deliver Four Trailers of Food

    Date Posted: 6/1/2020

    Madison’s six iHeartMedia radio stations gathered four trailers full of food during a food drive in May.

    Listeners left donations at Metro Market and Pick N’ Save stores and the stations delivered the food to Selfless Ambition and the Goodman Community Center where they will be shared with families who need it.

    WMTW Provides Critical COVID-19 Coverage

    Date Posted: 6/1/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WMTW-TV and CW affiliate WPXT-TV Poland Springs, Maine, is dedicated to serving the community during the COVID-19 crisis by airing Maine’s daily CDC and governor press conferences. They also support nonprofits through the Channel 8 Project Community initiative, which raised nearly $82,000 for the Good Shephard Food Bank of Maine. They also promoted the Southern Maine chapter American Heart Association’s virtual fundraiser, which raised $287,000. WMTW and WPXT have also donated airtime to support PSAs from the American Red Cross Maine and local hospitals systems who share COVID-19 safety messages.

    Jasper Stations Salute Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/30/2020

    Jasper on the Air’s WITZ-FM, WQKZ-FM and WITZ-AM Jasper, Ind., are honoring graduating high school seniors by airing “Senior Shout Outs” through May and June. Friends and family can record messages for graduates, which are broadcast on air. The stations also broadcast a social distance graduation day for students of a local high school.

    WSLM Spotlights Kentuckiana Seniors

    Date Posted: 5/30/2020

    WSLM-AM/FM Salem, Ind., celebrated student graduations in May with an on-air and online series called “Kentuckian Senior Spotlight.” The station interviewed local students each day and asked how they’ve spent their time in quarantine, their hopes for the future and their favorite memories.

    Hoosier’s Senior Spotlight

    Date Posted: 5/30/2020

    Hoosier AM/FM’s WBAT-FM, WCJC-FM, WMRI-AM and WXXC-FM Marion, Ind., created and aired senior spotlights to celebrate the Class of 2020. Listeners submitted photos and bios of graduating seniors to appear on stations’ websites and select seniors are spotlighted on the air.

    WHON’s Senior Shoutouts Honor Students

    Date Posted: 5/30/2020

    Brewer Broadcasting’s WHON Richmond, Ind., aired a daily “Senior Shout Out” every morning in April and May to honor students graduating from high school amid the pandemic. Families were encouraged to upload a short blurb about their student, which were read aloud on the air.

    KDVR-TV Supports Community Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/30/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s Fox affiliate KDVR-TV and Fox affiliate KWGN-TV Denver are collecting food and money to help support families amid the pandemic. Donations are going to support the Salvation Army in the greater Denver area.

    “We’re so grateful to partner with KDVR and KWGN on this Virtual Food and Supply Drive,” said The Salvation Army Intermountain Divisional Commander Major Mike Dickinson. “In this difficult time, this drive has allowed us to provide assistance to thousands of people struggling because of the COVID pandemic, and this number will just continue to climb. We couldn’t do this without the support of KDVR and KWGN.”

    KSHE-FM Raises $103,000 for COVID-19 Relief

    Date Posted: 5/29/2020

    Giving back to the community and industry that helped shape it into the station it is today, Emmis Communications-owned KSHE 95 “Real Rock Radio” teamed up with the St. Louis Community Foundation to raise money for the Gateway Resilience Fund (GRF). The fund provides short-term monetary relief to employees and owners of independent bars, restaurants, and shops in the St. Louis area affected by closures and other circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Listeners visited the KSHE SCHSTUFF STORE (online), to purchase the “Rockin’ Against COVID-19 Sweetmeat T-shirt” or the limited-edition KSHE 95 branded Face Mask with the 100% of the profits benefiting the fund. After nearly eight weeks of sales, KSHE 95 raised $103,742.

    “This is normally the time of year that KSHE would be gearing up for hot concerts, summer beers, great food, and making great memories with our listeners and friends at restaurants and venues across the region. However, due to COVID-19, too many of our friends are hurting. Thanks to our generous listeners, we were able to offer a little help!” stated Kristen Lewis – KSHE Marketing and Advertising Director.

    “The Gateway Resilience Fund has been the purest example of St. Louisans helping St. Louisans I have ever witnessed. It has been a true honor to administer this fund whose sole purpose was to get short-term emergency funds into the hands of essential St. Louisans. KSHE’s support of the GRF’s goals goes above and beyond!” stated Amy Murphy- Director of donor Relations and Services.

    WGN and Nexstar Host Statewide Town Hall With U.S. Senators

    Date Posted: 5/28/2020

    Nexstar Broadcasting’s WGN-TV Chicago hosted a COVID-19 response town hall on May 28 with U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth along with mayors from across the state. The town hall was simulcast on on eight stations throughout Illinois, reaching all 102 counties.

    “Illinois residents interested in hearing about the impact of the pandemic and who want to express their concerns and ask questions regarding the re-opening of the state’s economy can rely on Nexstar’s dedication to local content to provide them the latest news and a connection to their government and community leaders,” said Tim Busch, president of Nexstar Broadcasting.

    Entercom Houston Raises More Than $14 Million for COVID Relief

    Date Posted: 5/28/2020

    Entercom Houston joined forces with the United Way of Greater Houston and the Greater Houston Community Foundation through April and May to help support the Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund. The fund raised more than $14 million by May 19.

    Stations throughout Houston aired more than 1,000 promotional announcements and promoted the fundraiser on their social media and websites. In total, stations donated $555,000 worth of air time.

    ESPN Wisconsin Radiothon Raises $205,000 for Pandemic Relief

    Date Posted: 5/27/2020

    Milwaukee Bucks guard Pat Connaughton hosted Capture Sports Marketing’s Athletes Doing Good Radiothon on ESPN Wisconsin and raised a total of $205,859 for COVID-19 relief during the 11-hour event held Thursday.

    The $205,859 includes a match of all donations from Herb Kohl Philanthropies. The money will be donated to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin and Connaughton’s With Us Foundation.

    Funds were raised through donations, a silent auction and the purchase of buy-it-now items. Fans can still donate or purchase two canvases of Connaughton from this year’s dunk contest, with one of him dunking over Giannis Antetokounmpo and one of him dunking over Christian Yelich, through Monday. Each canvas purchased will be autographed by either Antetokounmpo or Yelich and will contain a personal message and autograph from Connaughton. Canvases can be bought, and donations can be made here.

    The radiothon aired on 94.5 ESPN Milwaukee (WKTI-FM) and 100.5 ESPN Madison (WTLX-FM) from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Connaughton was joined on-air by Bucks teammates Donte DiVincenzo, Kyle Korver, Khris Middleton and Antetokounmpo, Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry, general manager Jon Horst, and head coach Mike Budenholzer, along with numerous other guests from across the sports world including Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur, Craig Counsell, Greg Gard, Josh Hader and Yelich.

    KPRC Hosts ‘Asks 2’ Live Zoom Event

    Date Posted: 5/27/2020

    Graham’s NBC affiliate KPRC Houston evening anchors Dominique Sachse and Kris Gutierrez, Chief Meteorologist Frank Billingsley and VP/General Manager Jerry Martin joined an intimate bunch of fans for a live “Ask 2” Q & A session on May 27. The meet and greet held via Zoom was moderated by KPRC host Khambrel Marshall. Viewers asked questions about the business and personal questions for the anchors.

    “As a huge fan, you have no idea how much this meant to me.,” Viewer and Zoom participant Danny Allen. “You’ve definitely given me a cherished memory for 2020 despite all of the downsides the pandemic has brought.”

    “I’m a stay at home mom to two sons with autism and we are still on quarantine due to my high risk situation and this gave me a reason to get dressed up,” said another participant, Shannon Stillwell, said, I really loved hearing behind-the-scenes stuff.”

    KFOR Tracks Unemployment and Honors Heroes

    Date Posted: 5/26/2020

    Nexstar’s NBC affiliate KFOR Oklahoma City investigated long delays people are facing in receiving their unemployment benefits due to computer and technical issues. For example, one of the questions on the state of Oklahoma’s website for unemployment asks about working through the week of 12/26/1899. KFOR has highlighted these issues as viewers have turned to the station for help. In addition, KFOR has launched a campaign to honor frontline heroes during this pandemic.

    KDVR Examines Important Issues During Pandemic

    Date Posted: 5/25/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s Fox affiliate KDVR-TV aired two special programs on Memorial Day weekend related to the COVID-19 pandemic. "Peacekeeping in the Pandemic," which aired on May 24, covered the challenges of keeping Americans who are serving abroad safe. "Front Range Courage," which aired on May 25, examined how Coloradans are rising to the challenges facing the community.

    WSAV-TV: Chatham County Workers Receive Protective Gear, Smaller Crews After On Your Side Report

    Date Posted: 5/25/2020

    Chatham County Public Works drivers in the stormwater management department are now working in smaller groups and receiving the proper protective equipment.

    The changes come after a WSAV News 3 On Your Side report found workers had to bring their own protective gear into work and many of them were working with up to six people, elbow-to-elbow in trucks.

    “If it wasn’t for you all, I believe nothing would have happened,” said Tarsha Rogers, one of the Public Works drivers.

    WRJO-FM Raises $40,000 to Feed Children

    Date Posted: 5/23/2020

    Eagle River radio station WRJO aired a concert featuring local artists to benefit a charity that feeds school-aged children from food insecure homes in the Northland Pines School District.

    The concert aired May 23 and raised more than $40,000 for “F.O.R.K” (Feed Our Rural Kids). About half of the funds raised came from a $20,000 match provided by Margaret Baack and Mike McAdams of Land ‘O Lakes.

    Performers included Bret and Frisk Miller, Scott Kirby, Michael Saint, Pete Stoltman, Chris McFarland, Mark and Michelle Zanoni, Mark Wayne, Gerry Plank, and Taylor Rae Bolte. The event was held at Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River by host Laura Koranda.

    “The night was a complete success, and everyone involved is looking forward to another concert next year.” Heartland Director of Programming Mike Wolf said.

    F.O.R.K. works with people, businesses, and organizations within the greater Northland Pines community to ensure that all children in feed of nutritional support are identified and provided with assistance.

    KXIT-FM Honors Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/22/2020

    Rogco Family’s KXIT Dalhart, Tx., aired the "Drive Thru Graduation!" on May 22. KXIT also prerecorded The School Song, Valedictorian and Salutatorian addresses and a special message from the school counselor.

    Alpha Media Radiothon Raises More Than $250,000

    Date Posted: 5/22/2020

    Alpha Media’s KLQL-FM Luverne, Minn., and KQAD-AM raised more than $250,000 for small businesses in the southwest region of the state. The "#RockSolid" radiothon campaign encouraged gift card purchasing from small businesses, and stations partially matched all funds raised during the event.

    “The power of local radio is amazing, and the listeners and people of our community are equally amazing. What a great effort by everyone involved supporting a great cause during his difficult time,” said Alpha Media, Luverne General Manager Joel Vis.

    WCSC Investigates Safety Violations Related to COVID-19

    Date Posted: 5/22/2020

    Gray Television’s CBS affiliate WCSC-TV Charleston, S.C., aired an investigation into workplace safety violations since the COVID-19 crisis began. The investigation included information about protections available to employees throughout the pandemic.

    Beasley Media Group Unveils New Jersey Stands Together Merchandise to Benefit Pandemic Relief

    Date Posted: 5/22/2020

    Beasley Media Group’s WDHA-FM, WMTR-AM, WMGQ-FM, WCTC-AM, WRAT-FM and WJRZ-FM Morristown, N.J. unveiled on May 22 a line of “New Jersey Stands Together” and “Jersey Shore Stands Together” merchandise to benefit the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

    T-shirts, ladies tank tops, coffee mugs, phone cases and stickers went on sale on May 22nd with 100 percent of the net proceeds benefiting the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (NJPRF).

    Funds donated to the NJPRF are granted to organizations that provide essential services to those in need and individuals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and commitment of the Beasley Media Group,” said New Jersey first lady Tammy Snyder Murphy, founding chair of New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund. “The money raised from this merchandise will help address the urgent needs of our community, both now and in the weeks and months ahead as we continue fighting this pandemic.”

    WFSA Raises Money for Montgomery Area Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/21/2020

    WSFA has partnered with the Vance Law Firm in Montgomery, Ala., to raise money for the Montgomery Area Food Bank. The station is running spots, conducting interviews and doing live shots. Every dollar donated provides an additional 6.5 pounds of food directly to those who are struggling to put food on the table.   

    By donating $20 or more, viewers receive a #TogetherAlabama t-shirt and have been asked to share photos wearing their new shirts showing support of the community during this time to #TogetherAlabama.

    The mission of the Montgomery Area Food Bank is to nourish the hungry by educating and mobilizing the community, engaging in partnerships that advance self-sufficiency, and distribute food and other necessities across 35 Alabama counties.

    As of May 21, 2020 they have raised $6,980 – that’s 45,370 pounds of food!

    KRTV Recognizes High School Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/20/2020

    Scripps’ CBS affiliate KRTV Great Falls, Mont., is broadcasting graduation recognitions for local students throughout the May. Students are able to announce their future plans and thank family, teachers and others who helped them reach high school graduation.

    WHNT News 19 and iHeartRadio Huntsville Fill the North Alabama Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/20/2020

    WHNT News 19, a Nexstar station, and iHeartRadio Huntsville raised $102,266 for the North Alabama Food Bank. The Fill the Food Bank drive kicked off on May 7,2020 with a blitz day, including live hourly donation pushes and updates, social media shares and for the first time ever, a way for people to text to donate.

    When donations slowed down, Carmelita Palmer, Market president, iHeartMedia – Huntsville, suggested the community needed a goal to rally behind. On May 20, the Fill the Food Bank Challenge was issued. The goal was to raise $100,000 or 700,000 meals. Viewers responded, blasting past the goal to $102,266 in donations. 

    “The amazing thing is that people who need it will have food on their tables.” said Stan Pylant, WHNT News 19 President and General Manager, said about the drive. 

    WKMG-TV Makes Ends Meet to Help Local Communities

    Date Posted: 5/20/2020

    Graham Media Group CBS affiliate WKMG-TV Orlando recently launched the "Make Ends Meet" initiative, a budget guidance plan for viewers looking to cut back on spending during the COVID-19 crisis. The station is working with a certified financial planner and lawmakers, including Sen. Rick Scott, to help communities deal with economic challenges during the pandemic. The “Make Ends Meet” initiative has yielded immediate dividends and motivated viewers to donate thousands of dollars to help others in the community after seeing profiles aired on the local station.

    La Crosse Radio Station Fundraiser Helps Caregivers, Pandemic Research

    Date Posted: 5/19/2020

    The La Crosse Media Group embraced the spirit of Giving Tuesday on May 5 by hosting a mini radiothon with Gundersen Health System to raise $21,300 to support caregivers and local COVID-19 research.

    The La Crosse Media Group in La Crosse consists of KICKS 106.3 (WQCC), Magic 105 (WLXR), Classic Rock 100.1 (WKBH), Me TV FM 102.7 (KQEG), and Today’s Talk 1490 (WLFN). All five stations contributed airtime leading up to the event, including podcasts with Gundersen Medical Foundation Director of Development as well as a doctor who turned his cancer research lab into one conducting COVID-19 research.

    The stations shared stories from the frontlines and encouraged listeners to not only donate, but to show support as well. At 4 p.m. on that day, those living in the Coulee Region were asked to step outside and make some noise in s show of support for healthcare workers.

    WCCO Feeding the Frontline

    Date Posted: 5/19/2020

    WCCO-TV teamed up with Feeding the Frontline MN which helps to deliver meals to health care providers who are working tirelessly to bring care and support to all patients needing support during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Donations topped $150,000 with the help and support of advertising partners who helped to match donation efforts on May 19.

    Wisconsin Stations Team Up to Celebrate Hometown Heroes

    Date Posted: 5/15/2020

    Midwest Communications radio stations in central Wisconsin and WAOW-TV in Wausau are running a Hometown Hero campaign to honor and celebrate front line workers. The stations are offering a prize package to winners to help them cover food, expenses, and entertainment, while they are doing what they do.

    The Midwest Communications stations involved in the campaign are WIFC, WDEZ, WSAU-AM/FM, WOZZ and WRIG.

    Details are available here.

    WJLA Hosts Virtual Graduation for Local Students

    Date Posted: 5/15/2020

    Sinclair Broadcast Group’s ABC affiliate WJLA-TV Washington, D.C., will host a virtual graduation ceremony for seniors in Prince George’s County schools on May 30. The ceremony will include a graduation address from actress Taraji P. Henson, an alumna of Oxon Hill High School.

    Along with the award-winning film and television actress, the celebration will feature community leaders, celebrities and school administrators with special music and congratulatory messages. The ceremony will be additionally rebroadcast on May 31.

    KSNT Raises $20,000 for Community Fund

    Date Posted: 5/15/2020

    Nexstar Broadcast Group’s NBC affiliate KSNT-TV Topeka raised more than $20,000 in the inaugural “Weekend of Giving” on May 8-10. Station talent and community leaders recorded personal messages asking the community to support a local “Live, Work, Give Fund” created by the local community foundation to support those in need during the pandemic. All giving was online via credit card and supports over 20 local charities response efforts.

    KNUC-FM Helps Distribute 200,000 Pounds of Potatoes

    Date Posted: 5/14/2020

    Hubbard’s KNUC-FM Seattle morning show "98.9 The Bull’s Fitz In The Morning" partnered with the National Guard, the Washington State Potato Commission and the Farmers of Washington to give away 200,000 pounds of potatoes in the Tacoma Dome North Parking Lot on May 14

    KEVN Honors Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/14/2020

    Gray’s Fox affiliate KEVN-TV Rapid City, S.D. worked We with the Rapid City School district to honor graduating seniors in the three public high schools. They recorded 1,000 students walking across the stage, in small groups and social distancing. They also taped speeches with the principals, valedictorian, salutatorian and key members of staff. On June 7, KEVN aired and streamed the virtual graduations.

    WKOW-TV Generates 18,000 Meals

    Date Posted: 5/14/2020

    Quincy’s ABC affiliate WKOW-TV Madison raised nearly $30,000 for food pantries through an 18-hour text-a-thon.

    The Feeding Hope event in May 14 was in partnership with the Community Action Coalition and was aimed at supporting local food pantries struggling to meet increased food demands due to the pandemic.

    The $30,000 raised translates to more than 16,000 pounds in wholesale food value.

    The total cash and food donations received during the Feeding Hope initiative will provide close to 18,000 meals to those struggling with food insecurity.

    “We are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our community,” said Anna Engelhart, Station Manager of WKOW. “We cannot thank everyone enough for their participation in helping those in need.”

    KNXV-TV Airs Special Honoring Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/13/2020

    E.W. Scripps’ ABC affiliate KNXV-TV Phoenix premiered on May 13 a special episode of The List saluting the graduating class of 2020. The special episode of the nationally-syndicated daily news magazine program The List was produced in response to educational institutions shifting to virtual graduations. Segments included ways to prepare and celebrate graduates, the evolution of the high school photo, the new trend of adopting a high school senior and the best movie graduation speeches.

    KFGO-FM Hosts Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/13/2020

    Midwest Communications’ KFGO-FM Fargo, N.D., hosted a food bank on May 7. All goods collected support efforts by the United Churches for the Homeless to help the local community.

    ABC Stations Launch #BeLocalish Campaign

    Date Posted: 5/13/2020

    ABC Owned Television Stations launched a call-to-action campaign, #BeLocalish, to help support local businesses struggling to survive the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. ABC’s owned stations are helping tell the stories of the small businesses to help them continue to thrive.

    Woodward Radio Stations Provide Pandemic Relief Initiatives

    Date Posted: 5/12/2020

    A group of radio stations in Appleton and Green Bay are providing a variety of initiatives for listeners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    105.7 WAPL is offering “Get a Little, Give a Little” for listeners to get a chance to win a WAPL rewards call and T-shirt, which also includes a $50 station donation to Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin.

    In the Corona Cash Sweepstakes on 95.9 KISS FM (WKSZ) listeners get a chance to win $100 to help with bills, groceries, home schooling, or home office supplies.

    Razor 94.7 (WZOR) is marking Mental Health Awareness Month by hosting a live Instagram mental health check in to help listeners keep mentally healthy. The station also created a mental health pages on its website with local and national resources.

    All six Woodward stations are providing local graduates with “Senior Shout Outs.” Families and friends are encouraged to submit a picture of their senior with a shoutout message to be shared. WHBY will also air some of the class speakers’ speeches.

    KQMV-FM Celebrates Nurses on National Nurses’ Day

    Date Posted: 5/12/2020

    Hubbard Broadcasting’s KQMV-FM Seattle celebrated nurses on May 11, National Nurses’ Day, as a special thank you during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses were treated a catered lunch from a local BBQ restaurant.

    “Thank you to all of the amazing nurses, doctors and medical staff,” said on-air morning personality Brooke Fox. “We are so proud of every member of our medical community who have gone above and beyond to keep our community safe during this time.”

    Sinclair Stations Raise $880,000 for Salvation Army

    Date Posted: 5/12/2020

    Sinclair Broadcast Group raised $880,000 nationally for its “Sinclair Cares and Salvation Army: Your Neighbor Needs You” to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. ABC 33/40 in Birmingham and WPMI-TV in Mobile both participated in the effort.

    Gray TV Stations Air “Alabama Strong” to Encourage Food Bank Donations

    Date Posted: 5/10/2020

    On May 10, WBRC Birmingham produced and aired “Alabama Strong,” an entertainment special that aired on Gray TV owned stations in Alabama, including WBRC, WSFA, WAFF and WTVY. The special encouraged donations to local food banks in each part of the state. The show featured musical performances from Alabama natives Sara Evans, Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks, Alvin Garrett, Walker Burroughs and Clinton Babers. It also featured messages of encouragement from Bo Jackson, Clayne Crawford and local comedians Roy Wood Jr., Jermaine “Funnymaine” Johnson and Rickey Smiley.

    WIAT CBS 42 Birmingham Helps Fight Growing Food Need in Central Alabama

    Date Posted: 5/10/2020

    Nexstar’s CBS affiliate WIAT Birmingham, Ala., held a fundraiser on May 7 to support the Community Foodbank of Central Alabama. The coordinated effort helped raise over $18,000, with more pledges for cash and food being sent to the foodbank’s facility. WIAT CBS 42 was live from the Community Foodbank of Central Alabama during the CBS 42 Morning News, Noon News, and the CBS 42 News at 5pm and 6pm newscasts. The station’s effort resulted in an estimated 144,000 meals to those in need in Central Alabama. Along with the all-day event, WIAT CBS 42 continues its support of the Community Foodbank of Central Alabama with an ongoing public service campaign.

    “The work of the Community Foodbank of Central Alabama in our region is critical, growing, and WIAT CBS 42 is committed to help in this time of great need,” said WIAT Vice President / General Manager Jimmy Cromwell. ”As local broadcasters, we are fortunate to be able to respond rapidly, supply critical information, and address the needs of our local community.”

    WBAL-TV Raises $1.3 Million for Maryland Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/8/2020

    Hearst’s NBC affiliate WBAL-TV Baltimore raised $1.3 million for Maryland Food Bank during the “Project CommUNITY Virtual Food Drive,” which began on April 13. Baseball Hall of Famer and Baltimore Orioles great Cal Ripken Jr. and Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews appeared in television spots encouraging viewers to donate.

    "The need for food in our community is at an all-time high. We knew that our viewers and listeners would respond in a generous way," said Dan Joerres, President and General Manager of WBAL-TV. The funds raised will provide more than 3 million meals to Maryland residents affected by the COVID-19 crisis. In a statement, Maryland Food Bank President and CEO Carmen Del Guercio said "WBAL-TV’s virtual food drive will provide a vital source of financial support that allows us to aggressively respond to the need today.”

    WJMT Collects $11,000 for Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/8/2020

    Merrill radio station Bluejay 96.3 (WJMT) hosted a concert of pre-recorded performances to raise money for local food pantries during the pandemic.

    The three-hour “Hometown Concert for the Cause” aired May 8 and featured performances from Merrill area singers, students, the city band and songs from some of Merrill’s most popular rock ‘n’ roll and country bands from the 60s and 70s.

    The station collected more than $11,000 at multiple live remote broadcast locations. The money was distributed to the city’s food pantries.

    WKVT-FM Supports Community During Pandemic

    Date Posted: 5/7/2020

    Saga Communication’s WKVT-FM Brattleboro, VT., has supported the community in many ways during the COVID-19 crisis. Their efforts including recognizing high school seniors and thanking frontline heroes with a "sweet pat on the back." Read more here.

    Illinois Broadcasters Rallying To Support Food Banks

        View Video
    Date Posted: 5/7/2020

    TV and radio stations throughout Illinois are uniting in a statewide fundraising drive to combat hunger and food bank shortages in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Illinois broadcasters, in partnership with Feeding Illinois and the Illinois Broadcasters Association, are encouraging listeners and viewers to contribute monetary donations to support area food banks, which are seeing increased need due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of May 7, the drive netted nearly $1.5 million and counting!

    “During this challenging time, the eight food banks that serve Illinois are working to ensure that nobody in our great state goes hungry,” said Steve Ericson, executive director for Feeding Illinois. “The need for food assistance is already growing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects. Thanks to the Illinois Broadcasters Association for using their collective voice to drive support for food banks across the state.”

    KVEO Supports Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/7/2020

    Nexstar’s NBC/CBS affiliate KVEO-TV Harlington, Tx. produced multiple PSAs to encourage viewers to donate to local food banks. These donations are critical as the COVID-19 pandemic cripples the economy.

    WAAY-TV Raises $670,000 for COVID-19 Relief

    Date Posted: 5/6/2020

    Allen Media’s ABC affiliate WAAY-TV Huntsville, Ala., raised nearly $670,000 in a two-week long coronavirus relief fund effort that culminated on May 5. All money goes directly to frontline responders for coronavirus and nonprofits dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. WAAY hosted a half hour special at 6:30 p.m. on May 5 to thank the community and show people that money is going to grass roots efforts to feed children, newly homeless families, and provide PPEs for health care workers.

    iHeart Radio and Tuscaloosa Public Library Partner for Nightly Bedtime Story

    Date Posted: 5/6/2020

    Tuscaloosa librarians are reading nightly stories to their community that air Monday through Friday, the result of a partnership between the local iHeartMedia radio affiliate WTXT and the Tuscaloosa Public Library. “I pitched this idea to reach Tuscaloosa, but also to help raise spirits in the community, like the fireside chats or old-time radio shows,” said library spokesman Vince Bellofatto. “We wanted an event that could bring the community together (but stay home) while promoting family time.”

    KXDR-FM Celebrates Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/6/2020

    Cherry Creek Radio’s KXDR-FM Missoula, Mont., celebrates 2020 high school seniors with a “Salute to Graduates.” Listeners can submit photos of graduates to be featured on the station website.

    Gray Raises $1.2 Million for Relief Efforts

    Date Posted: 5/6/2020

    Gray Television announced on May 5 that during March and April 2020, its local television stations collectively helped to raise more than $12.6 million to benefit local residents and organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The efforts included a wide variety of telethons, on-air and online fundraisers, musical concerts, and other events lasting from one hour to a few weeks. Many of the stations launched their campaigns after learning about the difficulties that local food banks and other non-profits were experiencing as public health concerns resulted in the cancelation or curtailment of their normal fundraising activities, just as they experienced dramatic increases in need for their services. Read about the efforts in local communities across the country here.

    KGO Addresses Impact of COVID-19 on African-American

    Date Posted: 5/5/2020

    ABC owned and operated KGO-TV San Francisco aired a one-hour virtual town hall hosted by anchors Ama Daetz and Jobina Fortson on April 30. Morning anchor Kumasi Aaron took audience questions live on Facebook throughout the show. The show focused on addressing the impact disparity of COVID-19 in the African-American community.

    Giving Tuesday in Dallas Raises $21 Million

    Date Posted: 5/5/2020

    CBS-owned KTVT Dallas partnered with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, the Communities Foundation of Texas, the Dallas Cowboys, and musician Caroline Kraddick to present the “Concert for North Texas Giving Tuesday Now” on May 5. The “living room concert” featured performances by Josh Abbott, Ryan Cabrera, Jaret Reddick, Jason Castro and Michael Castro, Caroline Kraddick, Leighton Fields, and Abraham Alexander. The program encouraged viewers to support any of more than 3,000 nonprofits with a donation to the organization of their choice. “North Texas Giving Tuesday Now” raised an estimated $21.76 million for local charities.

    WCVB Raises $3 Million for the Greater Boston Food Bank

    Date Posted: 5/5/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WVCB Boston raised $3 million for The Greater Boston Food Bank during the “Project CommUNITY: 5 X 5 Food Drive,” held the week of April 27. This will provide the equivalent of more than 9 million meals for communities struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic. During the first day of the telethon, April 27, the campaign collected nearly $1.6 million, initiated by a $250,000 grant from the Hearst Foundations. WVCB promoted the campaign through PSAs, news stories, digital and social media engagement and crawl messaging.

    “What an amazing week this has been thanks to all the wonderful and caring people at WCVB and their many loyal and generous viewers who have come together as a community to help our neighbors in need,” said Catherine D’Amato, President and CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank. “The Project CommUNITY 5 X 5 Food Drive is by far the most successful single fundraising event in The Greater Boston Food Bank’s history and will help us strengthen the emergency food network and ensure that we can sustain our efforts in the challenging months ahead.”

    WABC Hosts COVID-19 Town Hall

    Date Posted: 5/5/2020

    ABC owned-and-operated WABC-TV New York City presented a live town hall on April 30 to address the impact of COVID-19 on the African American community. The town hall was hosted by reporter Darla Miles and featured ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

    Fargo’s KOYY-FM Wants to Pay Your Bills

    Date Posted: 5/5/2020

    Midwest Communication’s KOYY-FM Fargo has set aside $10,000 of their promotional budget to pay bills for their listeners. As many people face financial difficulty during the pandemic, KOYY invites listeners to submit their bills for consideration and hopes to ease some of their community’s anxiety.

    KIOK-FM Thanks Truckers with Lunch

    Date Posted: 5/4/2020

    Stephens Media Group’s KIOK-FM Richland, Wash., is thanking the truckers keeping stocks shelved for local communities. Through their ’Truckers Lunchables’ program, they are providing free hot lunches for truckers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the COVID-19 shutdown.

    iHeartMedia DelMarVa Promotes Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 5/4/2020

    iHeartMedia Stations in Delaware and Maryland have been providing critical news about the COVID-19 pandemic and updating listeners on local businesses.

    iHM Delaware Broadcast:
    60-second COVID-19 hourly updates airing 24/7 on WDSD & WRDX beginning on 3/16/2020

    Presidential coronavirus daily updates airing on WILM-AM and WDOV-AM.

    ’Local Coronavirus Updates’ page on all five station websites being updated with local information in real time beginning on 3/12/2020

    ’Delaware Delivers’ page on all five station websites, highlighting local restaurants that are offering carryout and delivery services.

    “Delaware NOW” - Community Awareness Content (on-air, social, podcast) regarding Covid-19 guidance:
    Dr Rattay, Director of Delaware Health & Human Services
    ChristianaCare’s Chief Information Security Officer interview regarding the rise in cyber-crime
    ChristanaCare’s Cloud Director about their work with local business leaders on organizing PPE drop offs for Delaware hospitals.

    iHM Salisbury / Ocean City, MD & Salisbury, MD broadcast:

    WWFG, WQHQ, WKZP & WSBY airing hourly 60-second COVID-19 updates 24/7 (beginning 3/16/20)

    WWFG, WQHQ, WKZP & WSBY airing hourly spot containing local information line for answers to coronavirus-related questions

    WJDY airing daily presidential press conferences regarding coronavirus

    All stations airing PSA’s

    WWFG AMD Show - Whiskey & Randy - interviewed Peninsula Regional Medical Center staff about necessary precautions to avoid the virus, the symptoms of the virus, and where mobile testing was occurring locally.

    WWFG Facebook page live-streaming local church service on Easter Sunday

    Delmarva Delivers – (launched 3/19/20) an effort to support local restaurants still offering carryout and delivery services throughout the pandemic. All six of the Salisbury market radio stations are encouraging restaurant owners to submit information such as daily specials, updated hours of operation, and contact information.

    Delmarva Coronavirus Updates – (launched 3/12/20) dedicated landing page on all six of the Salisbury market radio stations updated with local event cancellations, closures, state-wide mandates from governors, and other relevant information.

    iHeart Media Launches Small Business Resource Initiative

    Date Posted: 5/4/2020

    iHeart Media launched a centralized Small Business Crisis Resource center to provide crucial information on the stimulus package, state-by-state resources and up-to-date news for businesses struggling due to COVID-19. The program, which includes webinars with officials from the U.S. Small Business Administration, podcasts and a weekly newsletter, is focused on helping business owners understand how to apply for federal loans and support during the global pandemic.

    "At iHeart, our focus continues to be about serving our local communities, including the small businesses that support many residents,” said Hartley Adkins, chief operating officer for iHeartMedia Markets Group.

    WGMT-FM Creates Quests for Local Students

    Date Posted: 5/4/2020

    Vermont Broadcast Associate’s WGMT-FM in St. Johnsbury, Vt., is teaming up with local schools to give kids "quests" to do while out of school due to COVID-19. Station owner Bruce James channeled his inner Mr. Rogers and showed kids what a radio station looks like and what it’s like to be a DJ to help them with their first quest, which was to become guest DJs and record their own intros. The students’ recordings went live on WGMT on Monday, May 4.

    Indiana Stations Join Together to Host Virtual Town Hall With U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives

    Date Posted: 5/2/2020

    Nexstar Broadcasting’s stations across Indiana joined together to host a state-wide virtual town hall for coronavirus relief on April 30. The broadcast will originate at FOX affiliate WXIN-TV Indianapolis and be additionally broadcast on CBS affiliate WTTV-TV Indianapolis, ABC affiliate WEHT-TV Evansville, WANE-TV Fort Wayne, ABC affiliate WAWV-TV Terre Haute and ABC affiliate WBND-TV South Bend. The broadcast was also live-streaming on stations’ websites.

    U.S Senator Mike Braun and U.S. Senator Todd Young joined the broadcast, along with U.S. Representatives from eight Congressional districts in Indiana.

    WTVA Provides Distance Learning Programs for Students

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    Allen Media Group’s ABC affiliate WTVA-TV Tupelo, Miss., has launched a distance learning program for students out of school due to coronavirus. Teachers from Tupelo Public Schools and New Albany Schools providing lessons, airing at 9:30 a.m. each day.

    WCBI-TV Honors Graduates

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    Morris Multimedia’s CBS affiliate WCBI-TV Columbia, Mo., honored local graduating seniors by airing their pictures on live onair spots and posting them to the station’s website. WCBI also honor front line workers.

    Big River Broadcasting Keeps Community Informed

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    Big River Broadcasting in Florence, Ala., started the Mayor’s Minute Podcast in 2019. Mayors from around the Shoals and beyond are invited to come in for a conversation about their city, council meetings and other issues impacting their communities. Special guests who have appeared during the COVID-19 Pandemic include senators, congressmen, doctors and hospital administrators. The regional manager from the Alabama Small Business Center Network at the University of Alabama discussed the CARES Act and specifically SBA loans. This twice monthly podcast has also included several “State of the City” speeches and allowed listeners to send in questions for their elected officials via email.

    ‘East Texas Giving Day’ Raises $2.2 Million

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    Nexstar’s NBC affiliate KETK and Fox affiliate KFXK Tyler, Tx., broadcast and livestreamed three hours of special programming on April 21 for “East Texas Giving Day” to encourage donations to local non-profits and charities. The KETK/KFXK effort helped raise a record $2.2 million. In all, 5,726 separate donations were received and will be used to support 196 different organizations.

    KTIV Supports Community During Pandemic

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    Quincy’s NBC affiliate KTIV Sioux City supported their community in many ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. They provided extensive news reports with critical information, thanked frontline workers and neighborhood heroes, encouraged donations to the area food bank, and reminded viewers that local businesses are still open. Read more here.

    iHeartMedia Launches ‘iHeartRadio Small Business Crisis Resource’

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    iHeartMedia launched on May 1 the Small Business Crisis Resource, a new initiative to help local small business owners across the country easily find available benefits and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small Business Crisis Resource serves as a centralized source for small business owners and includes a weekly iHeart Small Business newsletter and a website providing critical information on the Federal stimulus package, up-to-date small business news, state by state resources, links to top business-focused podcasts and more – all in one place. The site is available at

    Small business owners also have the opportunity to sign up for special webinars, beginning May 4 featuring iHeartRadio’s Elvis Duran joining senior officials from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and discussing ways small businesses can find assistance and vital information during this unprecedented time. The webinar included a Q&A session offering small business owners the opportunities to ask SBA questions. In addition, iHeartMedia is offering local business owners bonus media incentive opportunities and extended payment terms to help with their advertising and marketing “re-opening” strategy.

    “At iHeart, our focus continues to be about serving our local communities, including the small businesses that support many residents,” said Hartley Adkins Chief Operating Officer for iHeartMedia Markets Group. “We also know that studies show business owners look to radio as their trusted news source more than any other medium, so we want to do everything we can to ensure that these businesses have the important information they need to survive and get through this pandemic as best they can.”

    Small Business Crisis Resource is available free of charge online and is promoted across iHeartMedia’s 850 broadcast stations in 150 markets, station social media and websites and – reaching millions of listeners and small business owners nationwide.

    WLDY-FM and WJBL-FM Give Away Grocery Gift Cards

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    A pair of radio stations in Ladysmith is giving away food to help those affected by the economic downturn resulting from the pandemic.

    WLDY and WJBL hosted a Facebook giveaway that started with five $100 grocery gift cards. It grew to 15 $100 gift cards as the grocery store matched the stations’ five gift cards and other a local accounting firm pitched in another five cards.

    KPRC Educates Kids and Adults During Pandemic

    Date Posted: 5/1/2020

    Graham’s NBC affiliate KPRC Houston has made education their mission (space pun intended). Their KPRC 2 Kids page is packed with fun activities for kids of all ages from art assignments to story time to a Texas wildlife special in partnership with the Houston Zoo. The page also serves as a resource for parents, with ideas for family-friendly activities, informative updates regarding child care and more.

    KPRC’s focus extends to educating the public about aspects of our current socio-economic climate that impact local families. "Ask 2 Town Hall: Coronavirus and Your Money" recently aired on KPRC with extended coverage online. The special featured a panel of experts answering viewer questions about stimulus checks, unemployment, stocks, small business help and other topics. The station’s health reporter and consumer expert are now also doing regular Facebook Live sessions to answer viewer questions with new information as Texas’ coronavirus information and plans to reopen businesses evolve.

    Bonneville Denver and KUSA Raise Money for Food Banks During COVID-19

    Date Posted: 4/30/2020

    Bonneville’s KYGO-FM, KOSI-FM and KKFB-FM partnered with TEGNA’s NBC affiliate KUSA-TV Denver to raise money for the Food Bank of the Rockies throughout April, raising over $425,000 for the cause. Food Bank of the Rockies has seen increased need due to the global pandemic.

    “There is a great need once again, brought on in large part by this pandemic. We are thankful to be working with … Food Bank of the Rockies and the Bonneville Denver Radio Group to address the need,” said KUSA-FM General Manager Mark Cornetta.

    KAMR Collects Tons of Food

    Date Posted: 4/30/2020

    Nexstar’s NBC affiliate KAMR Amarillo, Tx., partnered with the High Plains Food Bank on a three-day food drive, held in the station parking lot and online. They raised over $23,000 and 5,700 pounds of food to help their neighbors.

    Nexstar Stations Host Virtual Town Hall With U.S. Lawmakers

    Date Posted: 4/29/2020

    Nexstar Broadcasting’s 15 stations in upstate New York hosted a virtual Town Hall meeting on April 28 regarding coronavirus with members of Congress to address to federal response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The town hall featured U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado, U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, U.S. Rep. Anthony Brindisi, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, U.S. Rep. John Katko, U.S. Rep. Joe Morelle and U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins.

    The town hall originated on Albany stations ABC affiliate WTEN-TV and FOX affiliate WXXA-TV and was hosted anchor and political affairs reporter Tim Lake. It also aired on CBS affiliate WIVB-TV and CW affiliate WNLO-TV Buffalo; CBS affiliate WROC-TV Rochester; ABC affiliate WSYR-TV Syracuse; ABC affiliate WVNY-TV and FOX affiliate WFFF-TV Plattsburgh; NBC affiliate WBGH-CD and ABC affiliate WIVT-TV Binghamton; NBC affiliate WETM-TV Elmira; ABC affiliate WUTR-TV, FOX affiliate WFXV-TV and WPNY-LP Utica; and ABC affiliate WWTI-TV Watertown, NY.

    iHeart Distributes Masks to COVID-19 First Responders

    Date Posted: 4/28/2020

    iHeart Media’s East Hartford, Conn., stations distributed N95 face masks to firefighters and police officer on April 28, and provide additional face masks and meals to the public. In the two weeks, stations have helped local partners provide more than 21,000 pounds of food to those in need each day.

    WBFF Partners With University of Maryland School Of Medicine to Provide COVID-19 Updates

    Date Posted: 4/28/2020

    Sinclair Broadcast’s WBFF-TV Baltimore has launched a new public service initiative on April 23 with the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The station will produce educational segments regarding COVID-19, featuring top medical and scientific staff from the university. The segments will answer questions from local viewers and be available to Sinclair-owned newsrooms around the country, to continue informing and guiding local communities across the nation.

    KCRA Raises $846,000 in Virtual Food Drive

    Date Posted: 4/26/2020

    KCRA Raises $846,000 in Virtual Food Drive Hearst’s NBC affiliate KCRA announced on April 26 that raised more than $846,000 for the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services during a virtual food drive to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services will be able to provide 4.2 million meals with the funds.

    WSGE-FM Provides Laptops for Students in Need

    Date Posted: 4/24/2020

    Gaston College’s WSGE-FM Charlotte, N.C., provided laptop computers to students with access issues to help them stay connected and learning during the COVID-19 school shutdowns. On-air personality Timothy Greene helped provide the computers and worked with local non-profit, NC Works NEXTGEN.

    Hubbard Seattle Launches ‘Fight Back, Give Back’

    Date Posted: 4/24/2020

    Hubbard Radio Seattle - KQMV 92.5 FM, KNUC 98.9, KRWM 106.9 FM, and KIXI 880 AM – created the “Fight Back, Give Back” program in April to support non-profits during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help connect them to listeners, Hubbard Seattle committed to donate up to $500,000 worth of commercial airtime.

    KFNW-FM Provides 2,000 Meals

    Date Posted: 4/24/2020

    University of Northwestern’s KFNW-FM Fargo, N.D., provided more than 2,000 meals in a drive held April 21 -24 in partnership with the New Life Center. The meals will help feed families in the Red River Valley who have been hit by the hardships of COVID-19.

    “Life 97.9 has been and continues to be a tremendous partner for the New Life Center,” said New Life Center Operations Director Tom O’Keefe. “Serving the homeless is a community effort and Life 97.9 has been instrumental in our efforts to take homeless men from a state of merely surviving to truly thriving.”

    CW Stations Say ’Thank You’ To COVID-19 Frontline Workers

    Date Posted: 4/22/2020

    The CW launched a new public service announcement campaign for local stations, featuring celebrities from network programming, to highlight and honor those working on the frontlines of the global pandemic. The PSA is also available on The CW’s social channels and streaming platform. Watch one version.

    WDIV Delivers 13,000 Meals to Frontline Workers

    Date Posted: 4/22/2020

    Graham Media’s NBC affiliate WDIV-TV Detroit provided 13,000 meals for hospital workers, service industry employee and those on the frontline of the pandemic. The “Food4Frontline” campaign have also provided grocery gift cards to those working in support roles through hospitals.

    Nexstar Hosts Town Hall With Virginia Senators and Governor

    Date Posted: 4/22/2020

    Nexstar hosted a live virtual Town Hall meeting, “Virginia Responds: Your Questions Answered,” with U.S. Senators from Virginia, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on April 21. They addressed Virginia’s response to the coronavirus outbreak and take viewer questions. Viewers submitted questions via social media using #VirginiaResponds The event was produced by Nexstar’s ABC affiliate WRIC-TV Richmond and also aired on WAVY-TV (NBC/FOX) in Norfolk, WFXR-TV (FOX) in Roanoke, WDVM-TV (Ind) in Hagerstown, MD, and WJHL-TV (ABC/CBS) in Tri-Cities, Tenn.

    WUAB Partners With Cleveland Schools to Create Televised Classrooms

    Date Posted: 4/21/2020

    Gray Television’s CW affiliate WUAB-TV Cleveland launched "CMSD with CW43" on April 20 with Cleveland Metropolitan School District to bring students into a televised classroom throughout the school closures due to the global pandemic.

    The four-hour daily program airs Monday through Friday. The grade-specific lessons help local teachers reach students without access to home computers.

    “Distance learning via computers has been a great option for safely keeping students on track, but we identified a need for students who may not have access to a home computer or laptop,” WUAB General Manager Erik Schrader said. “ Every broadcaster has a responsibility to help their community in a time of crisis. We’re proud to be a part of it.”

    WDSU Raises $380,000 for New Orleans

    Date Posted: 4/21/2020

    Hearst Television’s NBC affiliate WDSU-TV New Orleans, La., raised $380,000 for Second Harvest Food Bank during “Project Community: A Day of Giving” on April 21. The virtual telethon was hosted by Margaret Orr, the station’s chief meteorologist. All the collected funds help support local people who are struggling financially due to the coronavirus.

    KSBW-TV Raises More Than $500,000 for COVID-19 Relief

    Date Posted: 4/21/2020

    Hearst Television’s NBC affiliate KSBW-TV Salinas, Calif., raised a record $528,000 on April 20 during a day-long telethon for local food banks. The total is the largest amount raised in a single day by the station.

    “Local broadcasters have the unique ability to respond quickly and reach the entire community in a time of crisis. We are honored we can be of service to the Central Coast each day,” said KSBW President and General Manager Joseph W. Heston.

    WESH-TV and WKCF-TV Collect 4.4 Million Meals

    Date Posted: 4/21/2020

    Hearst’s NBC affiliate WESH-TV and CW affiliate WKCF-TV Orlando, Fla., collected 4.4 million meals for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida during a one-day telethon on April 21. Viewers were encouraged to donate on the station’s website to ensure safety protocols were met. Food banks have seen increased need due to the pandemic.

    “With so many people out of work, and kids not getting school meals, we recognized early on the need for food in our community was at an all-time high, we knew there was a way to help,” said John R. Soapes, WESH’s general manager.

    KDWB-FM Honors COVID-19 Nurses for National Nurses Day

    Date Posted: 4/21/2020

    iHeartMedia’s KDWB-FM Minneapolis launched on April 21 a campaign to thank nurses fighting the coronavirus on National Nurses Day. Listeners are encouraging to nominate local nurses professionals to receive a gift on and share stories to express thank and honor healthcare workers.

    Beasley Supports PHL COVID-19 FUND

    Date Posted: 4/21/2020

    Beasley’s WMMR-FM, WMGK-FM, WBEN-FM, WXTU-FM, and WPEN-FM unveiled on April 20 a line of ‘Philly Stands Together” merchandise to benefit the PHL COVID-19 FUND, a joint venture between Philadelphia Foundation and The United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. The Fund provides grants to local organizations to serve the most vulnerable in the community. The effort is part of Beasley’s "Community of Caring" initiative.

    In addition, WXTU-FM launched the "Superstar Mini Concert Series" on April 21 featuring Big Machine National Recording Artist Lady Antebellum. The mini concert series will continue exclusively on air on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 p.m. with a concert replay at 8 p.m.

    WMUR-TV and iHeart Raise Over $760,000 for Food Bank

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WMUR-TV and iHeartRadio to produce a one-hour broadcast and stream on April 17 featuring celebrities with New Hampshire ties, including Adam Sandler, Seth Meyers, Tom Bergeron and other local talent. As of April 20, over $760,000 had been raised for local food banks in the “Project Community: NH Together From Home” initiative. An additional donor stepped forward following the event with a pledge to match additional donations up to $100,000.

    “This fundraiser was a perfect NH collaboration between TV and radio, celebrities, musicians, athletes and of course the people of NH who understood the need and contributed,” said WMUR-TV President and General Manager Jeff Bartlett.

    KNOE Broadcasts Lessons for Students

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Gray’s CBS/ABC affiliate KNOE-TV Monroe, La., is partnering with Monroe City Schools to bring at-home learning and access to educational resources to local students. Beginning April 20, the daily broadcast schedule includes activities and resources for preschool through sixth grade, with lessons focused on English, math, science, and social studies.

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has forever impacted our lives,” said KNOE VP and GM Laura Long. “We are in this together, and that’s why it’s KNOE’s responsibility and mission to step up and help our younger generation get through this unprecedented time by giving every child the access to keep learning.”

    KTVU Partners With San Francisco Local Schools

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Fox owned-and-operated KTVU-TV San Francisco launched televised lessons with San Francisco Unified School District to provide an hour-long education resource for young children engaged in distance learning due to COVID-19. The educational programming will be available in English, Spanish and Cantonese, and provide social-emotional learning opportunities in addition to academic.

    “Our first priority as a local news station is to serve the community. KTVU is proud of this partnership which enables us to use our news platform to aid SFUSD in their noble efforts to find unique ways to provide access to critical educational materials for all,” said Mellynda Hartel, senior vice president and general manager of KTVU.

    KOAT Raises $81,000 for New Mexico Families

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate KOAT-TV Albuquerque, N.M., raised $81,000 for the United Way of Central New Mexico during a day-long fundraiser on April 20. The station offered day-long coverage of the event, a part of their “Project CommUNITY: Giving Tuesday” initiative. The initiative is working to support organizations fighting the global pandemic and working to keep local people safe and healthy.

    Indy Stations Partner With Schools To Broadcast Lessons During Shutdowns

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Circle City Broadcasting’s CW affiliate WISH-TV and MyNetworkTV affiliate WNDY-TV Indianapolis partnered with Indianapolis public schools to broadcast lessons for students up to eighth grade. The lessons will air five days a week for the remainder for the academic year and will cover a variety of subjects, including English, math and reading.

    WBZ-TV Supports Community Through ‘A Patriots Day of Giving’

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    CBS-owned WBZ-TV Boston and The Boston Athletic Association raised nearly $300,000 during an all-day fundraising effort, “A Patriots’ Day of Giving,” on April 20. This event featured special Boston Marathon programming, including a rebroadcast of the 2014 and 2018 races as well as an airing of “BOSTON: The Documentary.”

    Proceeds support the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund, which helps support essential frontline workers and vulnerable neighbors facing homelessness, food insecurity and loss of critical services as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis.

    WJXT Helps Frontline Workers

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Graham Media Group-owned WJXT Jacksonville, Fla., WJXT launched "Food4Frontline," a community-wide effort to help both frontline workers and local restaurants affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

    “We’ve been telling the stories of doctors, nurses, EMT workers, and other first responders who are so busy caring for others they don’t have time to think about eating,” said VP and GM Bob Ellis. “This is our opportunity to coordinate a meaningful effort to take care of them. To do this and also help local restaurants in the process is our way of living out our mission as Jacksonville’s only truly local television station in these unprecedented times.”

    WDKN-FM Focuses on Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    R & F Communications’ WDKN-AM/FM Dickson, Tenn., produced a five-part series of radio programs focused on coronavirus-related mental health issues. Mental health issues, often related to social isolation, loneliness and joblessness stress are occurring during stay at home orders. Spousal and child abuse are on the rise. Joblessness is causing stress and fracturing families. The hour-long programs ran over a three-week period during mid-day and are also available online. The programs feature experts and professionals in a variety of mental health fields, including student health, substance abuse and suicide prevention.

    "The community is hurting and it’s our mission to give residents information and encouragement,” said Co-owner and General Manager Kenneth Forte.

    WALB Provides Crucial Resource for Local Viewers

    Date Posted: 4/20/2020

    Gray Television’s NBC affiliate WALB-TV Albany, Ga., has been a crucial resource to providing information to local viewers in an area hit especially hard by COVID-19. Like many around the country, the station has provided essential updates throughout the rural community while reporting remotely. Read the full story about WALB’s extraordinary work at TVNewsCheck.

    WBRC’s Interactive Business Directory Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 4/18/2020

    WBRC FOX6 created “Connect, Shop, Support Local,” a new, free, interactive local business directory to support local businesses during the pandemic. Nearly 200 local business in Birmingham have signed up to use the site so far. The free site includes customizable features for local businesses, such as adjusted daily and weekly hours of operation, carry-out or curbside options, and even job openings. It’s a great feature for consumers as well – businesses are arranged by category, featured on an interactive map. Consumers can also quickly visit businesses’ websites or contact information.

    WBRC’s “Singing for Their Supper” Raises Over $1 million for Local Food Banks

    Date Posted: 4/18/2020

    On April 18, WBRC FOX6 News aired the Gray TV produced special “Singing For Their Supper,” which aired in 50 other Gray markets and raised more than $1 million to benefit local food banks across the country, including food banks here in Alabama. The special featured performances by Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, Scotty McCreery and more. Our airing of Singing for their Supper generated nearly $14,000 to the Birmingham Salvation Army Food Bank.

    Charleston Broadcasters Host Virtual COVID-19 Relief Drive for Local Food Bank

    Date Posted: 4/17/2020

    Broadcasters in Charleston, Ga., raised over $150,000 for Lowcountry Food Bank during a virtual relief drive on April 16. The campaign has helped more than 173,000 people, with a 379 percent increase in people who need food assistance due to COVID-19.

    Participating stations included Nexstar Media Group’s NBC affiliate WCBD-TV, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s ABC affiliate WCIV-TV, Gray Television’s CBS affiliate WCSC-TV, Cunningham Broadcasting’s Fox affiliate WTAT-TV and stations from Cumulus Media Charleston, Charleston Radio Group, iHeart Media Charleston, Kirkman Broadcasting and LM Communications.

    iHeart Launches ’First Responder Friday’ Appreciation Series

    Date Posted: 4/17/2020

    iHeartMedia launched “First Responder Fridays” on April 17 to honor first responders and medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The four-week tribute series, hosted by personality Ryan Seacrest, will be played on 90 radio stations across the country and features a weekly 30-minute concert series to help raise funds for organizations assisting those on the front lines.

    Urban One Launches PSA New COVID-19 PSA Campaign

    Date Posted: 4/16/2020

    Urban One unveiled a new public service campaign on April 16 to encourage the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We Are One” features station personalities, Urban One staff and celebrities.

    “During challenging times, we must seek to elevate the hearts, minds and spirits of our community,” said Urban One Chairwoman Cathy Hughes. “The We Are One campaign allows our Urban One family to spread faith, hope and love and unite with others as we face the challenge presented by this global health crisis.”

    Michigan Association of Broadcasters, Stations Join to Host Town Hall

    Listen to Audio
    Date Posted: 4/16/2020

    The Michigan Association of Broadcasters joined with local stations and aired on April 16 a COVID-19 town hall with U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters to answer questions about the crisis. The town hall will air on:

    • Fox owned-and-operated WJBK-TV Detroit;
    • Graham Media Group’s NBC affiliate WDIV-TV Detroit;
    • Scripps’ ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV Detroit;
    • Scripps’ ABC affiliate WMYD-TV Detroit;
    • Detroit Education Television Foundation PBS affiliate WTVS-TV Detroit;
    • and CBS owned-and-operated WWJ-TV Detroit.

    Charleston Broadcasters Host Virtual COVID-19 Relief Drive for Local Food Bank

    Date Posted: 4/16/2020

    Broadcasters in Charleston raised over $150,000 for Lowcountry Food Bank during a virtual relief drive on April 16. The campaign has helped more than 173,000 people, with a 379 percent increase in people who need food assistance due to COVID-19.

    Participating stations included Nexstar Media Group’s NBC affiliate WCBD-TV, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s ABC affiliate WCIV-TV, Gray Television’s CBS affiliate WCSC-TV, Cunningham Broadcasting’s Fox affiliate WTAT-TV and stations from Cumulus Media Charleston, Charleston Radio Group, iHeart Media Charleston, Kirkman Broadcasting and LM Communications.

    West Michigan TV Create Unified Message

    Date Posted: 4/16/2020

    TEGNA’s ABC affiliate WZZM-TV, Nexstar’s NBC affiliate WOOD-TV, Sinclair’s CBS affiliate WWMT-TV and Scripps’ Fox affiliate WXMI-TV Grand Rapids began airing a joint PSA on April 16. The PSA addresses critical news, health and safety information on the COVID-19 pandemic and airs during first commercial break of their 6 p.m. newscasts.

    ‘ONE KC: A Digital Day of Giving’ Raises $2 Million

    Date Posted: 4/16/2020

    E.W. Scripps’ NBC affiliate KSHB-TV Kansas City and Scripps’ independent station KMCI-TV Lawrence, Kan., joined a group of television and radio stations for “One KC: A Digital Day of Giving” on April 16. The event raised $2 million for the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, which provides housing assistance, food, medical help and other critical services. “We see it every day. The need right now in our community is tremendous and we wanted to give back,” said Vice President and GM Kathleen Choal. “We are looking forward to joining forces for this one day in this unique effort, to help those in the greater Kansas City area who need it most. Together, our voice is strongest when we unite with one goal in mind.” " target= _blank">One KC: A Digital Day of Giving” on April 16. The event raised $2 million for the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, which provides housing assistance, food, medical help and other critical services.

    “We see it every day. The need right now in our community is tremendous and we wanted to give back,” said Vice President and GM Kathleen Choal. “We are looking forward to joining forces for this one day in this unique effort, to help those in the greater Kansas City area who need it most. Together, our voice is strongest when we unite with one goal in mind.”

    KOSA Provides Educational Content, Food for Families

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Gray’s CBS affiliate KOSA Odessa, Tx., has been supporting the community during the COVID-19 crisis in several ways, in addition to airing critical news updates. The West Texas Food Bank faced a significant increase in demand at the same that that donations dropped, as local grocery stores no longer had extra food to give. In two weeks, KOSA helped raise $158,000 for the food bank.

    KOSA also produces its “Weather School,” with educational weather lessons for parents and kids that are available every day on and on Facebook.

    As soon as layoffs began hitting the region, both due to the Coronavirus and the drastic drop in oil prices, KOSA created a section of called “West Texas Employment.” On this page, people looking for local jobs can access companies looking for employees.

    Hubbard’s KRWM-FM Collects 36,000 Teddy Bears

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Hubbard’s KRWM-FM Seattle collected more than 36,000 teddy bears during its 31st annual Teddy Bear Patrol program, which ran from March 1 through mid-April. Teddy bears are donated to local first responders, EMTs and police officers, as well as organizations focusing on children and families, including foster programs, shelters, hospitals, counselors, and schools.

    “This year’s Teddy Bear Patrol may be the most memorable. WARM 106.9 listeners and Bartell’s patrons came together during a unique national crisis and gave their time and resources to bring joy to others,” said Brand and Content Manager Ron Harrell.

    WRC Raises Over $60,000

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    NBC-owned WRC-TV Washington, D.C. raised over $60,000 in a virtual donation held in mid-April. The drive supports a number of organizations providing relief during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Sinclair Stations Raise $880,000 for Salvation Army

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Sinclair Broadcast Group raised $880,000 nationally for its “Sinclair Cares and Salvation Army: Your Neighbor Needs You” to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Sinclair matched the first $100,000 of community donations.

    WTAE Raises $1.2 Million for Food Bank

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WTAE Pittsburg raised, raised $1.2 million, the equivalent of more than 6 million meals, during the Project Community: Day of Giving virtual fundraiser on April 15. The money will help the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank provide more than six million meals. It was the largest single day fundraising in the station’s 62-year history.

    “Local broadcasters have the unique ability to respond quickly and reach the masses in a time of crisis,” said General Manager Charles W. Wolfertz III. “We are proud we could be of service to our neighbors and our partners at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, when they need it most.”

    Stations Announce ’Jersey 4 Jersey’ Concert

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Local stations will broadcast a “Jersey 4 Jersey” concert on April 22 for COVID-19 relief in the state, featuring current and former New Jersey residents including Jon Bon Jovi, Tony Bennett, Jon Stewart and Bruce Springsteen. Funds raised during the relief concert will go to The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

    The broadcast will also highlight the efforts of healthcare workers in the state and include information about how to stop the spread of the disease.

    KCCI Raises $560,000 for Food Bank

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Hearst’s CBS affiliate KCCI Des Moines raised more than $560,000 – enough for two million meals - for the Food Bank of Iowa on April 15. The “KCCI Project CommUNITY Half-Million-Meals Challenge” far exceeded the station’s original goal of a half-million meals. Watch the announcement of final totals here.

    “I am surprised by the magnitude of this response and overjoyed by KCCI’s willingness to tell the story on behalf of food insecure Iowans,” said Michelle Book, president and CEO, Food Bank of Iowa.

    Beasley Media Group Celebrates "Healthcare Heroes"

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Beasley Media Group’s Boston stations WBZ-FM, WROR-FM, WKLB-FM, WBQT-FM and WBOS-FM set a goal of raising $100,000 for Massachusetts General Hospital’s Emergency Response Fund to thank and honor healthcare workers fighting the pandemic on the frontlines. The fund helps provide protective equipment, temporary housing, medical supplies and other needs for healthcare workers.

    The fundraiser will be a part of Beasley’s Healthcare Heroes initiative. In addition, radio station on-air personalities will be joined by celebrities and influencers over the coming weeks to offer messages of hope and appreciation for the hospital staff on the front lines.

    KVAL ‘Can Do’ Food Drive Sets Record

    Date Posted: 4/15/2020

    Sinclair’s CBS affiliate KVAL-TV Eugene, Ore., raised a record $73,000 in its “KVAL Can Do Food Drive” on April 15. Logistics were challenging this year due to social distancing, but KVAL understood that the need was greater than ever due to the COVID-19 crisis. The fundraiser helps feed local families through the non-profit Food For Lane County.

    “We are overwhelmed with the generosity of this community, and so thankful to KVAL for finding a new way to provide food for people during this crisis. The $73,178 raised during the CanDo telethon is absolutely amazing and will provide nearly a quarter of a million meals at a time when more people are seeking help, many for the first time,” said Dawn Marie Woodward of Food For Lane County. “KVAL’s partnership and support of FOOD For Lane County goes well beyond the Can Do food drive and we look forward to working together again to provide food to people when they need it most.”

    KIIS-FM Hosts Virtual Prom

    Date Posted: 4/14/2020

    iHeartMedia’s KIIS-FM Los Angeles is hosting a “Virtual Prom” on May 1 live on the station’s YouTube channel. The event will feature morning personality Ryan Seacrest and DJs Joe Jonas, Dylan Francis and Loud Luxury. The show will be rebroadcast on air and on the iHeartRadio app later that evening.

    WTOP Honors COVID-19 First Responders, Frontline Fighters

    Date Posted: 4/13/2020

    Hubbard Broadcasting’s WTOP Washington, D.C., partnered with nonprofit Feed the Fight to launch a “Frontline Heroes” campaign on April 13 and thank first responders fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Listeners are encouraged to nominate those currently fighting the pandemic. Honorees include health care workers and staff, utility workers, trash collectors, grocery store and pharmacy employees, restaurant owners and staff, mail carriers, emergency service personnel and others. The station is additionally working with Feed the Fight to help support essential workers, with over 10,000 meals purchased for healthcare staff.

    “WTOP News is so grateful for the opportunity to work with Feed the Fight DC DC to give back to the community in any way we can,” WTOP News and Programming Director Julia Ziegler said. “We want to extend our thanks to all essential personnel and volunteers in our region who are working on the frontlines of this pandemic.”

    Hubbard Seattle Creates “Fight Back, Give Back” Program

    Date Posted: 4/13/2020

    Hubbard’s KQMV-FM, KWM-FM, KNUC-FM, KIXI-AM and KKNW-AM Seattle created the “Fight Back, Give Back” program to help local charities raise awareness and funds during the COVID-19 crisis. The stations are donating up to $500,000 worth of commercial airtime in April to air messages from non-profit partners.

    “By inviting listeners to engage with a radio station that supports their favorite charity, we are empowering them to make an impact through our audio platforms,” said WARM Brand Content Director Ron Harrell.

    WOAP-AM Provides Virtual Graduation for Local Students

    Date Posted: 4/13/2020

    Cano Broadcasting’s WOAP-AM Owosso, Mich., is partnering with Owosso High School to provide graduating seniors with a virtual ceremony in late May amid COVID-19 shutdowns and limitations on gatherings. The school will host a drive-in ceremony, and the station will broadcast speeches, music and the names of the graduating students over the air.

    Telemundo Expands to 12-Hour News Coverage

    Date Posted: 4/13/2020

    Telemundo-owned stations began airing 12 hours of consecutive weekday news coverage on April 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes to accommodate the new schedule include expanding the network’s morning show, “Un Nuevo Dia,” to four hours and 30 minutes, followed by local news at midday and again in the event.

    Hubbard Donates $1 Million in Designated COVID-19 PSA Airtime

    Date Posted: 4/13/2020

    Hubbard’s West Palm Beach, Fla., cluster is donating $1 million in airtime through the end of May for public service announcements from local charities. The campaign, entitled “Fight Back Give Back,” is to raise awareness and funding for local charities committing to helping the public during the pandemic.

    Fifty unique PSAs will begin airing on WRMF-FM, WIRK-FM, WEAT-FM, WMBX-FM and WFTL-AM starting on April 13.

    Entercom Pittsburgh Serves 100,000 Meals for Those in Need

    Date Posted: 4/13/2020

    Entercom’s KDKA-AM, KDKA-FM, WBZZ-FM and WDSY-FM Pittsburgh will host “Feed the Need Radiothon” live on April 14 to help those impacted by COVID-19. Donations will support Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, with a goal of funding 100,000 meals for those in need.

    “Radio serves as a lifeline for local communities and brings them together in times of need. Pittsburghers always come together and this is no exception,” said Michael Spacciapolli, Entercom Pittsburgh senior vice president and market manager.

    FOX Stations Air Local and National Easter Services to Encourage Staying Home

    Date Posted: 4/12/2020

    Fox owned stations aired local Easter church services live on April 12 to encourage families and churchgoers to stay at home during COVID-19. In addition to airing two national services, many stations elected to broadcast local services from a variety of area churches, covering many denominations. Broadcasting services encourages families to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying home during what is normally a highly attended holiday service for Christian churches.

    WMTW Puts Together COVID Resource Guide

    Date Posted: 4/10/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WMTW Portland, ME, put together a COVID-19 resource guide. The guide includes messages from local businesses, advice on tax preparation, a job board, stay at home and fitness activities, and home improvement advice.

    KABZ-FM "Cuts for a Cause" for Healthcare Workers During Pandemic

    Date Posted: 4/10/2020

    Signal Media of Arkansas’s KABZ-FM Little Rock, Ark., have taken up completing chores and other tasks through April to support healthcare workers during the global pandemic. On-air hosts RJ Hawk and Roger Scott are mowing lawns, a time consuming and physically grueling task, for those fighting the crisis on the front lines.

    During the week of April 10, the men mowed the lawns of 12 healthcare workers throughout greater Little Rock.

    KNUC-FM Supplies Community With Toilet Paper

    Date Posted: 4/10/2020

    Hubbard’s KNUC-FM Seattle supplied the community with 1,000 free rolls of toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic on April 10. Those in need were able to drive through a social-distance safe giveaway and receive a free roll. Extra toilet paper was donated to local hospitals and healthcare organizations.

    WRAT-FM Hosts ’Operation Gift Card’

    Date Posted: 4/10/2020

    Beasley’s WRAT-FM Lake Como, N.J., launched “Operation Gift Card” in mid-March to support local businesses offering gift card sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. By mid-April, the number of participating businesses surpassed 100 restaurants and retailers.

    WXIX Cincinnati Hosts Month-Long Virtual Food Drive

    Date Posted: 4/10/2020

    Gray’s Fox affiliate WXIX Cincinnati started a virtual food drive on April 10 to benefit the Freestore Foodbank to help area families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. "The Heart of Cincinnati Virtual Food Drive," which will be held virtually to abide by social distancing guidelines, runs until May 10.

    “For them, and others who need help, we want to make sure there is a place to get the food their families need,” said General Manager Debbie Bush. “We also want to make sure there is a safe and easy way for our viewers to donate. That’s why we decided to forgo a traditional food drive and create the Heart of Cincinnati Virtual Food Drive.”

    Nexstar Hosts Virtual Town Hall with Arkansas Governor

    Date Posted: 4/9/2020

    The Arkansas Association of Broadcasters and Nexstar stations across Arkansas hosted a live virtual Town Hall meeting with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson on April 9 in primetime to address the statewide response to the current coronavirus outbreak. Arkansas State Health Director Dr. Nathaniel Smith joined the event. Viewers submitted questions to Governor Hutchinson and Dr. Smith via social media using the hashtag #AskAsa.

    The event was hosted by KARK-TV Anchor Bob Clausen and KLRT-TV Anchor Donna Terrell, Fox16 Ancho. It aired on eight stations operated by Nexstar, including KARK-TV (NBC) and KLRT-TV (FOX) in Little Rock, WREG-TV (CBS) in Memphis, KNWA-TV (NBC) and KFTA-TV (FOX) in Fayetteville, KTVE-TV (NBC) in Monroe, LA, KTAL-TV (NBC) in Shreveport, LA, and KOZL-TV (MyNet) in Springfield, MO. It also broadcast on Gray’s NBC affiliate KAIT-TV Jonesboro and livestreamed on station websites.

    Nexstar Hosts Town Hall with Mississippi Governor

    Date Posted: 4/9/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s CBS affiliate WJTV Jackson, Miss., hosted a virtual coronavirus town hall meeting on April 9 with Governor Tate Reeves and state health officials. The hour-long meeting will be additionally broadcast on Nexstar’s CBS affiliates WHLT-TV, WREG-TV, WMDN-TV, WCBI-TV and Fox/NBC affiliate WXXV-TV.

    Neuhoff Media Connects Teachers and Students

    Date Posted: 4/9/2020

    Neuhoff Media announced on April 9 an initiative designed to connect Central Illinois students, teachers and parents, as schools are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Louise Neuhoff Educational Access Project will provide educators daily access to local radio stations. Specific time periods each day will be available for teachers to present lessons and read books on air. For example, WDNL-FM Danville, Ill., will air a 30-minute daily program, “Radio Teaching Time,” featuring lessons focused on reading, music and art.

    “We have the ability for teachers to talk directly to students each day regardless of technology,” said Neuhoff Communications President/CEO Beth Neuhoff. “We wanted to find some small way to help bridge the gap between teachers and primary students. We are simply providing local educational leadership the opportunity to use our most popular radio stations to connect with students and their parents.”

    Bonneville Stations Join Together to Inform and Protect Listeners, Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 4/9/2020

    Bonneville’s Salt Lake City stations have taken measures to ensure that listeners and local businesses stay strong, informed and protected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    All Bonneville stations have launched “Stronger Together Utah” to promote local businesses that are remaining open and highlight the works individuals have taken to support businesses and communities during this time.

    KSL-FM is additional hosting a daily Coronavirus Call-In show and Coronavirus Q&A podcast to answer questions from the public regarding the coronavirus. KSL-TV is now airing a new 4 p.m. newscast to hyper-serve Utahns information about COVID-19.

    Gray’s InvestigateTV Creates COVID-19 Tracker

    Date Posted: 4/9/2020

    InvestigateTV released in early April an interactive, innovative COVID-19 Tracker for monitoring coronavirus cases. It allows users to see cases, hospitalizations, deaths, hospital beds, and other relevant data on a county-by-county basis. For example, the COVID-19 Tracker allowed InvestigateTV to break the news that New Orleans had emerged as a national hotspot for the deadly virus in early March before any national news outlets.

    WKRN Supports Second Harvest

    Date Posted: 4/8/2020

    Nexstar’s ABC affiliate WKRN-TV Nashville acted as the media partner to help money for Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee’s COVID-19 response efforts. Beginning April 8, Kroger started asking customers to round up their totals order to the nearest dollar or choose to donate $1, $5 or $10 to support the food bank. Kroger Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation is ensuring that all funds go to Second Harvest, an organization that serves 46 counties. They are feeding kids daily through Metro Public Schools and supporting partner agencies to distribute food.

    ABA Announces COVID-19 Radio News Service

    Date Posted: 4/8/2020

    The Alabama Broadcasters Association (ABA) partnered with the University of Alabama’s WBHM-FM Birmingham to provide two daily newscasts to Alabama radio stations. The content provided by WBHM produces content that the ABA distributes to stations. In addition to these two newscasts, WBHM-FM will periodically make longer news features available.

    WCVB Partners With United Way to Provide COVID-19 Information

    Date Posted: 4/8/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WCVB-TV Boston partnered with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley to help disseminate critical information during the COVID-19 crisis. The United Way has received an unprecedented number of calls for help since early March, when the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Association designated the United Way’s 2-1-1 Referral service as the official COVID-19 resource and referral line.

    The United Way turned to WCVB to help disseminate information, including answering frequently asked questions. WCVB has shared updates information on tickers and during its newscasts, in addition to creating this PSA to promote the United Way’s COVID-19 Family Support Fund. Community members have donated $750,000 to the United Way’s COVID-19 Family Support Fund. The United Way attributes the significant number of new donors to exposure from WCVB.

    “In these difficult times, WCVB is more than ever committed to serving the local community,” said President and General Manager Bill Fine.

    KSAT Fundraises for The Children’s Shelter

    Date Posted: 4/8/2020

    Graham Media’s ABC affiliate KSAT San Antonio hosted an all-day fundraiser campaign for The Children’s Shelter in San Antonio on April 8. The Children’s Shelter is San Antonio’s leader in child abuse, neglect prevention and trauma-informed care. Viewers donated 1,446 items worth a monetary value of $20,544. KSAT’s promotion helped The Children’s Shelter generate an additional $24,000.

    WALA-TV Mobile Educates Kids During COVID-19

    Date Posted: 4/7/2020

    Meredith’s Fox affiliate WALA-TV Mobile, Ala., is partnering with Mobile County Public Schools to provide live lessons for students in grades pre-k through 11 starting April 13. Students can watch the classroom programs produced by the school district’s over the air and through streaming programs.

    KQNA-FM Special Encourages Support of Local Restaurants

    Date Posted: 4/7/2020

    Prescott Valley Broadcasting Co.’s KQNA-FM Prescott, Ariz., held a free “Restaurant Roundtable.” Interviews with restaurant owners encourage listeners to support local businesses during the COVID-19 shutdown. Ten restaurants highlighted their takeout options and dedication to providing free meals to laid off staff. Several participants reported that the event led to takeout orders or donations from listeners.

    KETV Raises $118,000 for Food Bank for the Heartland

    Date Posted: 4/7/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate KETV Omaha, Neb., raised $118,000 for Food Bank of the Heartland on April 1 as a part of their virtual fundraising campaign, “Giving Wednesday.” Viewers were encouraged to donate by phone, through the non-profit’s website or by a Facebook fundraiser.

    “When we find ways to give and connect with those in need, it not only lifts our spirits, it brings us back to our center, reminding us of who we are. As a local broadcaster we’re committed to connecting our community change-makers with those in need,” said KETV President and General Manager Anel Roblin. “Future Giving Wednesday’s will focus on volunteering and other ways people can make donations.”

    WKYT’s Ongoing Coverage Informs Community During COVID-19 Crisis

    Date Posted: 4/7/2020

    Gray Television’s CBS/CW affiliate WKYT-TV Lexington, Ky., aired a one-hour special entitled “Coronavirus: A Community Conversation” on March 16 as a part of the station’s on-going coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following day, WKYT aired a one-on-one special interview with Governor Andy Beshear on March 17 about steps being taken to protect Kentuckians. The COVID-19 special featured medical experts, politicians and community leaders, who answered questions regarding the impact of COVID-19.

    The station has also developed a new nightly segment, “Breaking Down Coronavirus,” to highlight the effects on the community from varying perspectives, including the homeless population, laundromats, churches and many others.

    Other steps WKYT has taken include:

    • •Practicing safe social distancing and working from home when possible
    • •Interactive tracking of COVID-19 cases in the state
    • •Streaming educational science content with station meteorologist to engage students displaced from schools
    • •Airing daily updates on COVID-19 from the Governor’s office

    Zimmer Communications Provides Critical COVID-19 Coverage

    Date Posted: 4/7/2020

    Zimmer Communications’ radio stations have shared 27+ hours of press conferences and more than 20,000 messages to keep communities in Missouri informed on the COVID-19 crisis. Stations such as KCLR-FM Boonville, Mo., also air information on open restaurants to support local businesses. See more here.

    WCIU Supports Local Restaurants With Broadcast Special

    Date Posted: 4/6/2020

    Weigel Broadcasting’s CW affiliate WCIU-TV Chicago broadcast a half-hour special on April 5 to support local businesses and highlight Chicago’s takeout food scene during the COVID-19 shutdowns. “Chicago Food To Go” featured social media videos of local comedians, radio personalities and station viewers practicing social distancing while getting takeout and delivery. Local restaurants also used the time to highlight their best and most popular menu items.

    Hubbard’s KNUC-FM Seattle Donates 3,000 Masks to Hospitals

    Date Posted: 4/6/2020

    Hubbard’s KNUC-FM Seattle donated 3,000 medical masks to Virginia Mason Hospitals, Evergreen Health, Cottesmore Life Care, PacMed and Seattle Children’s to help nurses and doctors on the frontlines of COVID-19.

    “We are incredibly grateful for The Bull’s generosity,” said Chief Nursing Officer, EvergreenHealth Mary Shepler. “This donation represents an imperative resource that allows our providers to continue to provide the safest, best possible care for all of our patients. The support we continue to receive is a heart-warming reminder that we are all in this together.”

    KNUC-FM also handed out 1,000 rolls of toilet paper, free to the community, on April 9. To observe social distancing guidlines, listeners drove up to the donation location and rolled down their windows to receive a roll. Leftover rolls were donated to a local hospital.

    Cromwell’s Owensboro Stations Unite Community

    Date Posted: 4/6/2020

    Cromwell Media Owensboro wants to help bring Owensboro, Ky., and surrounding cities together for a few minutes to sing together! All seven stations will play “My Old Kentucky Home” on April 11 at noon. They are asking listeners to join the city-wide choir and post a video using the hashtags #owensborosings and #cromwellmedia.

    Gray Television Launches COVID-19 Focused Nightly News Program

    Date Posted: 4/6/2020

    Gray Television launched a new nightly news program on April 6 to address the continually developing coronavirus pandemic. The program, hosted by Greta Van Susteren and Lee Zurik, will be aired on Gray Television stations in 93 markets and will draw on reporting from Gray’s local newsrooms, with a focus on what public officials, private companies and health providers are doing.

    WSLS Airs ‘Coronavirus: A Community Conversation’

    Date Posted: 4/6/2020

    Graham Media Group’s NBC affiliate WSLS-TV Roanoke partnered with broadcasters across western Virginia on "Coronavirus: A Community Conversation,” which aired on April 6. The hour-long prime time event featured a panel discussion with clinicians from the Virginia Department of Health, Carilion Clinic, LewisGale Medical Center and the Salem VA Medical Center. They answered questions from the public and covered topics such as a situational brief for the region and health systems, what citizens can do and how community groups can help. In addition to WSLS, the program aired on Gray’s CBS affiliate WDBJ, Nexstar’s Fox affiliate WFXR, Sinclair’s ABC affiliate WSET, Mel Wheeler Inc.’s WFIR-FM, NPR’s WVTF-FM and on streaming services.

    “As local community servants and first informers, we are very proud to be teaming up with community health care experts for this unprecedented hour-long broadcast,” said Douglas F. Easter, executive director for the Virginia Association of Broadcasters. “The broadcasters of Virginia want you to know that we are here for you and we will continue to work as hard as we can for our local communities in these unprecedented times of need. We can all work together to beat this terrible disease."

    Beasley Thanks Frontline Troops of Coronavirus Pandemic

    Date Posted: 4/5/2020

    Beasley Media Group has unveiled a new online social media initiative to recognize and thank those on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. The social media vignettes, entitled #WeAreGrateful, focus on thanking first responders, healthcare industry workers, retail employees, utility workers, transport drivers and others who are making a difference and helping their communities during these challenging times.

    Sun Broadcast Group Commits $200,000 to Help Small Businesses

    Date Posted: 4/5/2020

    Sun Broadcast Group has committed $200,0000 to help small business impacted by COVID-19 through a new “Brand Impossible” campaign, in partnership with a digital brand agency. Each winning small business will receive a marketing makeover, including professional marketing services by the digital agency and free advertising through Sun Broadcast Group.

    Gray’s Louisiana Stations Offer Virtual COVID-19 Concert Series

    Date Posted: 4/5/2020

    Gray Television’s Fox affiliate WVUE-TV New Orleans, together with all the Gray-owned stations in Louisiana, began airing on April 5 a series of at-home concerts from Louisiana-based musicians. The concerts are a step to keep viewers entertained while reminding them of the importance of staying at home. The artists will also have an opportunity to promote charitable causes during the broadcast.

    “We’re excited to launch this innovative concert series to lift the spirits of so many around the state,” said Ronna Corrente, WVUE’s general manager. “In addition to sharing their talents with Louisianans, these great artists will use their voices and air-time to promote different charitable causes close to their hearts, and viewers will be able to connect with these artists’ social pages to also support the causes of their choice.”

    iHeart Charlotte Supports Organizations

    Date Posted: 4/5/2020

    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, iHeartMedia Charlotte has launched “Carolina Cares,” a program to highlight and support organizations working on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak, including Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, American Red Cross and Classroom Central. The station is encouraging listeners to provide warm meals, school supplies and make blood donations. All the details about how listeners can help will be posted on all iHeart Charlotte websites.

    “The most important responsibilities and rewards of our industry is the ability to make a connection, interact, share information and create companionship with our local communities, especially during these uncertain times,” said A.J. Hausknecht, Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia Charlotte. “Our team continues to be dedicated to engaging listeners, clients and the entire community during these trying times.”

    Austin Station Raise $3.5 Million for COVID-19 Relief

    Date Posted: 4/4/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s NBC affiliate KXAN-TV Austin partnered with other local media outlets on April 3 to raise over $3.5 million for All Together ATX, a relief fund created to assist those suffering due to COVID-19 in central Texas. Stations covered stories related to the need caused by COVID-19 both on-air and digitally.

    Participating stations included:
  • Entercom’s KKMJ-FM, KAMX-FM, KJCE-AM;
  • Austin Radio Network’s KOKE-FM, KTXX-FM/AM;
  • TENGA’s ABC affiliate KVUE-TV;
  • Fox owned-and-operated KTBC-TV;
  • Univision owned-and-operated KAKW;
  • and more.
  • Cleveland Stations Raises $157,000 to Help Families During Coronavirus Pandemic

    Date Posted: 4/4/2020

    Gray Television’s CBS affiliate WOIO-TV Cleveland, in partnership with iHeartMedia’s WTAM-AM and WMMS-FM, raised more than $157,000 through a live “All For The Land: COVID-19 Telethon” on April 4. The broadcast, which included music and appearances by the Cleveland Cavaliers, focused on thanking essential workers and healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19 each day. The donations benefit the United Way of Cleveland, Greater Cleveland Food Bank and groups providing critical resources.

    “This is literally the worst time for a telethon ever, but most importantly it’s the time we need to do a telethon," said Erik Schrader, general manager of WOIO-TV.

    “I [am] heartened though by the spirit of the community, people pulling together – while keeping their distance,” said WOIO Journalist Geraldo Rivera.

    Broadcasters Turn to Tech Solutions for News

    Date Posted: 4/3/2020

    ABC, NBC and CBS are trying to find ways to report the news without the control room staff and multiple camera angles that are normal in the business as the networks pursue social distancing strategies in the wake of the current pandemic. Robotic cameras, videoconferencing software and handheld devices are all valuable tools in the effort.

    Stations Offer Free Ad Space to Support Local Advertisers

    Date Posted: 4/3/2020

    Some television stations are offering free or discounted ad space to local advertisers in an effort to support them financially during the coronavirus outbreak, which has forced many businesses to temporarily close. Meredith Local Media’s Fox affiliate WHNS-TV Greenville, S.C., general manager Charlie Henrich says the decision helps his station show advertisers that their relationship isn’t just a financial one.

    Arizona Broadcasters Hold COVID-19 Town Hall

    Date Posted: 4/2/2020

    Television and radio broadcasters across Arizona are holding a virtual town hall with Governor Doug Ducey on April 2 to address questions about the COVID-19 crisis. The hour-long event, which broadcast with support from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, aired commercial-free on more than 50 local TV and radio stations statewide. In addition to Governor Ducey, the panel featured Arizona Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ, Arizona National Guard Major General Michael McGuire and Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman. Participants answered virtual questions from viewers and listeners.

    “Basic information about COVID-19 is everywhere, but our goal is to cut through the clutter, eliminate any misinformation and let everyone in Arizona be part of an important conversation with our state leaders,” said Arizona Broadcasters Association President and CEO Chris Kline. “Arizona broadcasters are coming together in these unprecedented times and we hope it’s a model for everyone in Arizona to do the same.”

    Detroit Stations Air Governor’s Town Hall

    Date Posted: 4/2/2020

    All Detroit TV stations have banded together to broadcast “The Governor’s Town Hall” event featuring Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, scheduled to air live from 7 – 8 p.m. on April 2. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other leaders will answer questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics include hospital preparedness, unemployment benefits and school closures. It will air on Graham Media Group’s NBC affiliate WDIV-TV, Fox-owned WJBK-TV, CBS-owned WWJ-TV, Scripps’ ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV, Scripps’ MyNetworkTV affiliate WMYD-T, CW-owned WKBD-TV, and PBS-owned WTVS-TV. The town hall was offered to all broadcasters in Michigan, in partnership with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters.

    WMTV Feeds Families Affected by COVID-19

    Date Posted: 4/2/2020

    Gray’s NBC affiliate WMTV Madison, Wis., partnered with the Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin to help those in affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The "Care Box Challenge" is raising funds to provide 100,000 “Care Boxes” to families in need. Each box contains 25-30 pounds of nutritious food. In the first week, the campaign raised more than $250,000. WMTV also launched PSAs to help combat COVID-19.

    KGO Confronts Racism During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Date Posted: 4/2/2020

    ABC owned-and-operated KGO-TV San Francisco aired a special town hall, “”Race and Coronavirus: A Bay Area Conversation" on April 2 to confront hate crimes against Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers were encouraged to submit questions for the interactive town hall. The panel featured experts and prominent members of the Asian American community, including professors from Stanford University, San Francisco State University, Santa Clara county government and the California State Assembly.

    KHTK Feeds Self-Isolated Seniors

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Bonneville’s KHTK-FM Sacramento, Calif., has teamed up with local partners to deliver nutritionist approved “Ready to Eat” bags to home-bound seniors who are in self-isolation due to COVID-19. The station is promoting the program on social media and encouraging listeners donate funds if possible and nominate seniors who need meals delivered.

    Bonneville San Francisco Supports Local Restaurants

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Bonneville stations in the San Francisco area created "We Got This Bay Area" in late March to shine a light on local businesses who are open for business providing delivery or take out. The stations are promoting businesses through social media and have developed a living list to provide a handy resource for those looking to support community businesses.

    WJRT-TV Supports Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Gray’s ABC affiliate WJRT-TV Flint, Mich., has created a “Stand with Local Businesses” promotion to help them get the word out they are still open. Open businesses are also listed on WJRT’s website to keep their brands viable and on consumers’ minds during the crisis.

    Entercom Launches New Initiatives in Response to COVID-19

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Entercom launched “Stay Connected” to keep listeners informed and connected during COVID-19. Stations are delivering public service announcements, community-specific messages, timely content from local brands and businesses doing their part, and special entertainment programming to help keep listeners healthy, safe and supported.

    Initiatives produced by Entercom include:

    • I’m Listening: Stay Connected with Dr. Chris, to support mental health amidst a pandemic
    • Love Local, a resource to support local businesses
    • Difference Makers, to highlight those making an impact in their communities
    • Home Schooled, a music program to reiterate what children are learning at home

    Read more here.

    KTAR-FM Share COVID-19 Newscasts to Inform Listeners Across the State

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Bonneville’s KTAR-FM Phoenix is providing statewide newscasts about COVID-19 for use by other radio groups in partnership with the Arizona Broadcaster Association. These state focused broadcasts allow individuals across the state to access important and timely updates regarding the continued spread of the pandemic.

    WAVE Thanks Heroes With New COVID-19 PSA

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Gray Television’s NBC affiliate WAVE-TV Louisville, Ky., began airing a new public service announcement campaign in April to thank essential workers in the COVID-19 shutdowns. The PSA, available here, honors police officers, grocery store and restaurant employees, firefighters and healthcare personnel, among others, who are developing a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    WMXZ-FM Helps Servers Laid Off Due to COVID-19

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Saga Communication’s WMXZ-FM Charleston launched a new segment on its morning show in early April to help support people hit hardest by the COVID-19 shutdowns. The station profiles restaurant servers and bar staff laid off due to the coronavirus and then includes information on how to send them money via Venmo. The innovation program helps support the servers and bar staff at listeners’ favorite spots.

    KDSS-FM Provide Crucial COVID-19 Information

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Coates Broadcasting’s KDSS-FM Ely, Nev., has served as a lifeline for information about the coronavirus pandemic to the local community. Read the Los Angeles Times article about how important the station is to a rural area and how the mayor used the airwaves to communicate with constituents.

    KIRO and KTTH Support Healthcare Works During COVID-19

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    Bonneville’s Seattle stations are taking steps to thank healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. KIRO-AM started a “Letters of Hope” project to send messages of encouragement to the elderly who are isolated due to COVID-19 and the workers who care for them. KTTH is also highlighting businesses who are helping healthcare workers by delivering meals to hospitals.

    ABC Launches COVID-19 Coverage Series

    Date Posted: 4/1/2020

    ABC-owned stations launched a new coronavirus coverage series in early April entitled “Check In” to keep audiences informed during the pandemic and focus those who serving the community during the crisis.

    The series is a part ABC’s “Localish” and is available on ABC stations WLS-TV Chicago, WPVI-TV Philadelphia, KGO-TV San Francisco, KTRK-TV Houston, WABC-TV New York and KABC-TV Los Angeles. It also is available through social media and local stations apps.

    WBND Reminds Viewers to Unite Together

    Date Posted: 3/31/2020

    MeTV’s ABC affiliate WBND South Bend, Ind., launched “We Unite Together” in late March, a public service announcement campaign to remind viewers to stay calm and virtually connected through periods of self-isolation related to COVID-19. Watch the PSA here.

    WGNS-AM/FM Airs Wall-to-Wall COVID-19 Coverage

    Date Posted: 3/31/2020

    The Rutherford Group’s WGNS-AM/FM Murfreesboro, Tenn., has dedicated all of its morning programming (4:00 -11:00 a.m.) to focus on the local impact of COVID-19. This includes daily guest conversations with local parents, area physicians, and elected officials, including Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland, Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron and Murfreesboro Police Chief Michael Bowen. Health experts cover the fluid changes in the types of coronavirus testing recommended by the Rutherford County Health Department. Three to four times each week McFarland has also gone live on WGNS to talk to the city about the changing news.

    WGNS continues to emphasize increased handwashing, social distancing and shopping locally. The station also covers how local business owners use "out of the box" thinking to stay open; speaks with lawyers, judges and District Attorney General about how COVID-19 impacts the courts; and airs information on solid waste and spring related issues. In addition to over-the-air coverage, WGNS has seen a 200 percent increase in web traffic.

    On April 2, Chief Medical Officer Julian Yang, MD, of St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital answered listener questions via phone calls and text messages during a one-hour program. A frightened 30-year old mother sent a text and said she felt she had coronavirus and was isolated from her children, but there have been no results of the test she took on March 9. After the broadcast, WGNS connected her with help.

    Indiana Broadcasters Association Shares Ideas

    Date Posted: 3/30/2020

    The Indiana Broadcasters Association launched a website,, to help radio and television stations across the state are “weathering the storm,” during the COVID-19 crisis. Broadcasters in Indiana are sharing ideas and best practices, with submissions are organized into categories such as Sales Ideas, Community Outreach Ideas, and Promotional Ideas.

    KYGO Thanks Front Line Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Date Posted: 3/30/2020

    Bonneville’s KYGO-FM Denver initiated “Front Line Friday” in late March on air and station’s social media to thank front lines fighters in the COVID-19 pandemic. Listeners are encouraged to nominate anyone they would like personally honored.

    KYGO also began “Help Wanted Wednesday” to promote companies hiring and quickly connect those who have lost jobs due to COVID-19 with new opportunities. The stations is promoting jobs on-air and online.

    Oklahoma Broadcasters Prepare Virtual Classrooms

    Date Posted: 3/30/2020

    Oklahoma broadcasters prepared virtual classrooms on March 30 to aid students now engaged in fully distance learning due to COVID-19. The programming, which serves children from in all grades, is available on PBS affiliate OETA-TV and will be broadcast on 17 additional stations across the state.

    KVLY Provides Educational Content During COVID-19 Shutdown

    Date Posted: 3/30/2020

    Gray Television’s NBC affiliate KVLY-TV Fargo, N.D., began providing weather and science-focused classes in late March related to the COVID-19 school shutdowns. Taught by the station’s meteorologist, Hutch Johnson, each lesson covers a different topic related to meteorology.

    “With so many schools canceled and families looking for way to keep their students engaged we were proud to offer this learning opportunity to our community,” said Ike Walker, KVLY’s general manager.

    KSOS-FM Donates 23,000 PB&Js to Families During Coronavirus School Shut Down

    Date Posted: 3/29/2020

    Faith Communication’s KSOS-FM Las Vegas partnered with a local nonprofit to donate 23,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to families in the Las Vegas area on March 29. The partnership comes at a particularly important time, as many students who rely on free and reduced price school lunches have been moved to distant learning due to COVID-19.

    WKXW-FM Hosts Second Town Hall Focused on COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Townsquare Media’s WKXW-FM Trenton, N.J, hosted a second town hall broadcast on March 26 addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on health and medical issues. Morning news anchor Eric Scott broadcast live from the WKXN-FM studios, while guests called into the station. Guests included an infectious disease specialist and the Division of Geriatrics chief at Hackensack University Medical Center. The town hall was also streamed on the station’s website and social media pages.

    Beasley’s WXKB-FM Hosts Medical Supply Drive

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Beasley Media Group’s WXKB-FM Ft. Myers, Fla., collected 20,000 gloves, 500 masks and 60 pairs of eyewear in a medical supply drive on March 24 to support health care workers dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. They delivered the first batch of donations collected to Lee Memorial Health System on March 27.

    “Big Mama and the Wild bunch continue to have a pulse on the local community’s needs” said Vice President and Market Manager Brad Beasley. “He and his team always step up to and provide for those in need, especially during difficult times. Big Mama and the Wild bunch are true leaders of our community. I could not be more proud of them.”

    KLIF-AM and WBAP-AM Host COVID-19 Town Hall

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Cumulus Media’s WBAP-AM and KLIF-AM Dallas aired a town hall on March 27 with famous entrepreneur Mark Cuban to discuss ways to help local businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Topics included how can businesses survive; the government’s Coronavirus Spending Package; and how can consumers help their local community businesses.

    Cox Atlanta Hosts Food Drive

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Cox Media Group’s WSB-FM, WSRV-FM and WALR-FM Atlanta held a virtual food drive on March 27 to benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank as part of the cluster’s "Stronger Together ATL" campaign. Atlanta Community Food Bank continues to provide meals for children, families and seniors as access to nutritious food throughout the COVID-19 crisis, by working with more than 600 nonprofit partners and the new Text for Help program.

    "Now more than ever our listeners need our help," said Sr. Director of Operations Chris Eagan. "Cox Media Group Atlanta will step up and use our powerful radio brands to do good for the community! I’m proud of the way these teams have worked over the last few weeks and Friday will be another great example of how we are stronger together!"

    NBC Releases COVID-19 PSA Series

        View Video
    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    NBCUniversal released a series of new public service announcements on March 27 for affiliate station use featuring station personalities and celebrities. The PSAs are aimed to calm nerves amid the COVID-19 pandemic and remind viewers of the steps they can take to prevent the spread of the virus. Watch one PSA focused on caring for your mental health during the pandemic.

    Radio Works to Provide the New Normal During Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Radio stations around the United States are working to determine the new normal amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. In addition to increasing news coverage and keeping people informed about outbreaks in their local communities, stations are working with each other to determine what works best and how to best serve the public. Read more stories about changing conditions at

    WGBH Broadcasts Education Service for Students at Home

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    PBS and PBS’s WGBH-TV Boston have joined together to broadcast a daily five-hour learning service serving starting on March 30. The programming will offer science, history and language arts lessons for students from grades six to twelve. Other educational resources will be available on PBS LearningMedia and PBS KIDS.

    “With [our] channel available free over the air, these educational programs can reach all families, including those who do not have internet access or computers at home,” said Liz Cheng, general manager of television at WGBH. “We are proud to work with PBS stations across the country to make this service widely available.”

    WMC Offers Lessons for Kids

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Gray’s NBC affiliate WMC-TV Memphis has partnered with Shelby County Schools (SCS) to offer broadcast programming and accompanying digital resources to support continued at-home learning and provide greater access to educational resources. SCS is Tennessee’s largest public school district and among the 25 largest public school districts in the United States. During the school closure, more than 113,000 students are home and many have limited access to technology or internet. For children living in homes without broadband internet service, the lack of schooling cannot simply be replaced by online distant learning substitutes. Watch here.

    “As more districts address the potential for long-term school closure, it is essential to find ways to address digital disparities and continue to provide learning opportunities and critical services to our students,” said Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joris M. Ray. “We appreciate WMC for partnering to support distance learning.”

    KIRO Launches Podcast and Joins With Hubbard During Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/27/2020

    Bonneville’s KIRO-FM Seattle launched on March 24 “COVID-19: Seattle Podcast” to provide daily updates for Washington state residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

    “I couldn’t be more excited about this project,” said KIRO Radio Program Director Bryan Buckalew. “I think [on air personality] Dave Ross, with his decades of news experience, and Aaron Granillo, with his reporter’s sensibility, are uniquely capable of examining the effects of the coronavirus pandemic as it expands in Washington state and across the nation.”

    KIRO-FM has also partnered with Hubbard Radio’s KQMV-FM, KWRM-FM and KNUC-FM Seattle to offer expanded news coverage. KIRO broadcasts an hourly news update regarding COVID-19 on the each of Hubbard stations and encourages listeners to listen to music programming as a mental break from news coverage during a stressful time.

    North Country Radio Launches Gift Card Challenge to Support Local Businesses

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    North Country Radio’s WSLP-FM, WRGR-FM, WNBZ-AM and WLPW-FM Placid, N.Y., launched a public service campaign to encourage listeners to purchase gift cards from local businesses. “The Gift Card Challenge” PSA is available for use at radio stations across the country.

    “We’ve been hearing from many of our listeners that they want to do something, anything to help out. Our on-air staff has been talking about buying gift cards already,” said WSLP Vice President Jim Williams. “The Gift Card Challenge PSA is a positive message that sums up the idea in a creative 60 second message.”

    Listen to the spot here.

    Georgia Broadcasters Air Town Hall with Governor

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Radio and television broadcasters across Georgia aired the one-hour “The Governor’s Statewide Town Hall.” on March 26 with the Governor of Georgia and members of his COVID-19 Task Force. The program originated from Cox’s ABC affiliate WSB-TV Atlanta with Governor Kemp. Members of the task force appeared on Meredith’s CBS affiliate WGCL-TV, TEGNA’s NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, Fox-owned WAGA-TV, Univision’s WUVG-TV and Georgia Public Broadcasting. General John King answered questions in Spanish on Univision Atlanta. More than 250 stations, including several Spanish language broadcasters, streamed the program the program. The Georgia Association of Broadcasters spearhead much of the coordination efforts for broadcast and streaming.

    WRAL-TV Raleigh Raises $275,000 to Support Local Restaurants

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Capitol Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate WRAL-TV Raleigh raised $275,000 during the “Here to Help: Support Local Business” virtual fundraiser held March 26. The funds go to the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund, which will provide immediate financial relief to restaurant and hotel workers affected by layoffs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. WRAL-TV also encourages viewers to support businesses by purchasing gift cards to getting takeout orders.

    WCVB Supports Scholarship During COVID-19 Crisis

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Hearst’s ABC affiliate WCVB Boston has been supporting the Inner City Scholarship Fund (ICSF) as it plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary dinner gala virtually on April 2nd due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 26, the event had raised $3.3 million and was up 11 percent compared to last year.

    ICSF benefits the Catholic Schools Foundation, which helps local urban students. WCVB supports ICSF year-round by airing PSAs (about $100,000 in donated airtime in 2019). When ICSF could no longer hold an onsite event, WCVB Anchor and four-time gala emcee Ben Simmoneau recorded an introduction and voice overs from WCVB studios. ICSF will use these recordings to virtually introduce program guests.

    ICSF was started 30 years ago by then WCVB President and General Manager Jim Coppersmith, Vice President of Programs Paul LaCamera, and Public Affairs Director Donna Latson Gittens. WCVB continues to support ICSF as the media sponsor for its gala. Current WCVB President General Manager Bill Fine serves on the 30th anniversary dinner committee.

    KRRL-FM Hotline Helps Families in Need

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    iHeartMedia’s KRRL-FM Los Angeles is connecting those in need of services and supplies due to the COVID-19 pandemic with local businesses, non-profits and individuals able to help. The service, set up as a hotline number for people to call, provides essentials like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, medical supplies and even crisis counseling.

    "The Cruz Show has recruited some amazing people for our on and off-air efforts, from doctors and therapists to comedians to lift spirits, we are using our airtime to inform, educate and uplift our listeners through this highly disruptive crisis," said Executive Producer Jeff Garcia.

    D.C. Broadcasters Help Educate Students During School Shutdown

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    MyNetworkTV owned and operated WDCA-TV Washington, D.C., will begin broadcasting public school lessons to assist children receiving remote and online education due to COVID-19. The grade-specific lessons are intended to help offset education access disparities, as roughly 30 percent of students in D.C. lack home wifi access. TEGNA’s CBS affiliate WUSA-TV is also promoting the initiative on their 9 a.m. morning program.

    "Helping our community’s children to keep learning is one of the greatest public services we can provide during this trying time," said Richard Dyer, president and general manager of WUSA. "We’re glad to partner in this effort to make sure D.C. students have access to various avenues for learning."

    L.A. Radio Provides Information and Connection

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    L.A. radio stations provide continuous information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Listeners also turn to their favorite local stations to feel connected to their communities, as people are working from home and schools are closed.

    “What people are looking for even more than music to comfort them is connection, and that’s what they get from the voices and the personalities they know,” said Judy McAlpine, president of USC-owned KUSC-FM.

    “Our station motto is ‘Live and Local,’ and that’s what we’re doing,” said Isabel Gonzalez, content and brand director for the Meruelo Group’s KLLI-FM Los Angeles.

    Read More

    KPHO Hosts Virtual Job Fair

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Meredith Corporation’s CBS affiliate KPHO-TV Phoenix partnered with more than 20 local businesses to host “Get That Gig Virtual Job Fair” on March 26. The station worked to connect job seekers with over 9000 immediately available positions, including many work from home jobs, to help alleviate the financial stress experienced due to coronavirus-related job loss.

    Emotional Call to WIRK-FM Helps One Family Business

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    An emotional call to Hubbard Broadcasting’s WIRK-FM Palm Beach County, Fla., shone a spotlight on March 26 on one struggling local business experiencing financial hardship due to coronavirus. Amanda, the daughter of the owner of Morgan’s Country Kitchen, called the show to let listeners know they were still open for business and shared her worries that her mother would lose the restaurant.

    The next day, the owner called in with a heartwarming update. “I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing for everyone,” Patty said to the hosts. Listen here.

    WGHP Hosts Home Concert Series During Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s FOX affiliate WGHP-TV Greensboro, N.C., hosted an hourlong broadcast concert with country music duo The Dryes as a part of the station’s “Home Concert Series.” The concert helps to entertain audiences stuck at home and to support local musicians who are not able to perform gigs due to coronavirus. In addition to the concert, the station features small businesses local individuals can patron and highlights heroes, including medical professionals and emergency responders, who are continuing to work and serve the public during shutdowns.

    “We are doing a lot of positive stories to balance out the gloom and doom,” said Stephanie Doyle, WGHP’s executive producer of digital media.

    Broadcaster Creativity on Display for COVID-19 Coverage

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Broadcasters have always been creative in figuring out ways to get the word out during challenging times. But the flexibility on display by the nation’s broadcasters during the COVID-19 outbreak has been nothing short of extraordinary. Broadcast engineers and technologists are "MacGyver’ing" solutions to ensure that the public is protected, informed, and in this environment of social distancing, comforted.

    Read More

    KDVR and KWGN Raise $210,000 to Supply Families in the Pandemic

    Date Posted: 3/26/2020

    Nexstar Media Group’s FOX affiliate KDVR-TV and CW affiliate KWGN-TV Denver raised $210,000 for the Salvation Army during a virtual food and supply drive on March 26 to assist communities hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The stations broadcast the telethon live on-air.

    “In this difficult time, this drive has allowed us to provide assistance to thousands of people struggling because of the COVID pandemic, and this number will just continue to climb. We couldn’t do this without the support of KDVR and KWGN,” said Major Mike Dickinson, The Salvation Army inter-mountain divisional commander.

    WOFL Raises $80,000 for Florida Families Impacted by COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    Fox owned and operated WOFL-TV Orlando, Fla., raised $80,000 for a local food bank to help families struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Feeding Families in Crisis” fundraiser helps Second Harvest Food Bank, which collects and redistributes food donates throughout central Florida. The station highlighted the importance of donating, especially after schools were closed due to the virus, and aired interviews from food bank staff to encourage donations.

    Scripps’ KNXV Phoenix Launches ‘We’re Open Arizona’

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    Scripps’ ABC affiliate KNXV-TV Phoenix launched a public service campaign called “We’re Open Arizona” to support local business owners and their workers while operations are limited due to the COVID-19 crisis. The “We’re Open Arizona” campaign celebrates the value these local businesses bring to the community and also includes promotion of #TakeoutTuesday every week to encourage takeout and delivery on a normally slow day for the restaurant business.

    “Arizona has a rich history supporting hardworking people striving to succeed,” said Anchor Allison Rodriguez. “I’m looking forward to highlighting our local restaurants and businesses and sharing stories that show Arizonans deep sense of community. We’re all in this together.”

    Radio One Commits to Donate 10,000 PSAs

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    Radio One Indianapolis has committed to airing 10,000 PSAs to help local citizens and community organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. PSAs must be community driven, diverse in nature, and contain resources that serve the public.

    “Radio One has the most diverse listening audience in central Indiana. Our overall goal is to make sure our wide range of listeners have the necessary information and tools they’ll need to help navigate this crisis,” said Radio One Regional Vice President Deon Levingston.

    CBS Releases PSA for Affiliate Stations

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    CBS released a public service announcement on March 17 for affiliate station use featuring station personalities and celebrities from network programming. The PSA is aimed to calm nerves amid the COVID-19 pandemic and remind viewers we will deal with the pandemic together. Watch one version of the PSA from Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s FOX/CBS affiliate station WSBT-TV South Bend, Ind.

    Nexstar Broadcasting Hosts Virtual Town Hall with West Virginia Governor

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    Nexstar Broadcasting’s CBS affiliate WOWK-TV Charleston, W.V., hosted a virtual town hall on March 19 with Governor Jim Justice regarding the state’s response to COVID-19. Hosted by WOWK anchor Mark Curtis, the virtual town hall posed questions to the governor and other state officials. The town hall was broadcast on independent station WDVM-TV, CBS affiliate WTRF-TV, NBC affiliate WBOY-TV and CBS affiliate WVNS-TV.

    iHeart, Fox Announce Concert for America

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    iHeartMedia and Fox raised $8 million during “The iHeart Living Room Concert For America,” a music event to provide entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The concert aired commercial free on March 29 across all iHeartMedia radio stations and on Fox, during the iHeartRadio Music Awards’ original broadcast timeslot. Hosted by Elton John, the event will feature performances by Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey, and Tim McGraw and others. The performances will be filmed with their personal cell phones, cameras and audio equipment. The event will pay tribute to the health professionals and first responders fighting the spread of the virus. It also will encourage viewers to support Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation.

    iHeartMedia Connects Community to Coronavirus Resources

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    iHeartMedia Charlotte launched an initiative to help the local community by highlighting local organizations and services available to those in need during the pandemic crisis. iHeartMedia Charlotte stations will promote the campaign on station websites and on-air every hour. The campaign will also highlight businesses operating on limited hours and restaurants offering delivery, pickup or gift cards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    D.C. Broadcasters Fill Food Banks During Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    D.C. sports broadcasters began exchanging video shout outs for donations to fill area food banks during the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March. Proceeds from each personalized shout-out video, which are made on the app Cameo, benefit the Capital Area Food Bank, D.C. Central Kitchen and Martha’s Table.

    “It’s something that we can do that would be fun for people out there who probably need a smile, and at the same time raise money for the people who need it the most,” said John Walton, the radio voice of the Washington Capitals. “There are a lot of people in this town who are doing hero’s work. We want to help give them the tools to keep doing that.”

    Local News Programs Adapt to Social Distancing Rules

    Date Posted: 3/25/2020

    Journalists and local news stations are altering their routines to abide by social distancing rules and shelter-in-place orders to help halt the spread of the coronavirus, sometimes filming segments in makeshift studios -- often in their own homes. While reporting from home poses challenges, local stations are able to keep viewers informed and calm during uncertain times.

    “The most amazing thing is the viewer response,” said Joey Miller, weather producer at NBC’s WMAQ-TV Chicago. “People talking about how refreshing it is to see someone, that calming voice being there, when we’re in what feels like dire times or a weird situation that none of us have really experienced before.”

    Entercom Connects Listeners to Mental Health Resources

    Date Posted: 3/24/2020

    Entercom launched on March 18 a multiplatform, live daily show focused on mental health in the midst of the COVID-19 global health pandemic. “I’m Listening; Stay Connected” is part of Entercom’s yearlong mental health initiative and provides a resource to support those struggling with mental health or feel overwhelmed by outbreak of COVID-19.

    "I’m Listening: Stay Connected” will provide our millions of listeners across the country access to information and professionals in the medical field, encouraging healthy dialogue throughout this time of great uncertainty," said Pam Russo, senior vice president and general manager of Entercom’s RADIO.COM.

    Broadcasters Demonstrate Social Distancing

    Date Posted: 3/24/2020

    TEGNA’s ABC affiliate WHAS-TV Louisville, Ky., implemented changes in mid-March to inform and educate local audiences on how to best protect themselves during the coronavirus outbreak. One such changes includes using overhead cameras so viewers can see social distancing in action. Other steps taken include limiting interviews to medical and health professionals and adding a daily 4 p.m. broadcast.

    "This is what we do. We keep the community informed and thank goodness we had a plan in place," said WHAS Anchor Doug Proffitt. "I can say what we are experiencing reminds me of anchoring during September 11th or the tornado, snowstorm and ice storms that we’ve covered in the past, but they all eventually melted away. This feels very different."

    Radio Broadcasters Spread Optimism, Solidarity in Crisis

    Date Posted: 3/24/2020

    The number of people turning to local radio stations for information, comfort and distraction is increasing as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world. Stations are, in turn, responding with messages of optimism and solidarity as they adapt to the crisis and work to keep the public informed. Read stories of radio stations online at Radio Ink and All Access, and additional stories of service on TVNewsCheck.

    Scripps Supports Local Businesses With PSA Campaign

    Date Posted: 3/24/2020

    The E.W. Scripps Company launched on March 24 “We’re Open,” a public service campaign to support local businesses and their employees shuttered by coronavirus. Through the multiplatform campaign in Scripps’ 42 local media markets, the campaign celebrates the value local businesses bring to their communities. As part of the campaign, stations are promoting #TakeoutTuesday to encourage delivery and takeout throughout the shutdown.

    Iowa Broadcasters Support Community

    Date Posted: 3/24/2020

    Keokuk Broadcasting’s WCEZ-FM and KOKX-AM Keokuk, IA, created a special section on its website for local businesses to advertise their current availability. The section highlighting local bars and restaurants contains current information, hours, phone number and modes of contact along with their menus for carry out and delivery. Information is also being shared on social media. The stations are offering free on-air ads and live reads to local businesses.

    Beasley Media Group Southwest Florida Stations Celebrates Hometown Heroes During COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/24/2020

    Beasley Media Group’s Southwest Florida radio stations - WXKB-FM, WJPT-FM, WRKX-FM, WWCN-FM and WRXK-HD2 - are celebrating individuals in the local community whose acts of kindness continue to serve as an inspiration to others.

    Part of the company’s We’re All in This Together Community of Caring company-wide initiative, listeners are invited to submit the name of someone who is making a difference online at,,, and Individuals will be saluted on the air and featured on each station’s social media platforms.

    “Being kind to one another can have a life-changing effect in our local community during these unprecedented times,” said Beasley Media Group Southwest Florida Vice President and Market Manager, Brad Beasley. “We want to salute those who put others before themselves.”

    Pandemic Brings Viewers to Local News

    Date Posted: 3/23/2020

    People of all ages are turning to local news for information regarding the coronavirus and increasing television watching while staying home.

    Nielsen reported that Americans are expected to watch as much as 60 percent more television during periods of restrictive shutdowns. CBS news program "60 Minutes" received the highest viewership on March 22 since December 2019.

    Viewership for news in the leading 25 markets saw the largest increase in viewers under the age of 17 during the week starting on March 9, Nielsen reports. Read more.

    Univision Creates PSA to Address COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/23/2020

    Univision released a COVID-19 PSA featuring the network’s chief medical correspondent and has ramped up coverage in response to the virus. Additional steps to protect the public include airing a network-wide special each day, providing hourly vignettes to keep people informed and offering online resources through email, Univision apps and digital platforms.

    Local TV Spreads Messages of Hope During COVID-19 Crisis

    Date Posted: 3/23/2020

    As people turn to local TV news for information they can trust about the global COVID-19 crisis, stations are responding with messages of hope and optimism, togetherness and kindness. TVNewsCheck featured a few messages here from these stations:

    • Cox’s ABC affiliate WFTV Orlando
    • TEGNA’s NBC affiliate WTHR Indianapolis
    • KAKE, Lockwood Broadcasting’s ABC affiliate KAKE Wichita, Kan
    • Lilly Broadcasting’s ABC affiliate KITV Honolulu
    • Nexstar’s NBC affiliate WCMH Columbus, Ohio
    • Circle City Broadcasting’s CW affiliate WISH Indianapolis
    • Weigel Broadcasting’s ABC affiliate WBND South Bend, Ind.
    • Nexstar’s Fox affiliate WXIN Indianapolis
    • TEGNA’s CBS affiliate WTSP Tampa

    “We feel it is important to share messages of hope during these difficult times,” said Dan Meyers, marketing director at TEGNA’s NBC affiliate WGRZ Buffalo. “We want people to feel that we will get through this, and we will do it together.”

    Durand radio station connecting listeners through COVID-19 crisis

    Date Posted: 3/23/2020

    Zoe Communication’s WRDN-AM Durand, Wis., is helping listeners through the COVID-19 crisis by providing official updates, helping local businesses, and forming social connections.

    The station also facilitated milk and cheese curd donations for families and local school districts.

    The station is providing updates with local city, county, school district, and health officials on daily basis. It’s also promoting restaurants providing take out services to encourage support from listeners.

    WRDN is also airing a local in-studio show on weekends and using social media to promote social connections.

    Americans Turn to Broadcasters for COVID-19 Coverage

    Date Posted: 3/22/2020

    The Pew Research Center has found that Americans are turning to, and trusting, broadcasters to keep them informed about the outbreak of COVID-19. The majority of Americans feel news media has covered the outbreak well, and the level coverage provided has helped individuals make informed decisions about their health.

    WNNX-FM Stays On-Air Amid Coronavirus Shut Down

    Date Posted: 3/20/2020

    Cumulus’ WNNX-FM Atlanta took extraordinary measures in mid-March to stay on the air and keep listeners informed after the station was closed to protect employees from coronavirus. The team behind WNNX-FM’s morning show, “Bailey and Southside,” broadcast live from host Jason Bailey’s living room. The team has kept broadcast the show from the remote location since March 16 and plans to continue.

    “We will remain broadcasting remotely,” said WNNX Program Director Axel Lowe. “At the moment, it looks like this is the new normal.”

    KING-TV Pivots Programming to Increase Coverage of COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/20/2020

    TEGNA’s NBC affiliate KING-TV Seattle has changed a weekday 4 p.m. lifestyle program to news coverage, in response to growing need for information regarding novel coronavirus. The station also dedicated their website to promoting “Facts Not Fear” about the virus starting on March 11.

    “There is a certain set of expectations when KING[-TV] is on the air,” said KING President and General Manager Jim Rose.

    NBC Stations Expand Local Newscasts Due to Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/20/2020

    NBC owned and operated stations in various markets implemented new local newscasts on March 16 to increase coverage of the COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus. WNBC-TV New York, KNBC-TV Los Angeles, KNTV San Francisco, WTVJ-TV Miami and WVIT-TV Hartford, Conn., began airing new, half-hour local newscasts at 7 p.m. on weekdays. WBTS-TV Boston, WCAU-TV Philadelphia, KXAS-TV Dallas and KNSD-TV San Diego also expanded their 11 p.m. programming to a full hour.

    KOMO Hosts TV Townhall to Help Seattle Plan in Pandemic

    Date Posted: 3/20/2020

    Sinclair Broadcasting’s ABC affiliate KOMO-TV Seattle aired on March 15 a one-hour special to help people plan, not panic, during the coronavirus pandemic. The program, hosted by weeknight anchor Preston Phillips, included medical experts, patients and family members impact by the virus. The townhall also provided information about testing, social distancing and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

    ABC Replaces Afternoon Talk Show with COVID-19 News Program

    Date Posted: 3/20/2020

    ABC began airing a novel coronavirus focused news program on March 18, temporarily replacing a midday talk show. “Pandemic: What You Need to Know” is led by ABC’s 20/20 co-anchor Amy Robach and guided by Jennifer Ashton, chief medical correspondent at ABC News. The program will focus on developing news surrounding the novel coronavirus and adjustments for living during a global pandemic.

    Nexstar Hosts Town Hall with Texas Governor Greg Abbott

    Date Posted: 3/20/2020

    Nexstar Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate KXAN-TV Austin hosted a virtual town hall with Governor Greg Abbott on March 19 to discuss the state’s response to novel coronavirus and the resulting disease, COVID-19. The governor was joined by top state government officials from the departments of health, infectious diseases, education and emergency management. The town hall was additionally broadcast on Nexstar’s ABC affiliate KMID-TV; CBS affiliate KLBK-TV; CW affiliates KIAH-TV and KDAF-TV; FOX affiliate KWKT-TV; and NBC affiliates KXAN-TV, KRBC-TV, KAMR-TV, KVEO-TV, KTSM-TV, KSAN-TV, KTAL-TV, KETK-TV and KFDX-TV.

    WFSB Three Hour Town Hall Covers Coronavirus in Connecticut

    Date Posted: 3/19/2020

    Meredith Broadcasting’s CBS affiliate WFSB-TV Hartford, Conn., aired on March 19 a three-hour special on COVID-19 in the state. U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, Governor Ned Lamont, and local and state health officials participated in the evening using video conference calls. WFSB focused the event on covering topics relevant to the local community, including a question-and-answer session on access to food, supplies and medical assistance; what to do when experiencing symptoms; and the state’s overall response to the pandemic.

    “Our news stations are a part of the communities they serve, and right now it’s important that we support those communities,” said Gary Brown, Meredith’s senior vice president of content.

    WMCI-FM Collects Blood for Red Cross

    Date Posted: 3/19/2020

    The Cromwell Group’s WMCI-FM Mattoon, Ill., collected 51 units of blood in a drive held March 19. They far surpassed the goal of 30 units and have not collected that much blood since 2008.

    Beasley Boston Supports Local Restaurants Shuttered by Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/18/2020

    Beasley Media Group’s Boston cluster is helping local businesses impacted by novel coronavirus by encouraging listeners to purchase gift cards from local restaurants. As a part of the “Operation Gift Card: New England” campaign, WBZ-FM, WROR-FM, WBQT-FM, WKLB-FM and WBOS-FM are advertising local restaurants and their online gift card options for free with on-air promotion, on social media and on station’s websites.

    “With local restaurants and small businesses experiencing a number of restrictions, including restaurants moving towards a take-out/delivery only model by March 17, we wanted to show our support during these challenging times,” said Beasley Media Group Boston Vice President and Market Manager Mary Menna.

    Fox Corporation Offers All Viewers Free Access to National and Local News

    Date Posted: 3/18/2020

    Fox Corporation announced on March 18 that it is offering unlimited access to FOX Television Stations and FOX News Channel to ensure that all Americans can access the latest national and local news regarding the COVID-19 global pandemic. FOX Television Stations and FOX News Media also collaborated to launch a nightly three-minute prime time live report.

    Breaking news, live stream updates, and exclusive interviews with health officials are available on Content from FOX’s 29 owned and operated television stations are available for free on and the FOX NOW app.

    “Our highest duty as a company is to provide the individuals and communities we serve with information and analysis to help educate and protect them during dangerous times,” said Executive Chairman and CEO Lachlan Murdoch.

    “In our dedicated mission to inform the public, FOX News Channel and FOX Television Stations are proud to provide Americans with free access to extensive urgent national and local news on the pandemic, serving as a critical resource during this unprecedented crisis,” said FOX News Media Chief Executive Officer Suzanne Scott and FOX Television Stations Chief Executive Officer Jack Abernethy.

    WMMR-FM Hosts ’March Sadness’ Amid Coronavirus

        View Video
    Date Posted: 3/18/2020

    Beasley Media Group’s WMMR-FM Philadelphia kept sports alive after the cancellation of March Madness due to COVID-19 with a social distancing safe free throw competition on March 17. Dubbed “March Sadness,” station personalities Preston and Steve used a multi-person video conference call to connect with four participants, who matched up and shot free throws from their separate locations. WMMR-FM streamed the competition live on Facebook.

    “I had a great time today in the [basketball] tournament,” said Anthony, the winner. “In light of everything that is going on in the world right now, it was really great to laugh and participate in the event.”

    KELO Lights Up 200-Foot Beacon of Hope

    Date Posted: 3/17/2020

    Nexstar’s dual CBS / MyNetworkTV affiliate KELO-TV Sioux Falls, S.D., turned on the decorative lights to its 200-foot tall tower, known as the “KELOLAND Holideck Tower,” as a tribute to everyone working to curb the spread of COVID-19. Normally used during the holidays, KELO will leave the lights on 24 hours a day as a sign of hope for the community.

    Nexstar Launches Daily COVID-19 Stream

    Date Posted: 3/16/2020

    Nexstar launched in early March a daily coronavirus stream that is available on the websites for its 115 stations and on social media. Nexstar’s MyNetworkTV affiliate KRON-TV San Francisco organizes the stream, with daily contributions from NBC affiliate WFLA Tampa, Fox affiliate KTVI St. Louis, and its Washington, D.C. bureau. A resource page made available to stations includes CDC data, a timeline, and a video module with the latest clips on international news. Here are examples from stations:

    CBS affiliate KELO Sioux Falls, S.D.
    NBC affiliate WAVY-TV Norfolk, Va.
    NBC affiliate KARK Little Rock
    NBC affiliate WFLA Tampa

    “We launched the daily stream earlier this week as an additional resource for people to get the latest headlines on the virus from trusted, local news sources,” said Austin Kellerman, Nexstar’s director of digital content. “With all the misinformation out there, this is a way to get trusted information.”

    Radio Executives Respond to the Coronavirus Crisis

    Date Posted: 3/14/2020

    Independent and small radio stations are taking steps to protect their staff during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak while continuing to serve the public, station executives say. Jeff McCarthy, Midwest Communications’ vice president of programming, says keeping listeners informed by presenting accurate, factual information is radio stations’ top priority. Full Story: Radio Ink

    TEGNA’s ‘Facts Not Fear’ Approach to Coronavirus

    Date Posted: 3/9/2020

    TEGNA stations are committed to a “Facts Not Fear” approach to reporting on the coronavirus outbreak, with a focus on providing context and perspective, while not downplaying the severity of the situation. TEGNA is paying close attention to the graphics stations use and encourages reporters to take the time needed to ensure they report accurate information. National and local fact-checking teams at TEGNA’s project Verify are focused on coronavirus misinformation and are creating accurate reports.

    NBC affiliate KPNX Phoenix aired a segment addressing rumors about how coronavirus might spread on international flights.

    NBC affiliate KUSA Denver produced an 80-second video mission statement promising viewers that it will not “play on our fears and yours” with click-bait headlines. It also pledged not to “guess or speculate or assume,” but instead seek out multiple experts and vetted sources.

    NBC affiliate KSDK St. Louis also aired a segment about TEGNA’s “Facts Not Fear” approach. The station offered a phone number so viewers can text questions about the coronavirus and receive answers from medical professionals.

    “Our journalists and our news leaders are handling this with such care and such a commitment to help their communities,” said TEGNA VP of News Ellen Crooke. “They have a great sense of this is a duty to our country, to do this well and to do this properly.”

    NBC News Launches Coronavirus Effort

    Date Posted: 3/4/2020

    NBC News launched on February 28 a new network-wide initiative to address the coronavirus as infections hit more than 80,000 cases across six continents. The initiative includes a 24/7 live-blog with extensive video and the latest updates every few minutes. A dedicated morning news takeover — Morning Rundown Special Edition: Coronavirus Crisis — started March 2. Read more here.

    ABC Provides Extensive TV and Radio COVID-19 Coverage

    Date Posted: 3/2/2020

    ABC News is producing extensive, daily coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak (also known as coronavirus) across all platforms. On March 6, ABC News created a daily program called “COVID-19: What You Need To Know” on its streaming channel ABC News Live. The show airs at noon on weekdays and is simulcast on ABC News Radio, with anchor Aaron Katersky providing radio-specific content.

    Katersky also hosts ABC Audio’s daily podcast, “COVID-19: What You Need to Know.” ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton answers questions from social media. “Nightline” will also focus exclusively on the coronavirus.

    “In times of global crisis, we as journalists have a public service to give our viewers the essential information they need to stay informed and help them make any decisions for their own and their family’s well-being,” said Nightline Executive Producer Steven Baker. “This type of in-depth daily coverage is in the show’s DNA.”

    KPNX Addresses Coronavirus Rumors with Facts

    Date Posted: 3/2/2020

    TEGNA’s NBC affiliate KPNX-TV Phoenix aired a segment addressing rumors about how coronavirus might spread on international flights on March 2. TEGNA stations are committed to a “Facts Not Fear” approach to reporting on the coronavirus outbreak, with a focus on providing context and perspective, while not downplaying the severity of the situation.

    Entercom Stations Address COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/1/2020

    Entercom stations across the country are dedicating significant over-the-air and digital inventory to covering the COVID-19 global pandemic. On March 16, Entercom launched a podcast called “Coronavirus Daily.” Radio Ink spoke with Entercom’s Senior Vice President of Programming and personnel from WINS-AM New York City, WCBS-AM New York City, KNX-AM Los Angeles, WBBM-AM and WCFS-FM Chicago, and KHTP-FM Seattle about their coverage. KNX-AM is providing around-the-clock coverage on-air. Read more here.

    “It comes down to trust and credibility,” said WINS-AM Brand Manager Ben Mevorach. “As millions of people in our area seek to find news that informs and doesn’t hype, they come to 1010 WINS. The same place they have come to during major crises for decades. Our entire staff is focused on bringing information, providing answers, and connecting the community.”

    “This is our story. We live and work here,” said WCBS-AM Brand Manager Tim Scheld. “As members of the community ourselves, we at WCBS 880 are committed to covering this story for our neighbors, friend and family.”

    Beasley Addresses COVID-19

    Date Posted: 3/1/2020

    Beasley Media Group implemented a companywide COVID-19 coverage and prevention policy. All stations are committed to providing timely, accurate updates over the air, while Beasley websites include up-to-the-minute information under the “Community of Caring” campaign umbrella. Beasley has also cancelled and postponed events and implemented telework and no work travel policies.

    “The challenges we face are extraordinary, but the moment is not unique,” said Beasley Media Group Chief Executive Officer, Caroline At our core, our company exists to serve our employees, advertisers and our communities and keep them safe and informed during times exactly like this. Broadcasters are at our best during uncertain times.”

    Townsquare Hosts COVID-19 Town Hall

    Date Posted: 3/1/2020

    Townsquare Media’s WKXW-FM Trenton, N.J. aired a special Town Hall on March 12 to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The broadcast, hosted by Special Projects Director and Morning News Anchor Eric Scott, featured Dr. Ed Lifshitz, medical director of the New Jersey Department of Health’s Communicable Disease Service; Dr. Lincoln Miller, infectious disease specialist with RWJ Barnabas Health; Ken Kamen, president of Princeton-based Mercadien Asset Management; and a representative from the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. It also streamed on Facebook Live.

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