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Television PSAs

Download television PSAs that share a message of hope and encouragement, as well as how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you encounter any issues in accessing or downloading these spots, please contact us at

NOTE: Editing the downloaded spot to incorporate your station logo or additional elements may inadvertently remove the embedded closed captioning. If this occurs, stations should provide their own closed captioning.

"Hope" Television PSA (English)
Download "Hope" Spots in English and Spanish

"Coronavirus" Television PSA (English)
Download "Coronavirus" Spots in English and Spanish
Additional PSAs from NAB Partners
Ad Council Coronavirus PSA and Response Toolkit HD and SD Spots from the American Red Cross "The More You Know" PSAs from NBCUniversal War With a Virus PSA: Featuring Matthew McConaughey
Important Note: The "War With a Virus" PSA requires logging in with the username NAB_PSAMEDIA and the password NAB_PSAMEDIA. Then navigate to the folder entitled "War With a Virus" to download these spots.

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