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2021 Award Winner:

Is The Cloud There Yet?
Peter Wharton

2020 Award Winner:

Inbuilt Convergence: A Review of Emerging 3GPP and ATSC 3.x Terrestrial Broadcast Offerings
Ahmed Hamza, Mark Earnshaw, David Starks and Kevin Shelby, Coherent Logix, Inc.

2019 Winners

Facility Upgrades for Full-time All-digital HD AM Broadcasting: A Case Study
David Kolesar, Hubbard Radio and Mike Raide, Xperi Corporation

ATSC 3.0 In-band Distribution Link for SFN and Gap-filler Using Layered Division Multiplexing with Full Backward Compatibility for Next Generation Digital TV Service
Yiyan Wu, Liang Zhang, Wei Li, Khalil Salehian, S├ębastien Lafl├Ęche, Communications Research Centre Canada; Sung-Ik Park, Jae-young Lee, Heug-Mook Kim, Namho Hur, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Merrill Weiss, Merrill Weiss Group, LLC

2018 Winner

AI-Driven Smart Production
Yuko Yamanouchi, Jun Goto, Yoshihiko Kawai, Takahiro Mochizuki, Shoei Sato and Atsushi Imai, NHK

2017 Winner

Single Frequency Networks for HD Radio
Philipp Schmid, Nautel Ltd.

2016 Winner

TV Globo Brazil Goes OTT with Simulcast, VOD and 4K on the Cloud
Marcelo Souza, Fabio Ferraz, Fabio Castro, Fabio Areas, Leandro Pena, Edson Alves and Lucas Muratori, TV Globo; Igor Macaubas and Rafeel Pereira,

2015 Winner

Implications of High Dynamic Range on the Broadcast Chain for HD and Ultra-HD Content
Lukasz Litwic, Olie Baumann, Matthew S. Goldman and Philip White, Ericsson

2014 Winner

The State of Professional Media Networking
Thomas Edwards, FOX Network Engineering & Operations

2013 Winner

Using Public Domain and Open Source Software to Derive Base Drive Voltages for AM Method of Moments Models
Tom Cox, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment

2012 Winner

Creation of a Library of RF Recorded Signals for ATSC Mobile DTV in a Single Frequency Network Environment
Charles Nadeau, Benoit Ledoux, Yiyan Wu, Gilles Gagnon, Robert Gagnon and Sebastien Lafleche, Communications Research Centre, Canada (NHK)

2011 Winner

An Advanced Hybrid Broadcast and Broadband System for Enhancing Broadcasting Services
Akitsugu Baba, Kinji Matsumura, Sigeaki Mitsuya, Masaru Takechi, Yasuaki Kanatsugu, Hiroyuki Hamada and Hisakazu Katch, Science and Technology Research Laboratories, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

2010 Winner

Extending your HD Radio Footprint
Geoffrey Mendenhall, Vice President of Transmission Research and Technology, Harris Broadcast

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