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NAB Statement in Response to AT&T STELAR Blog 12/19/2019

NAB Statement on Satellite TV Provisions Added to 2020 Appropriations Legislation 12/16/2019

NAB Statement on House Judiciary Passage of Satellite TV Legislation 11/21/2019

NAB Statement on House Commerce Passage of Satellite TV Legislation 11/20/2019

NAB Statement on House Judiciary Markup of STELAR Legislation 11/20/2019

NAB Statement on Circulation of House Judiciary STELAR Legislation 11/18/2019

Testimony of Emily Barr at Senate Commerce Committee STELAR Hearing 10/23/2019

NAB Statement on Filing of Lawsuit Challenging Locast 7/31/2019

NAB Statement on Introduction of Retransmission Consent Legislation 7/25/2019

Gordon Smith Speech at Media Institute Communications Forum Luncheon 7/23/2019

NAB Statement on FCC Order on Broadcast TV Signal Carriage Election Notices 7/10/2019

NAB Statement on Introduction of Next Generation Television Marketplace Act 7/23/2018

NAB Statement on Sports Fan Coalition Streaming Service 1/11/2018

NAB Statement on 2017 Retransmission Consent Negotiations 1/9/2018

NAB Statement on FCC Review of Retrans Good Faith Negotiation Rules 7/14/2016

FCC Should Reject Pay TV's Unlawful and Unneeded Retrans Proposals, NAB Says in Comments 1/14/2016

NAB Statement on Letters from Chairman Wheeler on Broadcast Exclusivity Rules 11/24/2015

NAB Statement on Letter from Senate Committee Leadership to FCC on Exclusivity Rules 10/9/2015

NAB Statement on FCC Retransmission Consent NPRM 9/2/2015

NAB Statement on House Appropriations Passage of Joint Sales Agreement Amendment 6/17/2015

NAB Statement on Court of Appeals Ruling on Confidential Broadcaster Documents 5/8/2015

NAB Statement Regarding Online Video Rulemaking Proposal 10/28/2014

NAB Statement on Report on Effects of Retransmission Consent on U.S. Video Marketplace 9/12/2014

Exclusivity Rules Foster Investment in Localism by Broadcast TV Stations, New Study Finds 7/24/2014

NAB Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Passage of STELA Reauthorization Legislation 6/26/2014

NAB Statement on Supreme Court Decision Against Aereo 6/25/2014

NAB Statement on Proposed Legislation Regarding Retransmission Consent and Radio Royalties 5/7/2014

NAB Statement on Bipartisan Agreement Regarding STELA Reauthorization Legislation 5/7/2014

NAB Statement on Supreme Court Oral Arguments Regarding Aereo 4/22/2014

Testimony of Gordon Smith at Senate Commerce Hearing on STELA Reauthorization 4/1/2014

NAB Responds to FCC Ban on Joint Retransmission Consent Negotiations 3/31/2014

NAB Statement on FCC Order Regarding Broadcaster Sharing Agreements 3/31/2014

NAB Calls For Review of Collusive Pay TV Advertising Practices 3/19/2014

Testimony of Marci Burdick at STELA Reauthorization Hearing 3/12/2014

NAB Statement on FCC Public Notice on Joint Sales Agreements 3/12/2014

NAB Statement on FCC Chairman Wheeler's Proposal Affecting Broadcaster Sharing Agreements 3/6/2014

NAB Statement on Solicitor General Aereo Brief 3/3/2014

NAB Statement on Justice Department Report Regarding Broadcaster Sharing Agreements 2/21/2014

NAB Study Finds Pay-TV Carriage Capacity Not Constrained By Technological Barriers 1/14/2014

NAB Statement on Supreme Court Review of Aereo Lawsuit 1/10/2014

NAB Statement on Introduction of Retransmission Consent Bills 12/12/2013

NAB Filing Refutes Time Warner Cable's Retransmission Consent Arguments 11/15/2013

NAB Statement on Introduction of Video Programming Legislation by Sen. Rockefeller 11/12/2013

NAB Statement in Response to Mediacom Letter 9/17/2013

Testimony of Edward Munson at Hearing on STELA Reauthorization 9/11/2013

Testimony of Gerry Waldron at Hearing on Satellite Television Law 9/10/2013

NAB Statement on Rep. Eshoo's Draft Retransmission Consent Legislation 9/9/2013

NAB Statement on CBS-Time Warner Cable Retransmission Consent Agreement 9/3/2013

Testimony of NAB EVP Marcellus Alexander on Retransmission Consent Negotiations 8/8/2013

NAB Statement on Appeals Court Decision Regarding Aereo Injunction 4/1/2013

NAB Statement on Supreme Court Denying Cert Petition to ivi 3/18/2013

Testimony of NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith at "The Cable Act at 20" Hearing 7/24/2012

NAB Statement on Free Market-Based Retransmission Consent Process 7/18/2012

NAB Statement on Broadcast Coverage of Honolulu Mayoral Debate 7/11/2012

Testimony of Hearst Television President and CEO David Barrett on "The Future of Video" 6/27/2012

NAB Statement on Time Warner Cable's Fourth Quarter Earnings Report 1/27/2012

NAB Statement on Mediacom Letter Regarding Retransmission Consent 9/2/2011

Gordon Smith Keynote Address at 2011 NAB Show 4/12/2011

Statement From NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith in Response to FCC'S Retransmission Consent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 3/3/2011

NAB's 'Future of TV' Campaign Goes On-Air, Online 1/4/2011

NAB Unveils On-Air Campaign Touting Future of Broadcast TV 12/13/2010

NAB Statement Regarding Retransmission Consent 12/8/2010

NAB Statement Regarding Today's Retrans Hearing 11/17/2010

NAB Statement Regarding Retransmission Consent 10/19/2010

NAB Statement on Today's Carriage Agreement Between Disney and Time Warner Cable 9/2/2010

NAB Launches KeepMyTV.org 8/16/2010

NAB Response to Pay TV Coalition 7/14/2010

The Retrans Record 7/14/2010

Broadcasters Call on FCC to Again Reject Cable-Backed Retrans Proposals 6/4/2010

Local TV Stations to FCC: Deny Cable's Retrans Petition 5/18/2010

NAB Statement on Supreme Court's Must-Carry Challenge Denial 5/17/2010

New Study Debunks Cable Retrans Claims 5/6/2010

NAB Statement on Retransmission Consent 3/9/2010

NAB CEO Praises Retransmission Agreements 1/5/2010

Study Proves ACA Claims to be False 5/8/2009

NAB Files Reply Comments at FCC Regarding Program Bundling and Retransmission Consent 2/12/2008

NAB Files Comments at FCC Regarding Program Bundling and Retransmission Consent 1/4/2008

NAB Applauds FCC Carriage Rulings 9/12/2007

BIAfn Report Shows Value of Local Broadcast Signals 4/16/2007

Rehr Refutes ACA's 'Inaccuracies and Exaggerations' on Retransmission Consent 1/10/2007

FCC's Multicasting Efforts 'Consistent with Intent of Congress' 6/12/2006

BIA Finds "Mischaracterizations, Flaws" in Arlen Retrans Study 2/16/2006

Letter from NAB President David K. Rehr to Senators Ted Stevens and Daniel Inouye 1/30/2006

NAB Urges Passage of Pro-Consumer Multicast DTV Mandate 8/31/2005


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