Vaccine Education Toolkit

On-Air Vaccination Program

Over 150 million Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the corresponding decline in rates of COVID across our nation has been remarkable. However, roughly 20% of Americans still have questions and concerns about being vaccinated, and vaccination rates are slowing down, threatening to prolong the pandemic.

NAB’s research finds the voices of local doctors, nurses and pharmacists can be powerfully influential on this topic. Given how radio and television broadcasters have been valued as a reliable source of trusted information during the pandemic, featuring these trusted local experts in your programming – including conducting live, on-air vaccinations – can play a critical role in building confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Should you need additional resources, the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s “It’s Up to You” campaign can connect you with a media-trained local pharmacist in your community to participate in a segment, as well as provide additional resources and ideas for stories. The campaign is uniting three of the nation’s leading pharmacies – Walmart, Walgreens and CVS – to support this effort. We know that many local broadcasters already have great relationships with local medical and health experts, but these resources are available to stations that would like to utilize them.

Consider inviting your talent, local community leaders and influencers to share their vaccination experience live on air. Click here to get ideas. Trusted voices at local stations – including anchors, meteorologists, sportscasters, DJs and their loved ones – can make a big difference in combatting hesitancy and increasing vaccine confidence. Together, we can help the public get the answers they need to make the most informed decisions for themselves and their families.

To find a local pharmacist in your area, click here.


These materials have been developed for educational purposes only, not as a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. Should you have questions or concerns about any topic described here, please consult your medical or legal professional.

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