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Crystal Radio Awards

Entry Rules

The entry window for the 2022 NAB Crystal Radio Awards opens January 1, 2022.

Only NAB member radio stations in good standing are eligible to participate in the nomination process.

Entry Rules

  • Entries must include all four sections to be eligible for judging.
  • Only NAB member radio stations in good standing are eligible to participate in the nomination process.
  • Entries must be received by the NAB no later than January 31, 2022.
  • Commercial and non-commercial over-the-air radio stations in the U.S. are eligible to enter.
  • Each submission may cover only one station's community service efforts.
  • Entry should include all community service efforts that occurred during the 2021 calendar year: January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021.
  • Entry fee is $60. You must pay online by credit card.

Recipients of a 2021 NAB Crystal Radio Award are not eligible to enter until next year.

Submission Guidelines

  • Call letters must appear on all pages.
  • All sections must be clearly identified.
  • Any section containing photos or entry information will be included in the page count for that section.
  • Entries must meet all entry requirements in order to be considered.
  • Entry gives NAB the right to use all video from the awards ceremony, station name, and entry content – in whole or in part for promotional and other purposes without additional consideration.
  • In submitting this entry, entrant certifies that it holds all legal rights to the material submitted, and entrant hereby irrevocably grants to NAB the nonexclusive right to use said material in whatever manner NAB deems proper, including the production of books, audio tapes and other media.

Section 1: Summary

All entries must be accompanied by a summary of no more than 200 words, describing your station's community service efforts during the 2021 calendar year. This section should be a summation of sections two through four. Should your station be a finalist, this description will be used by the NAB to publicize your achievement as submitted, so please double check your spelling and grammar.

  • This section must be in paragraph form with complete sentences; no bullet points.
  • No quotes may be included within the summary.
  • NAB reserves the right to edit summaries published online or in the Crystal Finalist booklet.

NOTE: It is recommended that applicants have someone who did not write the summary review it before submission.

Section 2: Consistent Local Programming and Coverage

Three pages maximum
Read instructions carefully

This section should contain all public service efforts that were not in conjunction with a community event in which the station participated. The following information should be included in this section:

  • Regularly scheduled community affairs programs. List the length of the programs, when they air, and a general overview of the topics covered. Also note if the programs were produced by the station.
  • News and weather coverage that is part of your regularly scheduled programming. List length and frequency of broadcasts.
  • Special News and weather coverage that is not part of regularly scheduled programming.
  • Special features. Any documentaries or special coverage that is not part of a regular community affairs program.
  • Election coverage that is not part of regularly-scheduled news broadcasts.
  • Radiothons that were conducted from the station studio, rather than from somewhere in the community. (Radiothons conducted in the community - hospitals, malls, etc. - should be noted in Section 3.)
  • Public Service Announcements - Must be listed in total minutes.
  • You must indicate the number of PAID minutes vs. the number of UNPAID minutes.
  • Do not include PSAs and promos for community events in which the station was involved (this should be included in Section 3).

Section 3: Station-involved Community Service Events

Seven pages maximum
Read instructions carefully

This section is for community service events that the station either conducted or sponsored.

  • All events should be listed in chronological order.
  • Use the following template in organizing your information for each event and include:

Event Name/Date(s):
      Benefiting Group:
      The station is: Primary Organizer or Support Sponsor

Please note:

Any event not labeled as either Primary Organizer or Support Sponsor will be disqualified.

Primary Organizer is defined as a station that is the originator of the event; develops the event from conception to execution, and has an onsite presence.

Support Sponsor is defined as a station that serves as a media sponsor and/or a secondary event promoter. This includes events that are held in conjunction with one or more sister stations where you are not the Primary Organizer; please include call letters of all participating station(s).


On-air support prior to the event (interviews, PSAs, promo spots):
On-air support during/after event (remotes, live reports):
Online support (streaming, web page presence, emails, social media):
Total staff hours contributed:

Event result (:30 elevator speech; if an annual event, please indicate year-over- year results):

Section 4: Other

Two pages maximum
Read instructions carefully

In this section, list contributions the station has made to the community that do not fall within the previous sections. Examples of things that would fit into this section would be:

  • Staff appearances not mentioned in Section 3 (school visits, volunteer emcee duties, etc.). Do not include appearances where the staff member received compensation from the sponsoring group.
  • Monetary and in-kind donations. List amount and group receiving donation.
  • Online or social media support of groups/organizations.
  • Station-sponsored volunteer work. List total overall hours contributed and benefiting groups.

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