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NAB Launches The Go-to Resource for Viewer Education

Nearly 1,000 local TV stations must move to new frequencies beginning next year due to the spectrum incentive auction. This will impact viewers who watch TV over the air with an antenna, as well as radio listeners whose stations may have to go off the air while tower work is completed. To help prepare viewers for these upcoming changes, NAB launched the website as the go-to resource for consumers for rescanning information. It includes a database for viewers to learn which stations are moving and when, as well as instructions on how to rescan their TV sets.

NAB is urging stations to use the tools available to help educate viewers at NAB has crafted messaging based on research to minimize viewer confusion and help explain how to rescan TVs and converter boxes. Tools are available in English and Spanish.

NAB will roll out customizable spots for stations and a video to help viewers understand how to rescan their TV sets in early 2018.

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