Next Gen TV

Broadcasters Secure FCC Approval for Next Gen TV Voluntary Deployment

In a win for consumers and broadcast innovation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the voluntary deployment of the Next Generation TV standard in November.

Next Gen TV will revolutionize the viewing experience, allowing broadcasters to offer better pictures and sound, better reception, and innovative features and services. It also offers the potential to significantly enhance public safety, with devices that can "wake up" to warn viewers, and public warnings that are geo-targeted with rich media, interactivity and mobility.

Broadcasters applauded the Commission for recognizing stations' commitment to innovating and adapting to a digital media landscape to better serve viewers. The order allows broadcasters to deploy the Next Gen TV standard subject to local simulcasting arrangements using the current DTV standard to preserve service to viewers.

NAB will continue to lead efforts to educate policymakers about Next Gen TV's great benefits to viewers and will continue to work with the FCC to minimize regulatory burdens that may be imposed in the transition process. Learn more about Next Gen TV here.

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