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New Year Updates

We are months away from the beginning of Phase 1 of the repack, and we are gearing up for a busy winter and spring in our outreach. We kicked off January with a trip to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where we shared information about the upcoming repack with antenna manufacturers and retailers, as well as broadcast engineers. Our focus on outreach will also grow to include Capitol Hill and partner briefings and retailer partnerships, particularly with antenna wholesalers. We’re excited to bring you more updates, tools and resources in the coming months. Please continue to share your feedback and send questions to

CES Show Updates

TVAnswers @ CES

This year, NAB's TV Answers campaign representatives attended the CES Show in Las Vegas to meet with relevant groups, such as antenna manufacturers and retailers, to share our information about the repack and need for many viewers to rescanning their TVs when stations in their market move to new frequencies. We also met with many television engineers to ensure they are up to date on the marketing resources available to help their stations educate viewers.

Antenna Inserts

We have also recently solidified a partnership with Antennas Direct to provide information in all antenna packaging that alerts viewers to the fact that many stations are moving to new frequencies in the coming months and years. The information directs users to the website for rescanning instructions, and provides our social media handles for more access to news and alerts. Click here to see the insert. Feel free to distribute it to your viewers or provide it online.

Government Relations Activities

U.S. Capitol

Repack Funding Update

NAB has been hard at work with congressional leadership, as well as leaders from the Commerce and Appropriations Committees in both the House and the Senate, to ensure that all television and radio broadcasters are fully reimbursed for their repack expenditures. With Congress needing to resolve outstanding budget framework questions and complete FY18 funding in the coming weeks, NAB has been in continuous contact with these legislators, advocating that these funding vehicles include repack funds.

If you have personal relationships with members of Congress and their offices on Capitol Hill, please continue to remind them that the existing repack reimbursement fund will be insufficient and that broadcasters need to be reimbursed for their costs. If not, local broadcasters will be faced with tough choices that may lead to a decrease in locally focused services. We encourage you to share this website with your legislators to help educate them on this issue. Click here for the latest issue sheet on spectrum repacking and reimbursement.

FCC News

FCC Announces Freeze on Filing Window for Low Power TV Stations

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has previously announced that it will open a filing window for low power and television translator stations displaced by the auction to seek new channels. On December 20, 2017, the Media Bureau announced a freeze on the filing of applications for technical changes for low power and television translator stations. This is necessary to provide a stable picture of what channels may be available for displaced stations. The FCC has stated it will provide at least 60 days’ notice before the opening of this filing window; we currently expect the window to open sometime early in the second quarter of this year.

As a reminder, if you have questions concerning reimbursement or filing requirements, you can contact the appropriate people at the FCC here.

Have You Set a Transition Date? Let Us Know!

In order for NAB to help your station educate viewers, we need to know exactly when you are making the transition, whether that is due to a channel sharing agreement or the repack. As your plans become firm, please let us know the date you'll be moving to a new frequency by filling out this simple form.

TVAnswers Resources

If you are responsible for multiple stations, you can also send an email to and we'll populate our database on to ensure your station information is current and accurate.

We encourage your feedback. If you have questions or information to share with other stations, please email us at

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