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Diversity Speaks

Conscious Equality - A Holistic Approach to Addressing DEI Issues in your Work

This series of webinars will share helpful information to build and execute effective DEI strategies and promote an equitable and diverse workforce in the broadcasting industry that is reflective of today's world.

In this session, Craggs-Milne will masterfully weave personal and professional stories together to share the principles that underpin a Conscious Equality approach to doing DEI work. She will also go through her unique four-part Conscious Equality framework, which she developed using key insights gathered from two decades of global social justice work across multiple sectors. The framework provides a practical approach to assessing your DEI work and building on your current efforts in a meaningful way. It helps answer the question "why haven't we made more progress to date on DEI, gender equality and other related initiatives in our organizations?" and offers some key considerations that all DEI initiatives would benefit from. You are sure to see DEI from a very new perspective that will leave you with new ideas and ways of doing this work.

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