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The retransmission consent process allows broadcasters to negotiate for the retransmission of their programming by cable and satellite operators. This negotiation process allows local television stations to continue to provide the best content and services for their viewers and communities and the system is working as intended. Click the images below to view and download high-resolution PDF advertisements supporting the current retransmission consent process. These ads can be used by stations to help advocate this issue on their websites or other forums.

Viewers Win When Everybody Plays Fair They are the one percent.
Viewers Win When Everybody Plays Fair You Know a Bad Actor When You See One...
Retransmission Consent: The Fact Speak for Themselves Why is Big Cable Asking Congress for a Fix?Retransmission Consent: Who's Responsible for Higher Cable Prices?
Why is Big Cable Asking Congress for a Fix? From the Mouths of Cable Giants Freedom is a Good Thing. Viewers Have Options

Compromise benefits TV viewers
An op-ed from NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith
Politico November 16, 2010

Click here for a printable issue sheet on retransmission consent.

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Retransmission Consent Revenue at Work: Reinvesting in Local News and Programming.

Joint Broadcaster Associations Final Opposition to Retransmission Consent Petition

The Economics of Retransmission Consent

Retransmission Consent and Economic Welfare: A Reply to Compass Lexecon

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