Ensuring Broadcast Ownership Rules
that Reflect the Competitive Marketplace

Broadcast Ownership Rules

In response to an NAB lawsuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit released an order on September 29 giving the FCC 90 days to either complete the 2018 quadrennial review of its broadcast ownership rules or show cause why the NAB's petition for mandamus shouldn't be granted.

  • In April NAB filed a petition seeking to require the completion of this review, arguing that the delay leaves in place antiquated broadcast-only rules that even predate satellite, cable and the internet.
  • On December 26, the FCC complied with the D.C. Circuit’s order to finally complete its long-delayed 2018 quadrennial review. By a 3-2 vote, the FCC declined to modernize its outdated broadcast ownership rules and, in fact, tightened its Top Four Prohibition as part of the Local TV Ownership Rule. NAB is evaluating its legal options as a result.
  • "This ruling is an important step to compel a review that the record makes clear is necessary to allow local broadcasters to more fairly compete and deliver our trusted, locally-focused programming in a transformed media marketplace," said NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt.

Why it matters:

Broadcasters not only compete against each other but also with digital behemoths in a crowded media marketplace where international streaming giants and Big Tech companies threaten the viability of local media - the most trusted source of news.