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New Resources Available to Stations at NAB Coronavirus Toolkit

NAB is providing new tools and resources, including PSAs from the Red Cross and Ad Council, coverage of what stations are doing to keep their communities informed and more in the NAB Coronavirus Response Toolkit. The tools include guidance on prevention and precautions, creating response management teams and trusted sources. NAB thanks the many stations already running these PSAs, with airings worth up to $10 million in the first week alone.

NAB's PSAs in English and Spanish inform audiences how they can help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases and learn more at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coronavirus website, Please note that editing the downloaded spot to incorporate your station logo or additional elements may inadvertently remove the embedded closed captioning. If this occurs, stations should provide their own closed captioning.

We urge you to clear some inventory to air these PSAs as often as possible. As the coronavirus presents more challenges to local communities, our audiences and policymakers look to broadcasters to provide accurate and timely information to help keep the public safe, and Congress will recognize and appreciate the leadership of broadcasters in this effort.

NAB has heard from viewers that are concerned about the lack of access to American Sign Language (ASL) during coronavirus coverage. While broadcasting images of an ASL interpreter on screen is not a federal or FCC requirement, NAB urges stations to take extra steps to make their coverage accessible to as many viewers as possible.

We thank you for your extraordinary service to your communities. As new tools become available in the coming days, we’ll alert stations. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions.

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