June 2020

Spectrum Repack Closes in on Final Phase

Phase 10, the final phase of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) spectrum repack, is set to end on Friday, July 3, 2020. Of the 105 stations scheduled to transition by this date, several have asked for extensions. Today, the FCC released an order to grant WFOX-TV Jacksonville, Fl., an extension to complete its transition by September 8, 2020. This is welcome news as it paves the way for other stations to request waivers should they not be able to complete their transitions by the final deadline. The order expressly grants the FCC's Media Bureau authority going forward to grant such requests, thus no longer requiring a full Commission vote to effectuate such an extension.

In total, almost 1,000 TV stations will have changed frequencies since the spectrum repack began in September 2018. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) applauds these stations and their dedicated staff for the tireless work these transition involved. We know it wasn't easy. We know it wasn't fast. But in true pioneering broadcast fashion, stations persevered to get a difficult job done. However, there is still much work yet to be completed. Even though the FCC's original 10-phase timetable ends on July 3, the work to complete transitions continues for many stations.

Some stations will continue to operate at low power while transition work continues. Tower crew availability remains scarce, and stations continue to operate with minimal staff as quarantine restrictions limit full employee onsite capacity. The COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it has presented have caused some stations to delay their transitions to avoid service interruptions.

If your station will not be able to meet the July 3 deadline, contact your FCC regional coordinator as soon as possible.

If your station is operating on temporary facilities or for any reason is having difficulties transitioning, please let us know at And don't forget about the helpful tools at

  • Talking points
  • Sample scripts
  • Automated phone messaging
  • Sample social media posts and graphics
  • Customizable spots that instruct viewers how to rescan their TVs or converter boxes

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Don't Delay in Submitting Final Invoices for Reimbursement

If your station has completed its transition, make sure to finalize your close-out procedures and submit final invoices for reimbursement from the FCC. You've done the hard part of changing frequencies and managing your transition, so make sure your station receives reimbursement in a timely fashion. You can check this link 每 FCC resources 每 for more information on how to complete the required reimbursement forms and submissions.

Let's Hear From Viewers

Here is a sampling of recent viewer comments on the TV Answers Facebook page.

I went from 41 stations to 59 stations after re-scanning this last time. 每 Judy T.

Regardless, of how aggravating these repacks and changes may be, it still beats the heck out of paying for local TV via cable or satellite. With a good antenna plus free-streaming apps like Pluto and VUDU, there's no need in paying for TV. 每 Jeff F.

We did the rescan weeks ago and had great stations and a few weeks ago they went away I'm not happy about this at all. 每 Stacey K.

If your antenna has a powered amp, try unplugging the amp and rescan. sometimes the powered amp can cause problems with sensitive signals 每 Jim B.

I can only get 4 channels. Local. I got a good antenna. My neighbor in same building. Same floor. Gets a lot !!! 每 Joanna V.

I have over the air inside HD antenna, I get about 60 channels free 每 Bob W.

We'll Still be Here to Help!

It's been our pleasure to help you educate your viewers about the repack, how and when to rescan, and what to do if they are losing channels. We will continue to support stations past the official FCC end date of July 3, as we know many stations have much work left to do. NAB members may reach out to or call the NAB Member Concierge at (202) 775-2555 with questions at anytime.