May 2020

Speak Up if Your Station Needs an Extension

Phase 9 of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) spectrum repack ended on May 1 with more than 40 stations changing frequencies. The number of stations transitioning in Phase 9 was reduced by almost 50 percent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many delayed their transitions to avoid service interruptions during the crisis. The final Phase 10 launched on May 2 and is set to end on July 3, 2020.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) supports stations in their commitment to meet the deadline for their transition, but we also recognize the difficulties the pandemic has caused.

If your station needs more time to make your transition, it’s critically important that you request an extension or waiver as soon as possible. We want to hear from you if your station is anticipating any delay or issues with your transition.
Please click here to answer a few questions which will help us better advocate for you. All information submitted will be kept confidential. You can also find details for how to make the extension request here and you can contact your FCC regional coordinator with status updates as well.

NAB members may reach out to or call the NAB Member Concierge at (202) 775-2555 with questions or concerns regarding the stimulus legislation. 

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Let's Hear From Viewers

Here is a sampling of recent viewer comments on the TV Answers Facebook page.

Your TV stations tells you when to rescan. Back in February we had to rescan but they advertised it 2 months ahead of time. – Todd G.

OK our TV controller went on the fritz. So is there a manual for rescan? – Ellen G.
I’ve had to rescan my TV several times– Judy T.

In Detroit after rescan day it took about a week for me to get most of my channels back. Make sure you have a good antenna because I lost a few channels because they moved to low VHF and very few antennas do low VHF.
– Andy M.

I rescanned my yesterday. Got 48 channels.
– Lou Ann G.

I like what I'm getting so does rescanning mean I might lose some or get more?
– Ann C.

I live in NC and I get 35 channels using a clear view antenna.– Beverly G.

I've bought several different antennas, I used to get all of them now I get only three, I've moved my antenna around my room and rescanned my TV every time and still only get 3 channels
– Kenneth H.

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