February 2020

Phase 8 of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) spectrum repack kicked off on January 18 and will continue through March 13, 2020. A total of 81 stations in 19 states are part of this phase, bringing the multi-year initiative closer to the final Phase 10. You can help us help you – and your viewers – by letting us know if your station has to operate on an interim antenna or at a lower power to meet the FCC deadline. This allows us to respond appropriately to viewer questions and advocate on your behalf with the FCC.

Please email us at and contact your FCC regional coordinator regarding any potential issues with your transition so that we can collectively support your efforts and minimize viewer dissatisfaction. Viewers are much less likely to get frustrated if they feel they have full information, and we’re here to help share that information.   

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Station Requests for Reimbursement Lagging

If your station has completed its transition, make sure to finalize close-out procedures and submit final invoices for reimbursement from the FCC. Many stations haven’t completed these final steps even though they have finished the transition, according to the FCC. You can check FCC resources for further information.

Let's Hear From Viewers

We all know how people like to engage with Facebook. Here is a sampling of recent viewer comments that provides a sense of what people are saying, asking, and in some cases, requesting assistance with on the TV Answers Facebook page.

Rescan needed here recently in Tampa area for Ch 28. Actual scan was quick - eliminating the extraneous stations that I don’t ever watch took over two hours total! Had to do it on two TV’s and a DVR and a DTV PAL. – John H.

After the DTV repacking here in the Los Angeles viewing area, there are still some channels I can’t receive no [matter] how I place my indoor or outdoor antenna.
– Richard S.

I just rescanned gained 7 channels.
– Phyllis P.

Sometimes rescanning takes away the channels I already have.
– Diane S.

I have a cheap antenna and get 23 channels in Sparta Wisconsin. That's all I need.
– Christine D.

I rescan often, after bad weather, every morning. I have come up with new channels this way.
– Doreen M.

Most channels will give notice of a location move date. If I lose a channel, I rescan.
– Raymond P.

Some stations are temporarily using low power during the repacking process. We lost several channels here which are now operating at reduced power, since we are about 27-30 miles from the TV transmitters.
– Joseph T.

Seems ironic or something that OTA tv is the new thing.
– Neil B.

Click here for suggested social media posts to inform your viewers when to rescan.

Station Spotlights: WFTV, WMOR TV and WWL-TV Go the Extra Mile

Stations have done a great job providing helpful videos to assist their antenna TV viewers in understanding the repack and what they need to do about it. WFTV Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, Fla., posted this video that not only provides easy “how to rescan” information, but also a behind-the-scenes peek into what the station had to do to change frequencies. It took more than three years and included using a helicopter to replace an antenna on a 1,610-foot tower.  

WFTV video

Also in Florida, the crew at WMOR-TV in Tampa-St. Petersburg has made sure their Operation Rescan campaign is front and center. Check out this video on their Facebook page.

WMOR video

In New Orleans, WWL-TV offers helpful visuals for their viewers in this video that shows just how easy a TV rescan can be.


If your station has produced a video, let us know. We’d love to feature it on our blog and in this newsletter.

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The latest story on the TV Answers blog shares how antennas have provided free local TV to millions of Americans for more than 70 years and outlines tips for viewers to ensure they are getting all of the available channels they can access no matter the type of antenna.

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