Summer is officially here, and as we prepare for the first official phase of the repack in September, it is imperative that stations alert their viewers to make a #PlanToRescan. Stations can find a checklist of activities at to keep you on track to prepare for the upcoming changes. We recently included updates to the checklist, so read on to learn more.

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TV Answers Blog

TV Answers Blog

This month, TV Answers officially launched its new blog, which provides additional information and resources from our third-party partners, stations and the TV Answers team to help viewers understand upcoming station frequency moves, how to prepare for them and stay informed. Check out our first blog post here on the latest TV station frequency moves.

FCC Update

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a draft proposal to establish rules regarding the reimbursement of FM radio stations and low-power television (LPTV) and TV translator stations affected by repacking. This proposal follows congressional approval in March of additional funds to reimburse FM and LPTV and translator stations, which were previously not eligible for reimbursement. The draft generally proposes to follow a similar process for reimbursement to the existing process for full-power television stations, under which FM and LPTV stations would submit cost estimates that the FCC would review and approve. Under the draft proposal, LPTV and translator stations would be eligible for reimbursement of costs to relocate to new channels following the repack, and FM stations would be eligible for reimbursement of at least a portion of costs incurred due to permanent relocation or modification of their facilities or auxiliary facilities if necessary to maintain service. The Commission is likely to vote to approve a version of this proposal at its August 2 meeting, and broadcasters will have an opportunity to file comments and reply comments in this proceeding.

Checklist Updates:
Notify PSIP Data Service Providers and Nielsen

TV Answers Blog

With phase 1 of the repack quickly approaching, we want to remind you to review the checklist for stations at Sharing information regularly helps keep your viewers informed of the changes to come in your local area and ensures consistent and accurate communication.

We have recently added a new item to the checklist related to channel guides that we learned from a station that has already made the transition. Thanks to our friends at TitanTV for breaking this issue down for us! They advise that stations inform their current online guide provider to let them know they are changing frequencies, especially if they are also changing their virtual number (major and/or minor numbers). Stations should also alert the major four data providers if they are changing their virtual numbers. If the virtual numbers don’t change, they do not need to inform them since nothing will change on their end. The four data providers include:

Any of the major data providers could take 48 to 72 hours to update in their systems, depending what day of the week they are informed and the time of the day.

They also advise notifying the PSIP Data Service Provider a minimum of two weeks prior to the estimated repack date, which directly affects over-the-air viewers. The following information should be noted in the station’s communication to the PSIP Data Service Provider:

  • Note what the new RF channel number will be.
  • Note if the major and/or minor channel numbers are changing, if so to what.
  • Note if they are removing any minor channels due to the change of frequency. This could be due to the station entering into a channel sharing situation where there isn’t enough spectrum for all their minor channels anymore. 

TitanTV suggests following up with the PSIP Data Service Providers once the repack date has been confirmed so they can make sure they have everything updated on their end for the transition. PSIP Data Service Providers include TitanTV, Gracenote (formerly TMS), and Rovi/TiVo (formerly TV Guide), linked above.

Also, as you are prepare for your frequency move, don’t forget to provide your information to Nielsen. Specifically, be sure to share your call letters and channel changes, including both old and new, as well as the expected rescan date and time. You may provide this information via email to This information is needed so Nielsen, who is actively editing Monitoring Equipment to ensure accurate ratings for your station, has the most recent and accurate information for your station.

Have You Set a Transition Date? Let Us Know!

As your transition plans become firm, please let us know the date you’ll be moving to a new frequency by completing this form.

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