April came and went with the NAB Show. From VIP seating at the luncheons to Government Relations information sessions and our donor reception, NABPAC works hard to provide networking opportunities and special benefits for our contributors. See below for photos from PAC events during NAB Show.

Priorities are taking shape on Capitol Hill, and NABPAC wants to ensure you are updated on important broadcasting issues. Read on as members of our Legal and Government Relations teams brief us on where several hot-button items stand in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As always, the more broadcasters that engage in the political process, the stronger we are as an industry.

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The Latest from Capitol Hill

The performance tax and advertising deductibility remain active broadcasting issues on Capitol Hill. Click below for the latest on both topics from NAB lobbyist Shawn Donilon.

Performance Tax | Advertising Deductibility

FCC Votes to Reinstate UHF Discount

The FCC, under Chairman Ajit Pai’s leadership, recently voted to reinstate the ultra-high frequency (UHF) discount, reversing a 2016 decision from the Tom Wheeler Commission. Citing NAB’s argument in its reversal, the Commission agreed that the discount is “inextricably linked” to the 39 percent national cap. The FCC also agreed with NAB that eliminating the discount effectively tightened that national cap without addressing whether such a change was warranted under today’s marketplace dynamics. In its decision, however, the Commission noted that it plans to open a proceeding later this year to jointly consider whether the UHF discount and/or the 39 percent national cap serve the public interest. NAB will update members as that proceeding gets underway.

NABPAC @ NAB Show Recap

Thank you to state association executive underwriters listed below for helping make the PAC reception possible! Click here to see photos from the NAB Show.

Ohio: Chris Merritt
California: Joe Berry
Illinois: Dennis Lyle
Nebraska: Jim Timm
Montana: Dewey Bruce
Virginia: Doug Easter
Missouri: Mark Gordon

South Carolina: Margaret Wallace
New Mexico: Paula Maes
Louisiana: Polly Johnson
Georgia: Bob Houghton
Wisconsin: Michelle Vetterkind
Pennsylvania: Joe Conti


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