Published April 5, 2024

AI Takes Center Stage at 2024 NAB Show

AI is taking center-stage at the NAB Show – literally and figuratively! Hear what Daniel Anstandig, CEO and co-founder of Futuri Media, and Ameca, an autonomously AI-powered humanoid robot (yes - you read that right!) share about the many ways AI is being used to enhance content, operations, sales, marketing, and more in the broadcasting space. We discuss Ameca’s presence at the Show and how the over 120 NAB Show sessions on AI will offer solutions for broadcasters to leverage AI across all roles within the industry.

We follow that up with NAB’s vice president of communications and content marketing for NAB Global Connections and Events, Elizabeth Donatelli, who speaks with Karen Chupka, new managing director and incoming executive vice president of NAB Global Connections and Events, on how attendees can navigate all the educational and networking opportunities offered at NAB Show, and what differentiates the Show from others to make it a must-attend event.

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