Broadcast Cybersecurity: The Essentials


Have you been hacked? Do you know someone that has?

The April cyberattack on France’s TV5Monde was a wakeup call. Even though broadcasters do not deliver IP-connected services directly to the public, our businesses rely heavily on Internet-based technologies for our on-air operations. Those technologies can and have been exploited.

While TV5Monde may have awakened us, it was far from the only attack to impact broadcasters. Stations in the US have been subject to hacks of their RDS and EAS systems, ransomware attacks, and malware attacks.

What can you do to protect your operations and ensure that you are able to serve your audience at times of greatest needs?

On March 23, 2016, from 2 - 3 p.m. EDT NAB will host Broadcast Cybersecurity: The Essentials. We've assembled a panel of experts that will provide you with a framework for preparing your broadcast operation regardless.

Progressing from the NIST Framework and CSRIC recommendations, our panel will focus on how to enhance your existing disaster recovery and continuity of operation plans in anticipation of cyberattack.

Our panel includes:

Broadcast Cybersecurity: The Essentials


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