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June 30

The Future of Work, Part I

As America adjusts to lower COVID-19 case numbers and higher COVID-19 vaccination rates, a "new normal" of life and work is emerging. Research firm SmithGeiger will present on the culture resets, workflows and health and safety measures being adopted by workplaces across the country. Then, a panel of broadcasting HR experts will detail what adjustments stations are making and discuss hybrid workplace models. This session is a precursor to conversations scheduled for Radio Show, Sales and Management Television Exchange and Business of Media events at NAB Show this October.

Host: Josh Miely, director, Education, National Association of Broadcasters

Presenter: Andrew Finlayson, executive vice president of Digital and Social Media Strategies, SmithGeiger

Moderator: Michelle Duke, president, NAB Leadership Foundation (NABLF), Chief Diversity Officer, NAB

Panelists: Candace Anderson, vice president, People and Culture, The E.W. Scripps Company; Kate Doty, Director of Talent and Team Development, Morgan Murphy Media; Michele Laven, chief human resources officer and Chief Diversity Officer, iHeartMedia

August 11

Revenue Revival

No one could have predicted the impact that the pandemic had on sales. As our industry rebounds, how do we get back to 2019 levels and higher? What should, and will, the revenue mix look like between digital, social, podcast and OTA, and does that differ from local agency, direct and national? How do we maximize to get there and what are the categories that are most ripe for business?

Host: Alli Romano, Audio Insites columnist, Media Village (Moderator)

Panelist: Erik Hellum, chief operating officer, Local Media, Townsquare

Panelist: Nicky Sparrow, senior vice president, Multicultural Sales, Markets Group, iHeartMedia

Panelist: Steve Goldstein, senior vice president, Sales Strategy, Hubbard Radio and senior vice president and general manager, 2060 Digital

August 18

How Good Design Can Help Elevate Your Presence

With powerful design tools more readily available than ever before, this interactive discussion will delve into some key (and easy) ways in which small and mid-market digital sales executives can leverage these tools to create a powerful personal presence.

Host: Josh Miely, director, Education, National Association of Broadcasters

Presenter: Gagan Nirula, vice president, Digital, National Association of Broadcasters

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