November 8, 2010
NAB Pulse

NAB Remains Vigilant in Stopping Performance Rights Act

If you’re in the radio business, then you know NAB’s top radio legislative issue is battling the Performance Rights Act. This legislation would impose devastating fees on the radio industry – fees that would be paid to record labels and performers simply for the “right” to play their music.

NAB is unalterably opposed to this legislation, and has been very successful in preventing the Performance Rights Act from passing in the 111th Congress by executing a two-track strategy – utilizing the strength of our grassroots to oppose the Performance Rights Act while at the same time participating in good faith discussions with the recording industry to secure a positive outcome for radio.

This strategy has proven extremely effective. However, Congress is preparing to return on November 15, for what is known as a “lame duck session,” which occurs following an election. It is common during a lame duck session that smaller bills are bundled with larger bills in an attempt to move legislation quickly. Should there be a congressional effort to move the Performance Rights Act, NAB will aggressively fight it, and we will need your help – we may ask you to contact your representatives and take to the airwaves as you did successfully in February to keep this bill from becoming law and devastating the radio industry. We will also continue our good faith dialogue and ensure we keep the high ground with lawmakers during the lame duck session.

NAB exists for one reason: to ensure broadcasters have a favorable regulatory climate in which to operate your businesses and spur the development of new technologies and services for your audiences. Our number one priority is serving as your advocate in Washington, D.C., and helping to build a bright future for radio and television.

Over the past year, we have improved the perception of NAB on Capitol Hill. We have earned the respect of policymakers who have the ability to pass laws that can make or break your business. We have gained enormous credibility that will serve broadcasters well now and in the future. And by executing a two-track strategy that is in the best interest of radio’s long-term health, NAB is fulfilling its commitment to broadcasters.

NAB is working to secure a bright future for radio and prevent the imposition of drastic legislation that could cripple stations. Our number one priority is protecting the best interests of broadcasters. For further information visit


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