There's a new way to protect your station's license. It's no longer enough to do great things for your viewers, listeners and community – you also have to tell your legislators what you are doing and why it matters. Don't let policymakers take you for granted. Every day, they are bombarded with requests from cable, wireless, satellite, record labels and others who want to pass legislation that would significantly harm your business. Let's ensure they are also hearing regularly from their constituent broadcasters (and your broadcast audiences) about the immense value you provide your communities.

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You are already doing amazing things for your community, you simply need to tell your legislators. Invite them to participate in your efforts. Make them partners in your service to communities. Easy tips and tactics are all part of your playbook.


Talk About

  • Your lifeline role during emergencies
  • The impact of investigative journalism
  • Your contributions to the local economy
  • Innovative ways you're serving your audience
  • Charitable giving and philanthropy


Quick Steps

  • Identify legislators your signal reaches
  • Keep them informed of your activities
  • Meet with your members of Congress
  • Invite them to partner on projects
  • Connect and amplify your work on social media
  • Ask partners to help tout your work



Get the latest news on legislative issues facing broadcasters and learn how to use social media to engage with policymakers.


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