Bill Murray

Senior Consultant/Digital Strategist
WBAY-TV 2, Green Bay, WI

A veteran with over 30 years in marketing, Bill Murray has excelled in growing businesses. It’s about understanding how businesses operate and knowing how to help a business take their unfair share of market as well as working side by side with business owners to cut out the dead weight and create significant growth strategies. It’s about providing in-house sales training when necessary to help client employees understand their worth. In essence, it’s a customer-focused approach on steroids.

This approach has brought on solid success stories. A small used truck dealership selling 30 units a month now sells over 300 per month 13 years later. A home improvement company went from $300,000 to well over $35 million just seven years later. A nutrition company went from a $150,000 hobby business to now a million dollar company in just a couple years.

When in college, I saw my parents’ video rental business excel. They doubled their space in just two years and added another location a year later. Then the Blockbusters and Family Videos of the world came into the picture and pretty much wiped out my parents’ business. They had to sell the business for pennies on the dollar. I learned early on in my career that the businesses we’re working with are making real decisions, with real money, with potential life changing experiences (whether good or bad). These are real people taking out second mortgages, business loans, etc. Simply put, this experience has created the utmost passion within my inner being to change people’s lives with the service I provide them.

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