Robin Flynn

Robin V. Flynn

Robin V. Flynn, with 29 years of experience in analyzing broadcast and cable TV, is senior research director for Media and Communications (SNL Kagan) offering of S&P Global Market Intelligence. She is also senior research analyst for Media and Communications Consulting Services. She specializes in the valuation and analysis of television, radio and cable television properties in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to acting as consultant and appraiser to the broadcast, cable and other media, Ms. Flynn also contributes analytical commentary as senior research analyst for numerous newsletters, including Broadcast Investor: Deals & Finance and Cable TV Investor: Deals & Finance. She has served in a consulting capacity for various litigations involving the media and has provided valuation testimony and trial exhibits. In addition, Ms. Flynn regularly serves as moderator at media and communications conferences and speaks at other industry events. Her industry expertise has made Ms. Flynn a frequently quoted analyst in numerous trade publications as well as such national press as Forbes and The New York Times and regional newspapers including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Los Angeles Times.

Prior to joining the firm in January 1988, Ms. Flynn was employed by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in Washington, D.C., where she conducted feasibility analyses of proposed overseas investment projects. Earlier, she worked with Scudder, Stevens & Clark, an investment counsel firm in Boston, Mass., in developing an international investment fund for Canadian institutional investors.

Ms. Flynn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University, a certificate in Contemporary French Studies from the Sorbonne in Paris, and an MBA in Finance from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.