The Omni, Nashville, TN
September 13-15, 2018

Tom Ray

Executive Vice President
Jim Doyle & Associates

A perennial favorite speaker at National Association of Broadcasters conferences, Tom has been introduced as the premier television sales trainer in the country. Former NAB board member Madelyn Bonnot Griffin says, “Tom’s presentations always combine practical best practices balanced by creative strategy that improves traditional thinking.”

Tom brings over 30 years of local media experience to your team. From radio to broadcast and cable television to five years in internet development and marketing, Tom’s diverse background gives him a unique perspective on driving results for the local advertiser.

For the past decade, Tom has traveled the country 25+ weeks a year, helping sales teams and advertisers discover what works and what doesn’t in local advertising.

Panel: Chihuahuas and Pitbulls Live

Tom Ray, executive vice president, Jim Doyle & Associates

Kyle Hayden, local sales manager, WPSD, Paducah, KY
Sue Layton, marketing drill sergeant, WTHR, Indiannapolis, IN
Bill Murray, senior consultant/digital strategist, WBAY-T, Green Bay, WI

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