NAB Virtual Academy for Radio: Delving Deep into Digital Schedule

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October 9, 2013
Five Key Elements for Developing a Successful Radio Digital Business Model
Discover the five key elements for developing a successful digital business model at your radio station, as well as specific steps towards implementation. Learn how to: set goals, recruit the right people, create longer-lasting client partnerships, drive more sustainable and quantifiable audience engagement and understand the digital landscapes of social, local, mobile and ad solutions for SMBs.

Presenters: Daniel Anstandig, president and CEO, Listener Driven Radio; Jon Erdahl, partner, 3D MediaVentures

November 20, 2013
Forecasting 2014 Digital Growth Trajectories in Radio

Local radio broadcasting is evolving into a multiplatform industry as stations serve audiences and advertisers not only over the airwaves but also via live streaming to mobile, tablet and desktop players. Hear new consumer and business research findings and learn how local radio operators can develop and implement digital strategies to build and maintain successful operations.

Presenters: Rick Ducey, managing director, BIA/Kelsey; Mark Fratrik, Ph.D., vice president/chief economist, BIA/Kelsey

January 29, 2014
Radio Digital Directors' Roundtable

Hear from the boots on the ground! Unearth the secrets of three of the radio industry's forward-thinking digital directors as they come together to discuss their theories and formulas for successful digital business growth. How do they see digital's role in radio? What products and services do they believe in? What do they expect from their staff? Where do they believe growth lies? Get answers to these questions, as well as many of your own, during this interactive roundtable!

Moderator: Skip Pizzi, senior director, New Media Technologies, NAB
Panelists: John Laur, digital director, WBAL/98Rock; John Meyer, director of digital media, WTOP-FM; Ralph Salierno, director of sales, digital lead, Star Radio Group