Account Executive Sales Seminar Series Schedule

All webcasts are presented LIVE from 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time. Each live session includes interactive Q&A with the webcast panel.

The Golden Years: Success with Senior Living

Host and Moderator
Brad Seitter, Senior Vice President, Local Division, TVB

Diana Brooks, Co-CEO, Founder and Owner, VSBrooks
Jim Glynn, Principal, GlynnDevins Senior Living Ad Agency
Brian Wexler, Director of National Multimedia Accounts, WTSP Tampa, Fla.

The discussion includes:

Build Your Bottom Line in Home Improvement

Brad Seitter, Senior Vice President, Local Division, TVB (Host and Moderator)
Lori Brown, General Sales Manager, KCTV/KSMO Kansas City, Mo.
Brian Allers, Senior Account Executive, KCTV Kansas City, Mo.
Jim and Joan Cattey, Owners, Smoke 'n' Fire

Discussion subjects include:

From the Smartphone to the Big Screen: Leveraging Multiscreen Viewing

Stacey Schulman, Chief Research Officer, TVB (Host and Moderator)
David Buonfiglio, Vice President, Interactive Sales, Informed Interactive
Laura Cowan, Research Director, LIN Media/KRQE Media Group
Matthew Davis, Director of Product Development, StepLeader

The discussion includes:

Make Every Season Valuable: Retail Advertising Strategies

Tina Coffman, General Sales Manager, WKRG Mobile, Ala.
Mark Bunting, Vice President and General Manager, WKRG Mobile, Ala.

Additional presenters to be announced!

Topics discussed include:

Each webcast is $150 or stations may subscribe to the entire series for a discounted fee of $450 for all four webcasts.

All webcasts are presented live from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern time. An archive will be available within 24 hours following the live webcast presentation.

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