Account Executive Sales Seminar Series Schedule

All webcasts are presented LIVE from 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time. Each live session includes interactive Q&A with the webcast panel.

The Golden Years: Success with Senior Living
Live Webcast: October 7, 2014

Host and Moderator
Brad Seitter, Senior Vice President, Local Division, TVB

Diana Brooks, Co-CEO, Founder and Owner, VSBrooks
Jim Glynn, Principal, GlynnDevins Senior Living Ad Agency
Brian Wexler, Director of National Multimedia Accounts, WTSP Tampa, Fla.

The discussion will include:

Build Your Bottom Line in Home Improvement

Brad Seitter, Senior Vice President, Local Division, TVB (Host and Moderator)
Lori Brown, General Sales Manager, KCTV/KSMO Kansas City, Mo.
Brian Allers, Senior Account Executive, KCTV Kansas City, Mo.
Jim and Joan Cattey, Owners, Smoke 'n' Fire

Discussion subjects include:

From the Smartphone to the Big Screen: Leveraging Multiscreen Viewing

Stacey Schulman, Chief Research Officer, TVB (Host and Moderator)
David Buonfiglio, Vice President, Interactive Sales, Informed Interactive
Laura Cowan, Research Director, LIN Media/KRQE Media Group
Matthew Davis, Director of Product Development, StepLeader

The discussion includes:

Make Every Season Valuable: Retail Advertising Strategies

Tina Coffman, General Sales Manager, WKRG Mobile, Ala.
Mark Bunting, Vice President and General Manager, WKRG Mobile, Ala.

Additional presenters to be announced!

Topics to be discussed include:

Each webcast is $150 or stations may subscribe to the entire series for a discounted fee of $450 for all four webcasts.

All webcasts are presented live from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern time. An archive will be available within 24 hours following the live webcast presentation.

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