AFD Ready Initiative

AFD Ready is an initiative created by television broadcasters to insure uniform and optimum program delivery of television broadcasts after the 2009 DTV Transition. Through this initiative, participants will work to increase awareness of AFD and promote its use throughout the television industry.

What is AFD?
AFD - Active Format Description - has been standardized by SMPTE, ATSC and CEA as a method of describing aspect ratio and picture characteristics of video signals. It has been used by broadcasters to dynamically control how down-conversion equipment formats widescreen 16:9 pictures for 4:3 displays.

Leading up to and after the 2009 DTV Transition, cable and satellite providers will down-convert HD broadcasts for distribution to their SD viewers. The primary goal of the AFD Ready Initiative is to drive the deployment of AFD technologies to ensure that the down-converted signals are displayed in the aspect ratio that content producers originally intended.

AFD Ready Technology Partners
The following broadcast and cable equipment manufacturers have voiced support for the AFD Ready Initiative and will be supporting AFD throughout their products.

Blonder Tongue Miranda Sencore
Cobalt Digital, Inc. Motorola Snell & Wilcox
DTV Exchange Norpak TANDBERG Television
Evertz NVISION Tektronix
EVS Omneon Telestream
Harmonic R.L. Drake Thompson/GVG
Harris Scientific Atlanta Tiernan
K-Tech Scopus  
Leader Instruments Seachange  

Professional AFD Ready ATSC Receiver/Down-Converters
A main component of the AFD Ready Initiative is to drive the deployment of AFD Ready cable head-end receiver/down-converter devices. Throughout 2008 and 2009, thousands of these devices will be installed at cable, DBS and Telco receive sites to down-convert off-air ATSC HD signals from your local station for their analog viewers.

Click here to download a list of Professional AFD Ready ATSC receiver/down-converter devices.

AFD Ready Consumer DTV Converter Boxes
"AFD support is included in some consumer DTV Converters, offering the benefits of AFD to off-air home viewers. The following is an unofficial list of NTIA Certified DTV Converters that support AFD."

AFD Test Material
To assist with verifying the operation of DTV receivers and converter boxes, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has set up an FTP site for exchanging ATSC encoded bitstreams with AFD. Bitstream files include test material that CEA has created and also sample material from broadcasters. For access to the FTP site please contact Brian Markwalter at CEA. Manufacturers who need baseband HD-SDI material with AFD in VANC should contact Clarence Hau at NBC Universal.

Contact Information
For additional information or for details on how to join the AFD Ready Initiative, please email Clarence Hau at NBC Universal.

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