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February 2019

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Radio and television broadcasters serve local communities every day. Stations provide lifeline emergency information, support our military, raise millions for hospitals and cancer research, collect food, clothes and toys, devote air time to election coverage, and promote education. Submit your station's stories to Suzie Raven.


WPTA Work Safety Investigation Prompts Action

Quincy’s ABC-NBC affiliate WPTA Fort Wayne, Ind., aired an investigative series, “Dying on the Job,” in December and January. The series focused on 23-year-old Shacarra Hogue, who died after her employer intentionally disabled safety features on the equipment she operated. After the company was fined only $6,300, WPTA reviewed every safety order issued by the state over six months and found that companies often pay small amounts for serious and repeated code violations. The stories inspired legislative reforms.

WGN Airs ‘Sold for Sex’ Special

Tribune-owned WGN Chicago aired “Sold for Sex: A WGN News Special” on January 25 to show how sex trafficking affects people of all races, religions and neighborhoods. WGN shared stories of teens who were offered shelter while they were living on the streets, only to find that their “protectors” were sex traffickers. One survivor had been sexually abused since the age of three. She ran away at 12 and into the house of a trafficker.

WGN also showed how the opioid epidemic and sex trafficking overlap through the story of a mother who repeatedly used crack cocaine at the expense of her daughter. During the special, a Cook County Sheriff shared locations recently discovered to harbor sex trafficking and how law enforcement's focus has changed.

KNTV Uncovers Sex Abuse at Girl’s School

NBC-owned KNTV San Francisco aired a documentary on January 12 about a sex abuse scandal at Presentation High, a private Catholic girl’s school. “Not Words but Deeds” explores allegations that the school covered up nearly 30 years of sexual abuse, with at least 10 alleged victims and seven teachers or staff members accused. KNTV’s Vicky Nguyen was the first to break the story.

WCVB Investigates State Police Overtime Abuse

Hearst’s ABC affiliate WCVB Boston aired an investigative report on December 20, 2018 which revealed that members of the Massachusetts state police and supervisors were collecting pay for overtime shifts they did not work. Ten troopers and their supervisors were arrested following the year-long investigation.

KARE-TV Investigates Veterans Affairs

TEGNA’s NBC affiliate KARE-TV Minneapolis aired an investigative report in December 2018 showing that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs denied emergency room insurance claims for thousands of local veterans. The confusing rules and bureaucratic oversights burdened veterans with unnecessary debt and the continuation of medical issues.

Broadcasters Produce Award-Winning Investigations

Broadcasters honored on January 22 with duPont-Columbia Awards for excellence in journalism include these stations:

  • CBS-owned WFOR-TV Miami for the documentary “The Everglades: Where Politics, Money and Race Collide,” which explores environmental, political and social factors leading to contamination in the Everglades.
  • CBS News 60 Minutes /The Washington Post for “The Whistleblower & Too Big to Prosecute,” which exposes a war within the DEA over the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the opioid epidemic.
  • TEGNA’s CBS affiliate WTSP and the Tampa Bay Times for the “Zombie Campaigns” investigation that combined computer-assisted reporting and storytelling to expose loopholes in federal campaign laws. The loopholes allow politicians to continue using campaign funds after they leave office or die.
  • NBC-owned KNTV San Francisco for “Drivers Under Siege,” an investigation into the increase in violent attacks on local bus drivers.


WDIV Helps Federal Workers During Shutdown

Graham Media’s NBC affiliate WDIV Detroit offered a “Shutdown Survival Guide” for federal workers, thanks to Consumer Reporter Hank Winchester and the “Help Me Hank” team. On January 16, WDIV dedicated its news coverage to helping the estimated 6,000 Michigan families affected by the federal government shutdown. Topics included free resources offered by companies, non-profits and stores; preserving credit; handling mortgage or rent; and dealing with medical bills.

KSOS-FM Feeds TSA Workers Affected by Shutdown

Faith Communication's KSOS-FM Las Vegas fed 700 TSA agents during the federal government shutdown. KSOS provided food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and meals for people working overnight shifts.

KOBI-TV Raises Awareness of Homeless Crisis

California Oregon Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate KOBI-TV Medford, Ore., partnered with AllCare Health on a 30-week long project, “HOPE (Helping Others Persevere Everyday)” to raise awareness of Southern Oregon’s homeless crisis. Weekly stories and on-air discussions examine the causes of homelessness, explore potential solutions and share compelling stories of people who are affected.

WPVI Distributes Thousands of Smoke Alarms

ABC-owned WPVI-TV Philadelphia distributed 10,000 smoke alarms on February 2 to local families in need through its “Operation 6abc: Save a Life” program. Each smoke alarm includes a 10-year battery. Since 1992, WPVI and local fire companies have distributed hundreds of thousands of smoke alarms to keep their communities safe.

NBC and Telemundo Host D.C. Health and Fitness Fair

NBC-owned WRC-TV and Telemundo’s WZDC-TV Washington, D.C., hosted the 26th annual “NBC4 T44 Health and Fitness Expo” on January 12-13. As the largest attended consumer health and fitness event in the country, thousands of attendees engaged in activities related to fitness, learned healthy eating tips and received health screenings. Attendees engaged with anchors, reporters and celebrity guests. View photos.

Scripps Employees Donate 80,000 New Books

E.W. Scripps employees presented more than 80,000 new books to children across the country on January 23, National Reading Day, as part of the Scripps Howard Foundation’s annual “If You Give a Child a Book …” childhood literacy campaign. As part of the campaign, ABC affiliate WXYZ and MyNewtworkTV affiliate WMYD Detroit, with a matching donation from the foundation, raised nearly $19,000, which will be used to purchase 7,500 books for local children. The Scripps Howard Foundation has distributed more than 180,000 books during the three year history of the campaign.

WPEG-FM Charlotte to Build Home for Local Family

Beasley Media Group’s WPEG-FM Charlotte has partnered with Habitat for Humanity for the third consecutive year to build a home for a local family in need. “No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse” launched the initiative during a live broadcast on January 18. WPEG staff members, listeners and local businesses will work together to build the home, which will be completed in March.


WGN Chicago Airs Mayoral Forum

Tribune-owned WGN-TV Chicago aired a forum featuring Chicago mayoral candidates on January 10. The live hour-and-a-half long prime time event was open to all 15 candidates. Thirteen candidates participated and shared their views on topics, including education, crime and budgets. WGN made videos available after the event.

Univision Expands Local News Apps in Seven Markets

Univision Communications launched on January 22 new local news apps in seven markets: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco. The mobile apps provide breaking news notifications, weather forecasts and local programming.