Information Regarding Mission Abstract Data (MAD)/Digimedia

The following is being provided as a service to members of the National Association of Broadcasters: Information Regarding Mission Abstract Data (MAD)/Digimedia

As some NAB radio members are aware, a group called Mission Abstract Data (MAD)/Digimedia has sent, by Federal Express, letters and attachments (totaling 50 pages) claiming the Patent and Trademark Office has confirmed their “important” patent claims to systems that play music used by radio stations. The letter refers to the “impending lifting” of the stay of the litigation they are involved in with a number of radio companies (hereafter, the Radio Companies) and notes that the radio station receiving the letter should enter in to a license agreement with MAD that includes paying a fee. Phone calls of a similar nature from representatives of MAD have been placed to radio broadcasters as well, in an attempt to negotiate a license agreement. NAB members click here to view the full document.

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