National Association of Broadcasters



Vice President, Audience Development

Department: Conventions and Business Operations
Reports To: Senior Vice President, Marketing and Content Development
Employment Type: Exempt
Classification: Full-time
Education Level: Four-year degree
Years of Experience: 12-15 years
Travel Requirements: 15 percent


Position Summary

PResponsible for leading the efforts to build awareness and drive audience growth for NAB’s major conventions with primary responsibility for attendee acquisition, brand development, strategic communications and international programs.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Attendee Acquisition:

  • Lead overall strategy for convention marketing campaigns designed to target new and existing audiences to include international prospects and markets, establish key targets plus attendance goals and objectives for each event.
  • Research and prioritize new target segments. Support list building activities. Conduct data analysis, establish measurement tools and metrics to evaluate program effectiveness.
  • Work closely with Senior Director, Convention Marketing to effectively execute marketing campaigns to meet show goals and objectives.

Brand Development/Awareness:

  • Maximize opportunities to cross-promote show brands. Ensure NAB Show messaging properly reflects global positioning and unique value proposition.
  • Lead development of new brands and logos as well as related messaging.
  • Oversee the design and development of convention websites to ensure con tent is optimized year-round to support brand positioning, multi-show promotion, sales, SEO and overall marketing campaigns. Manage web team.
  • Manage research activities to include post-show surveys, focus groups, industry/market research, etc.

Strategic Communications:

  • Oversee strategic messag ing and copy-writing for the brands; working with internal team, agency and external partners to develop messages that are consistent, on brand and align with the strategic goals.
  • Lead the development of a creative strategy, theme and copy platform for each campaign.
  • Work with team to build content outlines effectively leveraging conference and exhibit information. Maximize use of data, testimonials, video assets, original and third-party content.
  • Direct public relations activities, manage PR agency and work closely with Communications department on press releases as well as outreach to drive media attendance and coverage.

Partnerships and Programs:

  • Identify and cultivate strategic partnerships to support marketing strategies and programs. Work with key multiplier organizations – associations, societies, tour operators, etc. Evaluate and establish agent relationships in key international markets.
  • Work closely with Vice President, Content Development to identify educational opportunities and strategic partners to support audience development.
  • Manage the Department of Commerce International Program to recruit delegations and promote the show around the globe. Support international programs and activities at NAB Show.
  • Oversee the marketing activities for NAB Show Shanghai.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of NAB’s organization and offerings.

Other projects as assigned.

Core Competencies

Interpersonal Relationships/Interactions
Demonstrates a genuine interest and sensitivity in the thoughts, opinions, values and needs of co-workers and customers and views differences in these areas as both inevitable and acceptable. Avoids speaking, writing or doing other things that could be seen as disrespectful, exclusionary, discriminatory or offensive in nature. Deals with others in a professional manner. Recognizes and shows respect for the strengths and contributions of others. This is in clear contrast to behaviors that leave people feeling that their thoughts, opinions, values and needs are of little interest or are somehow inappropriate and unacceptable; a tendency to habitually say, write or do things that are disrespectful to individuals who are not present or who are otherwise unaware what has been communicated; and/or a strong tendency to notice and recognize missed expectations and failures.

Position-specific Competencies

Communicates effectively and appropriately. Uses good judgment as to what to communicate to whom and to when as well as the best way to get that accomplished (written, verbal). Speaks in a clear and credible manner, selecting the right tone for the situation and audience. Provides appropriate feedback when needed. Listens to others and allows them to make their point. This is quite different than those who tend to select the wrong means of communicating, or who communicate information to inappropriate people. It also contrasts with those whose messages are not clear or lack credibility, as well as those who demonstrate poor listening skills and are unreceptive to feedback.

Problem Solving
Takes a proactive approach to anticipating and preventing problems. Uses logic and methods to solve difficult problems resulting in effective solutions. Seeks a variety of resources and data as part of the problem solving process. The majority of the decision made result in correct and accurate results. Decides whether solving the problem should involve others. This differs from those who are not proactive, typically get surprised when problems occur, attempt to solve problems without the right mix of people involved, push too quickly for solutions or generate solutions that are not viable.

Brings new and creative ideas and opportunities from other people and resources. Embraces and champions new ideas and encourages others to do likewise. Possesses good judgment about which ideas and suggestions are viable for organization. Recognizes and rewards people and teams who are creative and innovative. This is in sharp contrast to those who tend to embrace the status quo, struggle with new approaches and discourage others when they are creative and innovative in the pursuit of increased efficiency or effectiveness.

Job Knowledge
Possesses sufficient job skills and knowledge to perform the job in a competent manner. Is able to demonstrate skills and knowledge in day-to-day situations. Demonstrates a high level of dependability in all aspects of the job; an understanding of the link between one's own job responsibilities/performance and overall organizational goals. This is distinctly different from those individuals who lack sufficient job skills or knowledge to meet job requirements or who have the skills and knowledge, yet struggle to apply them to day-to-day situations on the job.

Articulates a vision that others choose to follow. Models behaviors expected of others and inspires others to undertake challenging tasks and projects. Consistently demonstrates the ability to build effective working relationships as well as gain the trust of others. This is in contrast to those who fail to articulate a clear vision or whose vision is not compelling enough to generate enthusiasm or commitment; who expect specific behavior from others when they are not doing these things themselves; and/or whose attempts to lead that fail to inspire others. The latter conditions usually create a shortage of followers who voluntarily take on challenging assignments.

Project Management
Manages each stage of a project to ensure that commitments are met in a manner that is timely and within budget. Clearly defines roles and responsibilities, determines necessary resources, and monitors project performance through appropriate systems and procedures. This is distinctly different from individuals who fail to assess and define roles needed to complete a project, do not secure adequate resources, do not monitor ongoing progress or spend too much time on one project and not enough on each of multiple projects.

Organization Skills
Handles multiple assignments and priorities yet still fulfills all commitments. Readily accepts new responsibilities and adapts well to changes in procedures. Gives appropriate priorities to various work demands. Follows through on commitments. Values the time of others by: coming prepared to meetings, being on time, responding to emails and communications in a timely manner. This is quite different from those who struggle to stay focused when faced with multiple priorities; focus only on one or two job priorities while neglecting others; and/or hesitate, complain or refuse to accept new procedures or assignments.

Has established a track record of producing work that is highly accurate, demonstrates attention to detail and reflects well on the organization. Is personally committed to high quality work and encourages others to have similar standards. This differs from those who cannot be relied upon to produce high quality work, pay little attention to detail, show little pride in a job well done and/or set a poor example for co-workers or direct reports.

Developing Others
Empowers others in an intentional manner that accepts the risk of mistakes while focusing on the benefits. Allows others to find their way, yet helps when needed. Provides useful and timely feedback, challenges and motivates employees, offers developmental opportunities. Provides challenging assignments and skill development tasks. Uses good judgment related to the level of authority and the amount of leeway to extend to particular individuals. This contrasts with leaders who focus more on the risks involved from empowerment, do not make it clear how much authority someone has been given or use poor judgment about how much to empower particular individuals.

Internal/External Relations

Internal Relations
Effectively works with others throughout organization.

External Relations
Works with outside vendors and partners.

Additional Requirements

Demonstrated success in developing and executing international marketing strategies and programs.

Travel to annual NAB Show (7-10 days) and NAB Show New York (2-3 days).

Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel).


Please email your cover letter with salary range and resume (PDF documents only) to HR@nab.org. You may fax it to (202) 775-2983 if you prefer. Please include the title of the position that you are applying to in the subject line of your email or fax cover sheet. Incomplete applications may not be considered. We require all applicants to provide cover letters and resumes in portable document format (PDF). Microsoft Word documents will not be opened or reviewed.

The National Association of Broadcasters is a trade association that advocates on behalf of free, local radio and television stations and also broadcast networks before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the Courts.

NAB is an equal opportunity employer.